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* After the pilot, VR.5 producers John Sacret Young and Thania St. John,
  and Douglas Nan -- who worked on "Lawnmower Man" -- went on CompuServe
  to chat with fans.

  16 March 1995
  provided by Michele Santiago 

********** 3/16/95 8:45 PM  Forum CO
R 2  : *SYSTEM*             | Switching to Television Parlor
         James [HOST]         | Pretty good, C.Q. The creators of VR.5
                            | be here soon, ...
                            | they also worked on Lois & Clark, Life Goes
                            | On & China Beach.
       cover queen          | oh
       James [HOST]         | Watch any of those?
       David Axelrod [SYSO  | done
       James [HOST]         | You are quick.
       cover queen          | i saw china beach and life goes on and the 
                            | otheres but what is
                            | vr 5
         James [HOST]         | CQ, VR.5 is a new show that started last
                            | week..
                            | Lori Singer stars..
       Richard              | where's the star?
       James [HOST]         | as a woman who is able to use her computer
                            | to break into virtual realitys highest
                            | The PERFECT show for us cyber types.
                            | The creators will be in the room soon.
       Richard              | The Celebs?
       cover queen          | hi richard welcome dont ask me what all this

                            | is about
       James [HOST]         | Yah..the creators of the show, JOHN
                            | SACRET YOUNG & THANIA ST. JOHN...
                            | will join us this evening..
       James [HOST]         | John also did China Beach..
        James [HOST]         | and thania did Life Goes On &...
                            | wrote for Lois & Clark....
         James [HOST]         | should be in the room soon.

       James [HOST]         | Hello everyone.....I'd Like to Introduce
                            | JOHN SACRET YOUNG (China Beach),
                            | THANIA ST JOHN (Lois & Clark, Life goes
                            | on) and DOUGLAS NAM of VR.5!!
       VR.5 Producers       | Hi all. GA
       James [HOST]         | They are the forces behind creating &
                            | producing the show.......
       David Axelrod [SYSO  | HI folks!
       James [HOST]         | If you have a question fior them, type a Q
                            | a ?........
       VR.5 Producers       | Hi David. GA
       James [HOST]         | & I will call on you in order....
       cover queen          | hi
       James [HOST]         | John, Thania, Douglas.....
                            | would you like to say a few words first?
       cover queen          | ????????????????????
       VR.5 Producers       | Well, we'd like to thank you all for being 
                            | here.  So you have some background on us, we

                            | have been reviewing some of the responses 
                            | from you all in the message boards.  They've

                            | been collectively enlightening. GA
       James [HOST]         | CQ, GA w/ your Q.....
       cover queen          | well first i want to know why do you think 
                            | kids would want to
                            | watch your show
       VR.5 Producers       | This show was very daunting for us, we were 
                            | caught in the
                            | situation of trying to be as technically 
                            | accurate as possible
                            | and most importantly telling a great story 
                            | that was appealling to
                            | a wide cross section of audiences.  
       cover queen          | cool good luck
       VR.5 Producers       | Our main audience is not kids, rather young 
                            | men and women. GA
                            | (teens, twenty & thirty somethings). GA
       James [HOST]         | Where did you all get the idea....were you
                            | active on-line before?
                            | It's a fresh concept.....
                            | and I'm curious.
       VR.5 Producers       | The idea was generated by our creators, 
                            | Michael Katleman, Jeannine Renshaw, Geoff 
                            | Hemwall, Adam Cherry and Thania.
                            | They felt that the stories they had to tell 
                            | lent themselves to this
                            | type of technology.  And no, we became 
                            | 'online junkies' after we started 
                            | production on the show.  Now we're hooked.
       Christa              | LOL..it's addicting.
       VR.5 Producers       | And costly. GA
       Christa              | ?
       James [HOST]         | Christa, GA...
       Christa              | I wanted to know how you feel about the
                            | critics of the show?
                            | I think FOX Friday nights are the best thing

                            | going!!
                            | I was glued to the TV, I enjoyed the show.
       VR.5 Producers       | Thanks Christa.  Well, we've actually 
                            | received 99% positive reviews about the
                            | As a matter of fact, Howard Rosenberg from 
                            | the Los Angeles Times gave
       Christa              | PS--It's nice to see a female with some 
                            | technical ability as the main character.
       VR.5 Producers       | the show the best review we've seen in our 
                            | careers.
                            | In terms of criticisms, the ones we're aware

                            | of the most have been online
       Catfish              | What other shows have you produced
       Christa              | Yes, I have noticed the ones online!
       VR.5 Producers       | and most have dealt with how we addressed
                            | technology of the show.
                            | GA
       Christa              | How do you feel about that ..the ones 
                            | that pointed that out?
       Christa              | I, for one, didn't even notice the things 
                            | they were talking about.
       VR.5 Producers       | Well, we're caught in a catch-22.  On one 
                            | hand, we should be true to the
        VR.5 Producers       | technology involved, yet on the other had, 
                            | how many people in the general population
                            | are aware of the differences between an 
                            | acoustic coupler modem and a digital one?
                            | We had to use devices that the audience
                            | relate to, and the old coupler modem
       Christa              | LOL..very true!  I think you have done a 
                            | great job.
       VR.5 Producers       | did that.
                            | We chose to utilize technology for its 
                            | aesthetic and dramatic value and take 
       Catfish              | What other shows have you produced?
       VR.5 Producers       | the hits on from the true technophiles.  GA
       James [HOST]         | Catfish, GA......
       FRANK FURRY          | HELLO
       James [HOST]         | catfish, Your q was what other shows they
                            | have worked on, yes?
       VR.5 Producers       | Well Catfish, John Young created "CHINA 
                            | BEACH" and wrote "ROMERO" and "TESTAMENT"
                            | the screen (as well as serving as producer).
                            | Thania produced "LIFE GOES ON" and "LOIS AND

                            | CLARK".  Douglas has never produced. GA
       Catfish              | Yes
        VR.5 Producers       | Douglas works for us . GA
       Catfish              | What is your favorite USENET site?
       VR.5 Producers       | Catfish, we have to confess that we are AOL 
                            | junkies (no 'boos' from the
       Christa              | 
       James [HOST]         | Ahhh...online neophytes! 
       Christa              | 
       VR.5 Producers       | audience please.  We are only now 
                            | familiarizing ourselves with
                            | CompuServe.  But we love it so far! GA
       James [HOST]         | soon you will move from the VR.1 of AOL to
                            | the pulsating VR.5 power of Compuserve.
                            | .
       VR.5 Producers       | Yes! 
                            | James, we'd like to hear what some of these 
                            | people think and their comments about the 
                            | show! GA
       James [HOST]         | Does an audience member have a Q..
                            | I have some but I hate to hog these guys for
                            | myself. 
       Christa              | Me,too!
       James [HOST]         | Ok, wveryone,..what do you think.....
                            | free commenting.
       Bob Hamelin          | good for it, I'm just here to listen
       James [HOST]         | (I Love the show....But I am a cyberspace
                            | Junkie.....
       VR.5 Producers       | We don't bite!   GA
       James [HOST]         | & Lori Singer don't hurt either )
       Bob Hamelin          | I don't know much about this show
       Christa              | I have a comment....
                            | I kept waiting for Michael Easton to 
                            | say...."Dude"
       James [HOST]         | Watch it this friday everyone....tomorrow at
                            | 8 ET/PT or 7 central....
       Bob Hamelin          | q
                            | Q
       VR.5 Producers       | There should be a "dude" in it for you, 
                            | Christa! 
       Christa              | Wow...thanks! 
       James [HOST]         | Bob, GA w/ your Q....
       Bob Hamelin          | Hi I was just wondering how is this compared

                            | with the
                            | X-Files.  I love that show but I haven't
                            | VR. 5 yet
       Alawishawosh         | hi!
                            | I love VR 5
                            | very cool
       James [HOST]         | If anyone has a question for the team
                            | behind VR.5 John (also China Beach),
                            | Thania (also Life goes On & last years Lois
                            | & Clark) or Douglas.......type a Q or a ?...
                            | & I will call on you in order!

