Sometimes benevolent, sometimes nefarious, always mysterious, the Committee is an enigma to Sydney Bloom. She is unsure what the organization is or what it represents. The government is involved, big business is involved, but the Committee reports to neither.

Oliver Sampson tells her the Committee is an ancient secret society of intelligent men and women. They have been in existence for many years and have been strategically involved in crucial points of world history. They seek alternate solutions to social problems.

The Committee is structured as a series of concentric circles. At the core is a small group which makes the decisions. Sydney learns that the Committee was and is very interested in VR research -- especially the work that Dr. Bloom was doing, as well as Sydney's own experimentation. What she also comes to find is that the Committee exerts measureless control over their agents. Once you're in, they don't let you out.

The Committee has been broken into two main factions, and there might be more. The Moderates including Sydney's and Oliver's new control (and likely Dr. Morgan) have a particular non-intrusive agenda. The New Order created by Abernathy searched for a means to greater power and influence, and would do almost anything to get it.


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