The Committee's Records
Index as of 05/01/1995



The VR.5 Survival Guide found at the USENET group

The VR.5 FAQ

A link to the FAQ at Augie's site.

The Episode Guide

A link to the Episode Guide at Augie's site.

The Story

An Introduction to VR.5

The Levels of Virtual Reality

What lies beyond VR.5?

The Committee

The Virtual Sights


Sound bytes from the show.

A Brief Bio for:

Dr. David Bloom

David McCallum.

Nora Bloom

Louise Fletcher (pre-ST:DS9)

Sydney Bloom

Lori Singer


Michael Easton

Michael Katleman Michael Katleman

Oliver Sampson

Anthony Stewart Head (pre-BtVS)

Thania St. John

Thania St. John

John Sacret Young

John Sacret Young

Post Pilot Premiere Compuserve Chat

After the pilot, VR.5 producers John Sacret Young and Thania St. John, and Douglas Nan -- who worked on "Lawnmower Man" -- went on CompuServe to chat with fans.

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