       VR.5 Producers       | Thanks Alawishawosh.  Bob, we don't see it
                            | a comparisson to "X-Files" it is a companion

                            | piece to the show.  GA
       Catfish              | How about a Lois & Clark crossover show?
       STONEY               | ?
       Alawishawosh         | your welcome
       James [HOST]         | alawishawosh, what do you like about the
                            | show?  these people genuinely want
                            | feedback.....
       FRANK FURRY          | is this a miniseries?
       Bob Hamelin          | Is it as exciting as it is because I really 
                            | have no idea of
                            | the show!
       tricia               | Hola
       Christa              | :::everyone, please remember to wait until 
                            | James calls on you before talking:::
       VR.5 Producers       | Well, Catfish, the 'regime' at "LOIS AND 
                            | CLARK" that I (Thania) was a part of
       Alawishawosh         | I thought it was realy neat even if
       VR.5 Producers       | left the show, so I would think a crossover 
                            | would be not very likely.  GA
       STONEY               | james how many times a week do you rehearse 
                            | the show?
       Christa              | ::::PLEASE WAIT FOR JAMES TO CALL YOU BEFORE

                            | TALKING:::
       James [HOST]         | Thania & John, that is for you...
       VR.5 Producers       | Sorry Stoney, is that question for us? GA
       STONEY               | yes
       FRANK FURRY          | james is this a miniseries
       James [HOST]         | nope...a spring series.
                            | (just started last week, Fridays on FOX)
       FRANK FURRY          | cool
       VR.5 Producers       | We rehearse each take, but it's not a 
                            | situation comedy, so we shoot in
                            | pieces.
                            | GA
       STONEY               | thank you
       James [HOST]         | There are some preview clips in Library 3
                            | here in EDRIVE if you want a taste.....
                            | Is there any word on renewal yet?  I know
                            | it's early..
                            | But the show was already a HIT in its first
                            | week...
                            | The best friday ratings for FOX in YEARS!
       Christa/Bouncer      | ?
       VR.5 Producers       | No, we probably will not hear until May. GA
       James [HOST]         | Christa, GA...
       VR.5 Producers       | It was the best Friday for Fox EVER! GA
       Christa/Bouncer      | What made you go with a female lead instead 
                            | of male?
       VR.5 Producers       | (gratuitous plug)  GA
       James [HOST]         | ROFL!
       Christa/Bouncer      | (Plug away!!)
       VR.5 Producers       | We thought it was a more unusual and unique 
                            | choice
       James [HOST]         | If anyone has a question for the powers
                            | behind the new HIT fox show, *VR.5*, type
                            | a Q or a ? & I will call on you.....
       Christa/Bouncer      | Unusual??
       Joel Wasserman       | ?
       VR.5 Producers       | and we didn't want it to be simply about an 
                            | "action hero"
                            | we wanted a character with emotional and 
                            | psychological depth as well.  GA
       Christa/Bouncer      | You don't think that women are as
                            | smart as men? 
       Catfish              | This might be kind of personal, but how much

                            | money do big time FOX producers
                            | make?
       James [HOST]         | CR!   Joel, GA......
       Joel Wasserman       | I believe we have a mutual friend, Chad 
                            | Hoffman, formerly
                            | at ABC, who helped you bothon China Beach
                            | Life
       James [HOST]         | catfish, remember -- Please type a Q or a ?
                            | if you have a Question...
       Joel Wasserman       | Goes On?
       VR.5 Producers       | No Christa, the thing is that there aren't 
                            | that many strong female leads in the 
                            | television arena today (there are some, but 
                            | very disproportional to men)
                            | and because John Young and Thania have
                            | had strong female leads 
       James [HOST]         | (again for newcomers, we are formal....type
                            | a Q or a ? if you have a question for the
                            | VR.5 producers....)
       VR.5 Producers       | (Dana Delany & Teri Hatcher) in series, we 
                            | knew the female lead was the
                            | way to go.  GA
       Christa/Bouncer      | John, I like your female leads!  Especially 
                            | Dana.  Loved China Beach.
       VR.5 Producers       | We did.  (John Young:)  Chad and I got 
                            | together a couple months back.  GA
                            | Thank you, Christa. GA
       Joel Wasserman       | ?
       James [HOST]         | Thania, if I may be so bold.........how do
                            | feel about the direction L&C has taken since
                            | your absence?  I would say..
       VR.5 Producers       | Catfish:  "Big time Fox producers" don't
                            | a LOT, that's why we keep doing more and
                            | shows! 
       James [HOST]         | that your presence as a producer & writer
                            | was sorely missed the entire first half of
                            | season....
                            | & they are finally getting back on track.
       VR.5 Producers       | Thank you.  I miss the show. GA
       James [HOST]         | (again for newcomers, we are formal....type
                            | a Q or a ? if you have a question for the
                            | VR.5 producers....)
       Joel Wasserman       | ?
       James [HOST]         | Joel, GA...
       VR.5 Producers       | James, to answer your question, I think L&C 
                            | has lost alot of 
                            | sophistication and elegance that it had in 
                            | the first season
       James [HOST]         | Yup....& ratings with that.
       Christa/Bouncer      | And they got a new Jimmy! 
       Joel Wasserman       | I studied under Chad hoffman at Boston 
                            | University in his
                            | Producing class, he suggested that the best 
                            | way for
                            | people to become producers, is to learn from

                            | others, such
                            | as becoming a producer's assistant. Do you 
                            | agree?
       VR.5 Producers       | and is less 'screwball' comedy and became 
                            | more 'comic book' in a very
                            | juvenille way. GA
       Christa/Bouncer      | sheia;hkdfasflkdj
                            | sorry...
       James [HOST]         | She's in VR!!
       James [HOST]         | look out !
       VR.5 Producers       | Joel, yes absolutely.  From all of us.  Then

                            | you can see what a crappy job it
                            | is and become a stockbroker instead  GA
       James [HOST]         | You all are GREAT on-line comedians..you
                            | can always fall back on that..
       Joel Wasserman       | ?
       James [HOST]         | JoellGA.
                            | (again for newcomers, we are formal....type
                            | a Q or a ? if you have a question for the
                            | VR.5 producers....)
       Joel Wasserman       | Could you suggest any ways I might be able
                            | get a job as
                            | a producer in New York? I have been trying 
                            | for almost 3
                            | months now.
       VR.5 Producers       | Paine Webber is hiring continuously! 
       Joel Wasserman       | Seriously now.
       VR.5 Producers       | Actually, we've all come from different
                            | and roads to where we are now.
       Joel Wasserman       | ?
       James [HOST]         | Joel, GA...
       VR.5 Producers       | Internships, as you said earlier, 
                            | assistantships and other PA work seem to
                            | well.  GA
       Joel Wasserman       | Could you briefly tell us what you did
                            | you got into
                            | television?
       James [HOST]         | Joel..upload your resume to a library in
                            | EDRIVE.
       Russell Granger      | ?
       James [HOST]         | It has worked for some.
       VR.5 Producers       | Thania:  I went to Harvard for my undergrad 
                            | degree and UCLA for my Masters in Film and 
                            | Television.
       Alawishawosh         | wow
       VR.5 Producers       | My first job was as a PA.  My first duty was

                            | to clean out a moldy referidgerator (sp?)
       Christa/Bouncer      | Refrigerator 
       VR.5 Producers       | That had to have been the easiest thing I've

                            | done in my TV career. GA
                            | Thanks Christa. GA
       James [HOST]         | Russell, your q....?
       Russell Granger      | What was your initial "pitch" for the show? 
                            | Did it connect with people right off the
       Joel Wasserman       | ?
       VR.5 Producers       | The words, "VIRTUAL REALITY" really excited 
                            | the network.
                            | Once we started to come up with a concept, 
                            | they came onboard very quickly. GA
       James [HOST]         | So unlike Party of Five they didn't just
                            | to you & say 'We want a show about VR"
                            | (as they said do a show about orphaned
                            | kids)
       Russell Granger      | ?
       BMAN                 | Hi my name is Keith and I'm really shy
       Christa/Bouncer      | ?
       VR.5 Producers       | No. We weren't mandated with a "VR" show
                            | Fox.  We came up with it
       BMAN                 | Who the ? are you people?
       Joel Wasserman       | ?
       VR.5 Producers       | and explored it and developed it.  GA
       James [HOST]         | Joel, GA w/ your Q............Hi Keith -- we
                            | are formal....type a Q or a ? if you have a
                            | question for the VR.5 producers....
       Joel Wasserman       | What is the weekly budget for the show?
       BMAN                 | I'm new to this and very shy what is formal?
       Menemsha             | ?
       James [HOST]         | It's a formal conference...
       VR.5 Producers       | The usual for a network show of this 
                            | magnatude. GA
       James [HOST]         | In formal conferences you type a Q or a ? if
                            | you have a question for the VR.5
                            | producers....
       VR.5 Producers       | (clever evasive tactics).  GA
       James [HOST]         | Russell, GA....
       Russell Granger      | How did you determine how to translate 
                            | "Virtual Reality" into a motion picture 
                            | format?
       Joel Wasserman       | ?
       VR.5 Producers       | Well, our greatest dilemma revolved around 
                            | how to realize the "virtual reality" look.
                            | As you can all see in the pilot, we went 
                            | initially for the blown out colors and
                            | lighting.  We soon realized that this was
                            | wrong direction.
       Christa/Bouncer      | So, the VR scenes won't have the wreird 
                            | colors?
       James [HOST]         | So when they say it gets Darker they mean
                            | "darker"?
                            | (the critics, that is?, my tapes are on the
                            | way, so I haven't seen 2-5 yet)
       VR.5 Producers       | After many long meetings, we decided that we

                            | would do alot of 'in-camera' type of work 
                            | with lighting, wardrobe and design.  We 
                            | equally utilize a colorization
       James [HOST]         | (again for newcomers, we are formal....type
                            | a Q or a ? if you have a question for the
                            | VR.5 producers....)
       VR.5 Producers       | process developed by a company called CST 
                            | Entertainment.  Using this process,
       Christa/Bouncer      | whoops
       VR.5 Producers       | we can assign just about any color we
                            | to any picture, piece of clothing or
                            | set piece.  You'll all see this new look
                            | the next episode (tomorrow night) 
                            | on.  GA
       Joel Wasserman       | Is it possible for an "average"  person to 
                            | pitch and idea
                            | for a TV movie or series without an 
                            | established producer
       James [HOST]         | Nice.....GA w/ your Q CR...
       Joel Wasserman       | to "bring you in"?
       Christa/Bouncer      |  I will wait for them to answer Joel...
       VR.5 Producers       | Joel, to be honest, an established producer 
                            | can help 'sheppard' a project along
                            | the long and tedious process of developing a

                            | series.
                            | An established producer also brings a
                            | level of quality expectation.
       Joel Wasserman       | But is it possible?
       VR.5 Producers       | For instance, if you saw a TV being 
                            | advertised as "From the creator of
                            | NYPD Blues" you'd expect a certain style and

                            | look.  That's what the networks look
                            | for as well.  GA
       James [HOST]         | Christa, GA......
       Christa/Bouncer      | John, did you produce Wild Palms?  If you 
                            | did, do you like this concept better?  I 
                            | think it is more believable.
       Joel Wasserman       | ?
       VR.5 Producers       | Christa, I did not produce Wild Palms.  That

                            | was Oliver Stone.  I personally like
                            | this concept and direction better than
                            | but that's just my opinion.
                            | GA
       Christa/Bouncer      | John, Okay, I couldn't remember.
       James [HOST]         | I agree John..WP, well, sucked.
                            |   Menemsha, your Q for Thania, John &
                            | Doug?
       Christa/Bouncer      | Wild Palms was just too *wild*
       Menemsha             | I really liked what I've seen so far. How 
                            | many episodes have been filmed and how
                            | many has Fox ordered?
       Christa/Bouncer      | James, LOL!
       VR.5 Producers       | And hard to track. GA
                            | Menemsha, we have an order from Fox for 13 
                            | episodes.  We are just finishing up with the

                            | shooting of the last one this week.  GA
       James [HOST]         | Joel, GA.....
       Joel Wasserman       | What did you think of "The Lawnmower Man" ?
       VR.5 Producers       | Douglas worked on it.
                            | "The Lawnmower Man" broke ground for this 
                            | type of genre.  Arguably, it was 
                            | a measure of public acceptance of the 
                            | "virtual reality" idea.
       Joel Wasserman       | ?
       VR.5 Producers       | We chose from the onset to use "virtual 
                            | reality" as an element of the show,
                            | not the subject, which means we are truly 
                            | more concerned with the
                            | story and dramatic elements of the show than

                            | with the accuracy of getting the
                            | technology right.
                            | We hope that people appreciate the look but 
                            | we want them to tune in for the
                            | stories.  GA
       James [HOST]         | Joel, GA.....
       Joel Wasserman       | Forgive me for being forward, but do you
                            | any staff
                            | openings on your show?
       VR.5 Producers       | Well, at this time we are waiting to hear 
                            | from Fox whether we'll move 
                            | forward with the show.  So we are actually 
                            | staffing down at this point.  GA
       James [HOST]         | Thania, John, & Douglas, Thank-you so
                            | much for your time!!  It's been a great
                            | conference.....But -- Before we let you go,
                            | a)  how would you classify the show?  I've
                            | been told you don't want to be sci-fi, but
                            | FOX is promoting you as such.  & b) could
                            | you give us a few sneak previews...? 
                            | (& we really appeciate you taking an hour
                            | out to spend with us!)
       Joel Wasserman       | Thank you for your time.
       James [HOST]         | appreciate too -- darn those nasty
                            | cyber-typo-demons )
       Bill McGuire         | Hey guys :)
       VR.5 Producers       | A.  John Young has described us as a 
                            | 'drama/thriller with science fact-ion 
                            | nuances' 
       Menemsha             | Thank you, too
       Bill McGuire         | hmmm
       Christa/Bouncer      | Wow, back in the nick of time....thank you
                            | much for a great show!  I will be looking
                            | my "dude"
       VR.5 Producers       | As for B, the rest of the series is going to

                            | peel away the story of Sydney, her past and 
                            | her relationship to the Committee
       James [HOST]         | oohhhhh..science fact-ion.  Nice term.
       VR.5 Producers       | as the shows progress.  So stay tuned.  
                            | Christa, you're "dude" will be there 
                            | religiously every Friday night
                            | for a while...
       James [HOST]         | w/ box...ya poopped up on me.
       Christa/Bouncer      | LOL!
       James [HOST]         | hahaha!
                            | But will CR get the Dude with the
                            | "dude"..
       VR.5 Producers       | Thanks you all for a great time!
       James [HOST]         | Thanx again so much!
       Christa/Bouncer      | James!!
       James [HOST]         | I hope you will join us agin..
       Christa/Bouncer      | Thank you for joining us!
       James [HOST]         | here in the VR.5 section.
       VR.5 Producers       | For that answer, James, stay tuned...
       Christa/Bouncer      | Yes, please come back fter we see some more 
                            | episodes.
       Joel Wasserman       | Any chance of Patrick Stewart have a guest 
                            | role?
       VR.5 Producers       | We'll be happy to join you all again.
       James [HOST]         | Your software for CSERVE should have
                            | arrived today...
                            | so you don't have to hijack Douglas' again.
       VR.5 Producers       | Joel:  if there's anything we've learned
                            | anything's possible in virtual reality.
                            | Thanks James, we look forward to it!
       Joel Wasserman       | Good luck to both of you, I'll be sure to 
                            | tune in during
                            | Sweeps month.
       Christa/Bouncer      | Joel, all three of them...John, Thania, and 
                            | Doug
       VR.5 Producers       | Thank you all again,  we'll see you all 
                            | online soon!!!
       Christa/Bouncer      | Good Night!
       James [HOST]         | Thanx for coming everyone...
       no boo               | hi
       James [HOST]         | watch for FRANK SOUTH, the Spelling
                            | Mogul, son in the SOAP OPERA FORUM!
                            | soon too .
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* Lori Singer (Sydney) appeared on CompuServe to discuss VR.5 with fans.

  3 May 1995
  provided by Michele Santiago 

Star of the Hit TV Series "VR.5" in Conference on EFORUM!

Lori plays the starring role of Sydney Bloom in the hit show
about virtual reality. Talk to Lori (Wednesday, 03-May) at 9 pm
EDT (6 pm PDT) in Conference Room 2, "Television Parlor." For
photos and behind-the-scenes notes on "VR.5," check out Library
3, "CBS & Television."

Transcript of Conference...

(Michael Bolanos) Hello folks!
 We'll be starting in a few minutes...
 Lori Singer is here in our 24th Street Manhattan loft and looking forward
 your questions!
 We'll start in just a moment!
 Good evening folks and thanks for being here!
 Lori Singer began her career as a lead player in the hit television
 "Fame." After her first season on the show, she starred in the television

 movie "Born Beautiful," winning a Silver Halo Award. This was followed by

 rock concert tours in England and two albums for RCA Records titled "Kids

 from Fame," on which she sang and played cello.
 After her second season on "Fame," she made her feature film debut in 
 "Footloose." Singer's other film credits include co-starring in "The
 and the Snowman," "The Man With One Red Shoe" with Tom Hanks, 
 "Trouble In Mind" and, most recently, her Golden Globe Award-winning 
 performance in Robert Altman's "Short Cuts."

(Russell Granger) Let's go! Let's start by asking Lori to tell us
 in her own words about "VR.5" and what makes this an exciting
 project for her... 

(Lori Singer) Cyberspace and human emotions

(Michael Bolanos) Lori, we're so happy to have you with us
 tonight. What's the status of the show?

(Lori Singer) we are showing 9 shows, 2 more to go

(Michael Bolanos) Folks, let's take your questions!

(Hjalmar) lori i love your expersions when coming out of vr are you 
 finding any challenges with sydney personas when 
 bouncing from one vr to another?

(Les B. Labbauf) Lori;  I understand from the info posted here
that you have recorded some albums, as well as performed some
concerts in Europe, What kind of music do you like to play and
or listen to?

(Michael Bolanos) Please ask your question and let us know where you're

(Lori AKA SYDNEY) trained classicly
 but I play both classical and rock
 and I've even played a little jazz
 on the albums from FAME
 and also SHORT CUTS
 the Robert Altman Film

(Orion) I Loved short Cuts. Why did they kill off the original
 Doctor on the show,  are there any similarities between you and
 your character?

(Lori AKA SYDNEY) ga

(ASHLEY) I LOVED Short Cuts!

 We're talking about *the* Robert Altman
 PS. Are you talking about Morgan on VR-5
 Morgan is not dead....

(Michael Bolanos) Hi, we had a technical problem but now we're back!

(Tom & Tracie) How much computer experience do you actually have,
 and did you have to learn much about computers for the show?
 (Columbus, OH)

(Lori Singer) in my dreams!
 Seriously, I'm thinking about getting a ThinkPad
 Yes I'm very interested in computers and VRML
 Tom & Tracie: re computers for the show

(Ben of Scarborough ) Lori: are you an athlete?

(Lori Singer) Yes, but the guys writing it wanted Syd to be more
 emotionally driven
 In terms of story line
 But I'm hoping for more hardware and software
 And futuristic in the future  and present
 John, you're up!
 Where are you from?

(Dennis G. Billings) What do, you think of being referred to as
 th Lauren Bacall of the 90's?  Those are some pretty big high
 heels to fill.  Lauren has 40

(Lori Singer) Visiotr, it's an amazing compliment, I spent an evening
 with her
 in Paris with Robert Altman
 at his wrap (final) party
 for Pret-A-Porter (aka Ready To Wear)
 And it was very inspiring
 She's amazing!

(Jon Z. Taylor) Lori, I think you are a very talented actress 
 and wanted to congratulate you on your success. I was
 interested in what led you toward an acting career?  Thank you
 Salisbury ,Md

(Lori Singer) Jon--
 I come from a family of performers
 Onstage and in the home :)
 It was almost inescapable!
 Ashley, you're up!

(Jon Z. Taylor) I love the show thanks for the reply

(Lori Singer) Danny Wilder
 What's up?

(ASHLEY) I think you, Altman and Bacall are all GREAT!!!

(Lori Singer) Thanks Ashley!!

(ASHLEY) Finally, I think the show is great but are you gonna do any
 more movies? Maybe with Altman?

(Lori Singer) Ashley--
 Bob Altman
 is one of my idols
 I hope so!

(ASHLEY) Mine too, he's the BEST!

(Lori Singer) Thanks Ashley
 Michael Joy, you're up!

(Michael L. Joy) HELLO, LORI?

(Lori Singer) HELLO MICHAEL!@
 Go ahead Michael


(Lori Singer) Michael--

(Michael L. Joy) YES

(Lori Singer) HOMICIDE is my favorite show.

(Michael L. Joy) HOW OLD ARE YOU?

(Lori Singer) Jennifer, go ahead!
 Then Jen :) and then Dan McGuiness.

(The Starr Family) We have to leave now, but we're going to put our
 question on line and hope we can pick up your
 answer in the transcript. Why are you always a babe in
 the VR segments? (Berkeley, CA)

(Lori Singer) Starr Family--
 I guess that's *your* impression of Syd in VR... thanks...
 Jen :) go ahead
 I'd like to introduce Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith
 this evening...
 Marilyn is here on Entertainment Drive and you can ask
 your questions in their Section 13.

(marilyn  beck) Hi everybody! Lori, have you had a chance to
 actually experience whatever state-of-the-art exists in the
 world of virtual reality?

(Lori Singer) Hi Marilyn! How are you doing?
 Yea, I've been to "virtual worlds"
 I did--in Pasedena
 And it was
 I played Battle Tek
 But I'm thirsting for a flight simulator

(marilyn  beck) I'm great, good talking with you. Lori, there's
 been talk that eventually virtual reality will allow anyone to
 do anything  including making love to their favorite stars. How
 would you feel about your likeness being included in such a

(Lori Singer) Marilyn--
 I think it already has!

(marilyn  beck) You're kidding. Where and was it done with your

(Lori Singer) Does that mean that I can order up my own version of
 someone? ;)
 I'm speaking metaphorically (in films)

(marilyn  beck) That's what they say will happen in the future.
 Who would you like to get your virtual hands on? :>

(Lori Singer) Marilynh--
 That's my desire, not Sydney's...and I'm protective right
 now of that desire on Wednesday at 9:30 pm in New York
 Anything else Marilyn?

(marilyn  beck) No, I don't want to hog all your time, there are
 a lot of people waiting. GReat show. Good luck with it!

(Lori Singer) Thanks Marilyn! Talk to you soon.
 OK, Jen :) you're up!

(Dan McGuinness) Lori, are you as mellow in person as you are on VR5?

(Lori Singer) Dan--

(Dan McGuinness) Its appealing.

(Lori Singer) Trevor Scallen, you're up

(Trevor Scallen) just like to re say that VR5 is a nice change to
 the sci fi shows on the tv,  what made you decide to get
 involved in it

(Lori Singer) The possibilities of playing
 and playing
 different levels and perspectives of life
 and the world

(R.T.) Is the role you are playing on VR.5 satisfying enough for
 you to remain on a long term basis, or will other projects
 possibly take you away from the series? [Jersey City, NJ] 
   p.s.  I think you facial expressions on the show are
 awesome.  Keep up the fantastic job you are doing. :)

(Lori Singer) R.T.--
 I may do a film starting in July
 by Howard Goldberg
 it was developed at Sundance and it's called EDEN.

(R.T.) Thanks, you're the greatest. :)

(Lori Singer) Thanks R.T.

(Trevor Scallen) do you intend to stay on VR 5 for as long as
 possible, or are you looking for more interesting work, also 
 how long is the first run of shows for VR 5

(Lori Singer) We've got 2 more first run shows left
 Fridays at 8pm on Fox
 Catch it!
 Guy, you're up!
 Then Karen Simmons, Russell Shaw, & Scott
 Guy, Guy, come out come out whereever you are!
 Karen, you're up!

(Karen C. Simons) It's great to have a woman in a strong lead. I
 heard the part was initially scripted for a man. But are you ok
 with how many men they've now surrounded you with on a regular
 "assistant" basis?

(Lori Singer) Karen--
 Love it.
 Want more?

(Karen C. Simons) yeah

(Jim Williams) 

(Karen C. Simons) No, really, I wondered if the idea of a woman handling
all the action was a bit of a stretch for some writers

(Lori Singer) Karen--
 We have a lot of writers
 And they're constantly changing 

(Karen C. Simons) thanx for the response

(Lori Singer) Hey Jim, which way are your eyes rolling?

(Jim Williams) clockwise.

(Lori Singer) Thanks Karen
 Russell Shaw, you're up!

(russell shaw) Two questions... First, aare you into computers,
 do you own any now, and are you at the keyboard now (sorry,
 three questions)

(Lori Singer) Yes, I'm at the keyboard now (with an alias)
 Almost holding an IBM ThinkPad

(Scott) Lori, have you seen the internet WWW pages for VR.5 and
 the usenet newsgroup 'alt.tv.vr5'?  There are some very
 dedicated fans organizing, would you be able to get involved
 with these groups?

(Lori Singer) Scott, yeah I would like to be involved.
 I can be reached at PMK Public Relations
 1776 Broadway NY NY 10019
 8th Floor
 And I answer my mail personally.

(Michael Bolanos) While we're waiting, let me ask Lori...

(Michael Bolanos) What are you doing during your hiatus?

(Lori Singer) I've been off 3 weeks... sleep and hang out!

(Orion) Lori,I was wondering if you have any input as to the way
 your character will develop on the show and... (I hope you
 meant me it came over as oeon)...I think your a great actress
 thank you for being here.

(Lori Singer) Orion--

(Raymond L. Mosley) How did you come to be in VR-5? Great cast! (NYC)

(Lori Singer) Raymond--
 The producers asked me to be in it and it seemed like it
 had great potential
 to be breakthrough tv
 and I'm thrilled to be part of it.

(Raymond L. Mosley) It's definitely break-through - I hope it
 lasts! Gotta go - best wishes

(BRONWYN) Any romances
 brewing on the show
 soon?  :D

(Lori Singer) ga

(Steve) I'm going to be honest. I've never seen VR5.  1) Did
 you star in "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" and 2) have  you ever
 considered doing Playboy?

(Lori Singer) Steve--
 1) That was Daryl
 2) No.

(Steve) duh... now I feel dumb

(Hjalmar) with the variety of costumes in vr5 do you have a personal

(Lori Singer) Ummmm...
 I liked em all.
 They were all expressions of Sydney
 desire and yet fear
 and yet her fear in reality doesn't hinder her VR.

(Hjalmar) lol thanx 

(devadata) Lori, you have an incredible combination of beauty and
 Talent. Have you been approcached by any PC game manufacturers
 to have your likeness digitized and star in a game?

(Lori Singer) dev--
 First of all, thank you very much.
 And yes I'd love to do a PC game.
 Have any ideas?

(devadata) Yea, a Goddess theme.

(Lori Singer) ga

(Mike) You are great in VR5 !!, Lori... how do you compare the
 actual  VR (the ones you experienced in real life) (what
 category of VR are those ??) with the one you experience in the
 show ?? (I'm from Dominican Republic, and all my friends gather
 friday nights for watching your show)

(Lori Singer) Mike--that's cool
 Thanks for the VR 5 TV pool!

(Mike) What VR are they ?? (the actual ones)

(Lori Singer) My VR experiences in reality
 Have not yet reached VR 5
 I'm looking forward
 to the continuing development of VR
 And to experiencing a real VR.5
 But from what I hear
 science can do some amazing things
 employing so called VR techniques
 to the best of VR.
 Thanks for the question.

(Mike) You are great and we all started watching the show because
 of you... a real honor talking to you ... THANKS ! 

(Thomas\IQS) Hi Lori!  We talk about you in the MIDICVEN forum
 all of the time.  So can we get a scanned picture of you to make
 into a desktop wallpaper for our PC computer at IQS( Innovative
 Quality Software)?  We already have one of Mariah Carey.   VR-5
 is outstanding and all of us like it at our company.  The plots
 and characters come across really strong.  Quality screen play.
 What type of movie is EDEN (mystery, sci-fi, action/adventure,
 romance, etc...)?

(Lori Singer) Thomas--
 Yes you can have a headshot. Write to PMK.
 It's a romance.

(Thomas\IQS) Thanks Lori!

(Barney Gumble) lori most of the music on the show
 is ny the same gruop
 do you know who it is and did you have any influence
 with it???

(Lori Singer) Barney--
 Music is by Frizell
 I have a CD of it...and we'll have a contest for it.

(Barney Gumble) Lori, I noticed most of the music on the show
 seems to by the same group.. Do you know  who it is and have
 you had any influence on the choice of music??

(Lori Singer) Barney-- I think Frizell's really talented
 He was schooled in New York
 He went to music school in New York

(Barney Gumble) Thanks Lori !!!!
 I'll be hunting for the tape (or is there a soundtrack?)

(Dennis Wilson) Lori, how computer literate are 
 you in real life?  Do you get to surf 
 the net much?

(Danny Wilder) Is Lori still here?

(Lori Singer) Danny-- yes Danny Danny Danny yes

(Steven Anderson) Just a quickie -- how come I haven't heard from
 you since "Storm & Sorrow"? Dennis Wilson, ask your question

(Dennis Wilson) Lori, how computer literate are 
 you in real life?  Do you get to surf 
 the net much?

(Lori Singer) Dennis--
 Yea I'm all jacked into the Net d00d

(Michael L. Joy) I love your show. Have you met any good looking guys
 there?  Keep up the good work. JEANNE JOY

(Lori Singer) Jeanne--
 Will Patton
 Do you know who he is?

(Michael L. Joy) YES

(Lori Singer) Like the enthusiasm, Jeanne...
Mike, please ask your question.

(Michael Bolanos) Folks, we have time for a few more questions...please
 have them ready!
 Our thanks to Leslie and PMK for their help in arranging
 tonight's conference.

(JOE) ? Bob, been waiting since the begining.......

(Lori Singer) Joe--What's the question?

(JOE) Lori, Do you shoot all of the scenes in sequence for VR5, and if
 not, is it confussing for you to follow the story line/ to act the part
 realisticly? (From MD) BTW, Loved Footloose, great movie thanks!

(Lori Singer) Dear Joe--
 Definitely ain't in sequence
 Gotta know what you're doing or Sydney doesn't do it.
 You always got to keep the continuity going---it's essential
 to Sydney's heart.
 Thanks for the question and thanks for the compliment
 about Footloose.

(JOE) Thanks again for the great performance!
Juliane, please ask your quesiton

(Ken Ross  [DAC]) Lori, now that you've explored the possibility
 of multiple people "in VR" with you, is it reasonable to assume
 that the show will also explore the concept of "free floating"
 conciousness within VR, possibly as a means of talking to "your

(Lori Singer) Ken--
 It's a great idea.
 Maybe you just gave the writers an idea.
 Thanks for logging on.

(Ken Ross  [DAC]) Lori - thanks, it just seems like something
 maybe hinted at via the upload of your "falther" to your VR

(Randell Laughlin) my question is how did you get started in acting?by the
 way congradulations on the show .it is very populer at my
 middle school.on the show was your father part of the
 inner circle.his identity and why that guy was after him was

(Lori Singer) Randall--
 I come from a family of performers. It's in the genes.
 What middle school do you go to?
 Yes, my father was part of the inner circle

(Jim Williams) I only caught a few minutes of the pilot, so
 pardon if my question seems rude, but, what's the show about,
 and why should I watch it? (being a hard sci fi fan, I have
 trouble with most tv sci fi). Also who does the effects, if you
 know, and on what machines..

(Lori Singer) Jim--
 It's about exploring the subconscious
 And your past, and your future

(Jim Williams) (and if you're a member of CIS, you should join
 the game developer forum here, if you mean it about your
 interest in a video game) (done )

(Lori Singer) Jim--
 Janet Muswell and Kendall Hobbs--and they are amazing
 women. They work at CST in Los Angeles
 and they are a lot of fun!
Janak M. Lahan, please ask your question.

(Janak M. Lalan) You are gorgeous and talented (tough to beat combo).I 
 loved you in Short Cuts.  Do you still play the cello? Any 
 more roles with Robert Altman? Any more  movie roles?

(Lori Singer) Thanks for the comp.
 I'm in "The Last Ride" aka FTW with Mickey Rourke
 Gonna be on HBO
 In August
 I think...
 and it's coming out in theatres before then.
 Yes, Yes, Yes, I still play the cello
 What do you play?

(Janak M. Lalan) I sing.  Indian Classical Music

(Lori Singer) Wild.

(Janak M. Lalan) Mickey rourke is a movie stealer.  Do you have a plum

(Lori Singer) Check it out and tell me man.
Steven Anderson, please ask your question again.

(Steven Anderson) Lori -- How come I haven't heard from you since
 "Storm & Sorrow"?

(Lori Singer) Visitor--
 I was climbing in the Italian alps and Austrian alps.

(Steven Anderson) I thought you were having a baby?

(Lori Singer) Visitor--not right now.

(Michele) Lori, do you have an e-mail address? And are you related to Marc

(Lori Singer) Michele--
 Yes, proudly

(Elite) Lori, will you model for any popular magazines and are
 you a good dancer? (Charlotte, NC) Lov ya

(Lori Singer) Elite--
 Yes, do you dance?

(Hjalmar) cya Lori  :-[)]

(Lori Singer) Hjalmar, big hug

(Hjalmar)  WOW

(Mike) I'm getting jealous !!

(Lori Singer) Hjalmar   :)
 Talk to me Mike

(Mike) yes ?

(Lori Singer) Visitor, I love you

(Shari Szuba) ?

(Lori Singer) Shari, go ahead

(Shari Szuba) You are the best actress in the movies ever.

(Lori Singer) Shari-- Thank you , thank you

(Marshall DeBerry) ?are you an active backpacker (your climbing
 answer)  I just hiked half that Appalachian Trail last 
 year...Love the show...really makes you think.. a lot 
 like the old "Prisoner" show.  (alexandria, va)

(Lori Singer) Marshall--
 I do a little rock

(Shari Szuba) Will you ever be any other movies with Kevin Bacon?

(Lori Singer) Shari--
 Could be.

(Terri Jones) Lori, I love the show, haven't missed one yet. How
 do you feel about the interplay between Sidney's commitment to
 caring and the heavy emphasis on the "committee" and
 Technology? I remember your cello playing from "Fame", I am a
 25-yr. violinist...

(Lori Singer) Terri, where are you from?

(Terri Jones) Portland, ME

(Lori Singer) Terri--

(Terri Jones) yes

(Lori Singer) Sydney's conflicted about the committee because they're
 Maybe murderous
 And yet
 And for some reason
 They kept her
 alive and able to continue
 her exploration
 So she's grateful
 but very suspicious of them.
 Especially their involvement with Morgan's "cyrogenics."

(steve) lori-nice to "see" you, good luck with ur new show.-sdc

(Lori Singer) Bye Steve see you Friday night
 take care

(Shari Szuba) Wow.  Are there any projects that you are working on
 right now?

(Lori Singer) I'm using Entertainment Drive right now and so are you
 It's working right now...

Doc, ask your question.

(Doc) Lori, what do you think
 about your show being
 portrayed before the
 X-files?  2) Do you think
 that if you were to be
 given an opportunity to
 do any part of the show
 over what would it
 be?(How would you
 change it?)     3) Do you
 use Compuserve much? If
 so what do you use it

(Shari Szuba) Are you working any projects right now?
Raymond Eferra, please ask your question.

(Raymond P. Sferra) Will the Dr Morgan character be back?  Will you be 
 singing again?

(Lori Singer) Raymond--
 Morgan will be back soon.
 And yea, seems like I'm always singing.

(Raymond P. Sferra) Thanks for the answer!  See you on Friday!  Like 
 your hair!

(Lori Singer) Hey Raymond... why thank you very much!
Rrian "Beej" Cyr, please ask your question.

(Brian "Beej" Cyr) Ms. Singer, First lemme start by saying that I
 have been a fan since Footloose and I am so please that there is
 a new venue for everyone, including myself to enjoy your talents.
 I have many many quesytions to ask.  It would be much easier to
 compose them into a letter.  Do you have an E-mail adress to send
 them to or is the PMK Public Relations address the only place to
 send them

(Lori Singer) Brian--PMK is the best address at this moment. I may get

(Brian "Beej" Cyr) Thank you very much.  Good night from Reno.  *kiss*

(Lori Singer) Hey Beej, sweet dreams honey

(Brian "Beej" Cyr) *big old smile*

(Michael Bolanos) We've invited Lori to have an email address and will let
 you know if there's an email address... in the meantime,
 please write to PMK... Lori answers her mail personally!

(Orion) Bye Lori  Love you love YOUR show. Thanks again for beiing here
your the greatest.
 Thanks See ya on Friday

(Lori Singer) Hey Orion, like you handle!

(Unicorn) Lor, you're great

(Doc) Lori....
 Are you going to answer
 my question or not?

(Lori Singer) Doc-- which one?

(Doc) All of them Lori

(Lori Singer) Doc-- I didn't make it through medical school man...

(Doc) Me either
 only 16 ya know
 Lori, would you like me to
 ask my questions again?

(Lori Singer) Doc--
 Gimme your best question

(Doc) Lori, what do you think about your show being portrayed
 before the X-files?  2) Do you think that if you were to be
 given an opportunity to do any part of the show over what would
 it be?(How would you change it?) 3) Do you use Compuserve much?
 If so what do you use it for?

(Lori Singer) Doc--1) It's a great lead in.
 That's what Leslie Sloan tells me and she's an expert

(Steven Anderson) Lori -- Have you forgotten your climbing
 instructor in Uttendorf and dinner companian in Budapest?

(Lori Singer) Visitor-- no talk to me
 Are you in Colorado?

(Steven Anderson) No -- I'm back in LA

(Mike) Lori, thanks for spending some time with your fans... I'll
 drop you a postcard from DR ! See you on TV !... BYE ! Keep on
 the great work !

(Lori Singer) Good night Mike

(Bob Smithson) ?Lori...how many episodes have you been signed 
 for? (waiting while looking at the dusty VHS copy of 

(Lori Singer) We're showing 9 -- Bob -- Thanks for checking out

(Terri Jones) Lori, thanks for spending time online. Keep up the
 great work!! Good night

(Lori Singer) Terri--
 Good night! Thank you.

(Barney Gumble) Lori, will you be willing to stay around for a
 second season?? BTW, no fair, your beautiful, talented,
 intelligent, AND you rock climb!!!! (Do you have a twin sister 

(Lori Singer) Barney-- No, but I have a twin brother

(devadata) >>>raises his glass in a toast, to Lori, our Virtual
 Goddess! None better, few as good!!!<<<

(Steve Bradley) ditto devadata!!!

(Lori Singer) Dear devadata--
 You silver tongued devil

(devadata) :)

(Stan E) Yo, Lori! Are you worried about getting cancelled? What
 will it take, what can we do to keep you on the air?

(Lori Singer) Stan--
 If you like it, please write Fox and tell em.

(Stan E) You got it!

(Lori Singer) (Don't tell them I told you to.)
 But I'll sign your hall pass if you want.

(Stan E) If it takes a thousand letters--what would we do without
 our Lori and VR fix?  

(Michele) E-mail Fox, vr5@delphi.com (right?)
Ernest, please ask your question.

(Ken Ross  [DAC]) Lori - here's another one for the writers if
 you like; how about on one of your VR visits to your "mom", a
 lightning strike on the line causes you and your "mom" to switch
 consciousness. Now she, in your body, has to wrestle with how and
 if she can switch it all back. Not like we haven't seen similar
 plots before but the VR twist and characters could make it
 interesting and perhaps you could pick up additional information
 about your past from inhabiting your "mom" for a time. What do
 you think?

(Lori Singer) Dear Ken--
 Hey great idea!
 You're thinking along k00l story lines

(Ken Ross  [DAC]) What can I tell you; you bring your character to life
and it inspires thinking of them as "real" people.

(Fred Katsumi) Lori, you said 2 more to go; How is VR5 doing and
 has FOX decided to renew the show yet?  Come to NY much? 

(Lori Singer) Fred--
 We're hanging by our fingertips. Throw us a line.
Stan E., please ask your question.

(Lori Singer) Where's Uttendorf?

(Ken Ross  [DAC]) What's a "k00l" story line?

(Lori Singer) Dear Ken--
 You're happening.

(Gregor Gilliom) ?

(Lori Singer) Hi Gregor-- We see you.

(Gregor Gilliom) Congrats on the great character! Some sci-fi
 shows live on forever...Star Trek, etc...Is that intimidating? 
 Any fear of being  typecasted?

(Lori Singer) Gregor--
 Part of the thrill of VR.5 are the different personas
 Sydney explores in VR.5.
 Her attitude, her body, her voice...
 her expression
 as well as her landscape is altered
 and expanded
 and that's what keeps her
 And that's also what helps prevent Sydney's typecasting.
 For me personally,
 check out FTW and Short Cuts.
 Thanks for the question./

(Gregor Gilliom) Amen to that -- you've got plenty of challenges,
 I suspect.  But is it scary that the character could have fans
 for *decades?* 

(Lori Singer) Gregor--
 A dream come true.

(Gregor Gilliom) Wonderful "talking" to you.  Definitely worth
 the wait.  Good Luck!

(Lori Singer) Gregor-- Thanks for waiting. Next time it'll be a shorter

(J. Newell) Hi Lori! Great Job!  -Q- The story lines in VR5
 started out with such a fast pace, -was (is) the writing
 changing that fast as you worked, and is it as interesting (the
 story line) as it looks onscreen? How much is cut out? -Jn-AK

(Lori Singer) J --
 They cut out a lot.
 Each show could be a lot longer.
 Each episode is shot as a short independent film--

(J. Newell) Well, I hope to keep seeing You and VR5, we like it!
 Take care! -Worth the Wait!!

(Stan E) Well, Lori, I'll be a fan of YOURS for decades! Gotta go
 now--thanks for being  here! Kisses and hugs from Columbus OH!

(Lori Singer) Stan E-- Good night.

(Robert Vieira) Lori - VR.5 is far more surreal in nature than anything 
 you've done before - how do you prepare for something 
 that you don't have a "realistic" example of? (i.e., this is a 
 long way from "Fame" or "Footloose" - but perhaps not all 
 that far from "The Man with One Red Shoe"... ) BTW - 
 it beats the heack out of "Mantis" (yuck).

(Lori Singer) Visitor--
 Imagination can do very wild things.
 We'll take just a few more questions...
 BTW, check Lori out in People's "50 Most Beautiful"
 (Believe me it's true!)

(Karen Persello) I love VR 5 and Sydney's strong & resourceful
 character.I'm glad there are plans to "revive" Dr.Morgan. He
 was an edgy, interesting character and I was sorry when he was
 "killed" off. Will the show continue to be about Sydney and her
 mysterious past? 

(Lori Singer) Karen--
 Her past will be uncovered somewhat
 In the Season Finale on May 12th.
 But is it really the truth?

(Karen Persello) Love it!!!

(Lori Singer) And how will Sydney deal with her new (friends, family or

(James M. Jordan) After the murders and lies, why does your character
 continue to work with/for the committee?  Revolt and
 destroy them!  Thanks and you're great, from Snow Camp,

(Lori Singer) jAMES--
 Great great question!
 Because she'll use any excuse to explore the
 And they usually lure her
 By tugging at her heart
 She wants to help
 She's very empathetic

(Karen Persello) Thanks and keep those ambiguous endings coming (from

(Bob Smithson) Gotta go Lori...thanks for stopping by...you are still 
 looking fab (tugging at tight wedding ring)!!

(Lori Singer) Bob -- Get a good night kiss from your wife.
 Good night.

(Bob Smithson) chuckle...wouldn't mind one from  you though 
Jim B., please ask your question.

(Jim  Bandy) Do you like the moral ethics of The Committtee.  I 
 wasn't impressed with the killing of the air traffic 
 controller in the last episode I watched.  You need to 
 convince them to trust you.  The Bio I got in feedback 
 from Delpi.com was great in a lot of the background of 
 the show.  Are you planning to acheive VR10?

(Lori Singer) Hang on folks we're reading your questions.
 Yea. Syd's always looking for VR10.
 When you see Syd's reality
 in the cliffhanger
 you'll see why.

(devadata) >>>wonders if Lori has a hug for a 'silver tounged devil?'<<<

(Lori Singer) dev-- Yea. For a specific one in mind.

(devadata) >>lucky person, that.<<
Douglas Hayes, please ask your question.

(Lori Singer) Last question please...
 Where's Uttendorf?
Joe, please ask your question.

(Les B. Labbauf) If Morgan isn't dead, then is it entirely
 possible that Sidney's dad and sister are not either?  BTW if
 you get a Think-Pad, get it equip at least 8 megs (16 megs
 would be better) ram and use OS2 Warp   [Les; Harrisburg, PA]  
 P.S.  Thanx for being here and answering our questions, and 
 see you in VR :) 

(Lori Singer) Les--
 OS2 sucks I like Windows better.
 But I like IBM's Think Pad. It rocks.
 Thanks Les.

(Fred Katsumi) Lori -- OS/2 is better

(Jim Williams) (suddenly I love her)

(Fred Katsumi) Get a Butterfly

(I am me.)  Absolutely! Try Win NT 3.5,
 bullet proof.

(Fred Katsumi) Nothing is bullet proof!
 You do not seem to be very old on VR5 you must have
 been incredibly young when you did "Fame".  How old are
 you?  If you don't mind my asking.  I see a lot of people
 here declaring their admiration of you.  I'm sorry I can not
 join them; but the next time you see Marky Post please tell
 her that I have enjoyed all of her performances.

(Lori Singer) Bradley--

(Michael Bolanos) Bradley, are you out of your mind? Lori's the

(Bradley L. Rosevear) maybe so but I have not seen her enough to honestly
 share your opinion

(Robert Vieira) Well, thank you for your time spent with us Lori (even if
 can't get my question answered...:(  )

(Lori Singer) Visitor, what's the question?

(Robert Vieira) Am I coming thru as a "Visitor" - sorry. 

(Lori Singer) Go visitor

(Robert Vieira) Mine was the one about how surreal the role is.... How do 
 you get sike up for something so strange.

(Lori Singer) Visitor-- I've had a lot of strange experiences in my
 lots to draw on.

(devadata) >>promises to faithfully tune in 8:00 est Friday. (havent
missed an episode yet) Keep up the great work, Lori, Love ya!...Bye!!!!<<<

(Robert Vieira) Well - that's pretty simple, but I can =definitely=

(Christiana) What is vr.5?

(devadata) Vr-5= television show about Virtual Reality, Christina.

(Unicorn) VR5 is virtual realitywatch the show, Christiana

(Unicorn) Christiana, write to vr5@delphi.com

(Michael Bolanos) OK, folks, that's a wrap! It's getting late in the big
 Sydney puts out one more cry for Uttendorf...

(Mike  Perklin) Beautiful Lori, I have 2 questions only. 1. Is your VR.5
 machine/supercomputer you use on your awsome show
 real? 2. What is and how do I reach PMK to write you?

(Lori Singer) Mike--
 The computer's not what it seems. It's reverse engineered.
 Syd did it herself.
 And for the address of PMK:
 It's 1776 Broadway, 8th Floor, New York, New York
 And her home phone number is...
 OK folks, it's late. Please say thanks to Lori for being
 And I'd like to thank Leslie Sloan and PMK for arranging
 tonights conference with the incredibly talented (and fun)
 Lori Singer!

(Bob Ward) PMK e-mail address?

(Lori Singer) Not yet but soon...
 Thanks very much y'all it's been fun!
 I'll be back soon
 Peace Music and Good Night!
 Wow, what a great opportunity to speak with Lori Singer!
 Please be sure to check out the show on Friday at 8PM on
 Fox TV
 And if you want to see the show next season, write to Fox
 and let them know!
 Thanks to the folks who helped out tonight and to
 CompuServe for their help and support.

(Unicorn) I think Lori is gone...unfortunately

(Michael Bolanos) Unicorn, Lori likes your handle.
 She's here at the EDRIVE loft in Manhattan,
 and we're about to take a photo for CompuServe
 Magazine's August issue so check it out.

(Scott) Michael Bolanos, are you with PMK?

(Michael Bolanos) Scott, no I'm the President of Entertainment Drive.
 Folks, thanks again for being with us... go ahead and chat
 with each other.
 Tomorrow night here on Entertainment Drive,
 7:00 pm Eastern.
 Good night and be sure to check out VR.5 and the
 materials in the Television library!

* Lori Singer was in the Omni conference on America Online -- though in a
  very controlled environment.

  17 May 1995
  provided by MAO369 ,
  with additions by Michele Santiago 

OnlineHost:     Copyright 1995 America Online, Inc.
OnlineHost:     OMNI Magazine Online is pleased to welcome
        Lori Singer, star of Fox's series "VR.5," to the
        Coliseum!  Lori plays the Tel-Cal Lineswoman/
        Hacker Sydney Bloom, who uses her unusual ability
        to access the subconscious of others via phone
        line under the direction of the ominously
        mysterious "Committee."
OnlineHost:     Lori trained in cello at the Juilliard School
        before moving to acting where she started her
        career as a lead in the television series "Fame."
        Among her many movie credits is the hit
        FOOTLOOSE.  She won a Silver Halo Award for
        the television movie BORN BEAUTIFUL; other
        movie credits include THE FALCON AND THE
        and ROXY (which she co-produced).
OnlineHost:     Most recently, Lori won a Golden Globe Award
        for her performance in Robert Altman's
        SHORT CUTS in which she played concertos
        from Victor Herbert and Dvorak.  Her next
        movie, with Mickey Rourke, is F.T.W which
        will be released this spring.
OMNI Muse:      Welcome, Lori!
LoriVR5:        Thanks. Glad to be here!
OMNI Muse:      Great!  We have a lot of fans waiting for you, and have a
lot of questions already..
OMNI Muse:      so let's start taking some of them. :)
OMNI Muse:      Qwa2 asks:
Question:       Did VR5 creators consider the idea of lucid dreaming in
developing the show? The idea
Question:       seems similar to the early 80's film "Dreamscape" in that
LoriVR5:        I'm ready. :)
LoriVR5:        I think that sounds similar. I'm not sure that they
considered it...
LoriVR5:        It's definitely subconscious-related and the conscious and
subsconscious are intertwined...
LoriVR5:        I'm not sure that the show creators saw "Dreamscape."
OMNI Muse:      Bugsyboy would like to know:
Question:       How did you and VR . 5 hook up together?
LoriVR5:        They came to me with a script, and my agents brought it to
LoriVR5:        and my agents thought it was artistic and interesting...
LoriVR5:        and that I should seriously consider it.
OMNI Muse:      StiffysPal asks:
Question:       Lori, are you very fluent with computers?
LoriVR5:        I'm computer-literate...
LoriVR5:        but I'm not an expert....
LoriVR5:        but I'd love to know as much as Sydney does about
LoriVR5:        but who wouldn't. I love the idea of exploring cyberspace.
OMNI Muse:      A question from HannahChow:
Question:       Ratings have been low.  Will this excellent show be
renewed on Fox?
LoriVR5:        Pick a number between 1 and 100 and call me next week...
OMNI Muse:      LOL!
LoriVR5:        Fox is supposed to decide next week. :)
LoriVR5:        And thanks for the question.
OMNI Muse:      A comment from Data1701D:
Question:       I just wanted to congratulate you on a marvelous show
that's both entertaining and
Question:       thought-provoking; 2 qualities hard to come by on
LoriVR5:        Thank you very much! I appreciate the thought. :)
LoriVR5:        I hope we make more for you.
OMNI Muse:      And a question from Tecnobrt:
Question:       Why did the kid's memories get erased, but the mom got her
mind all messed up?
LoriVR5:        Because the mother had more memories...
LoriVR5:        and she was on overload...
LoriVR5:        and we were disconnected just in time.
LoriVR5:        Good question. :)
OMNI Muse:      Our next question comes from Crusher, but I'm going answer
part of it first....
OMNI Muse:      We have photos of Lori and the cast in our OMNIPurpose
Library --
OMNI Muse:      Keyword:  OMNI > File Libraries (scrollbox) > OMNIPurpose
OMNI Muse:      Now, from Crusher:
Question:       How can I get a photo of you, Lori?  I would really like
LoriVR5:        Send a request to me care of Creative Artists Agency...
LoriVR5:        (Doug Robinson) in Beverly Hills, California....
LoriVR5:        I'm afraid I don't have the exact address handy.
LoriVR5:        Thanks!
OMNI Muse:      EMansour would like to know:
Question:       Lori, do you ever get the chills from some of the dream
LoriVR5:        Yes! Especially the flying sequences...
LoriVR5:        I fly back and forth from coast to coast a lot...
LoriVR5:        and after those flying sequences, my heart would be racing
when I got on the plane...
LoriVR5:        because of the harrowing flying sequences.
LoriVR5:        Which ones scared you the most? ;)
OMNI Muse:      From Zowieness:
Question:       How do you relate to your character, philosophically?
LoriVR5:        She has a tortured past...
LoriVR5:        and had to grow up at 12 on her own..
LoriVR5:        She believes in good over evil...
LoriVR5:        and yet she recognizes the beast within...
LoriVR5:        Despite it all, Sydney is a staunch humanist...
LoriVR5:        and a highly qualified telephone repairperson. ;) Thanks
for the good question.
OMNI Muse:      Lori, I think some of your fans don't realize you were in
the TV show "Fame" --
OMNI Muse:      I watched every episode of that and enjoyed it greatly!
OMNI Muse:      We have a question from StiffysPal about your TV debut:
Question:       Lori, you have been in numerous films and have worked with
such stars as Tom Hanks.  Were
Question:       there any adjustments you had to make to prepare you for
LoriVR5:        Thanks for the nice comments about "Fame." ...
LoriVR5:        The crew for "VR.5" is largely an independent
crew--meaning that...
LoriVR5:        many of the people I had worked with before in independnet
LoriVR5:        for example, a film I just finished with Mickey Rourke
called THE LAST RIDE...
LoriVR5:        and the key grip named David Donahoe and lighting guy,
Derrick Kaujos,...
LoriVR5:        had worked with me on that film. The first assistant
director, Arthur Anderson....
LoriVR5:        I had worked with on an Alan Rudolph film called TROUBLE
LoriVR5:        and one of the people in the art dept. under Nina Ruscio,
I had worked with in...
LoriVR5:        EQUINOX, another Alan Rudolph film. And so I knew many of
the people...
LoriVR5:        from other films. The crew was spectacular--Tony Palmieri
was the DP...
LoriVR5:        and Brian Hebb, also... Each specific show was treated as
a mini-movie...
LoriVR5:        EAch one took ten days to film...
LoriVR5:        and many 16- to 20-hour days...
LoriVR5:        so it was very familiar territory in that respect.
LoriVR5:        Thanks for asking. :)
OMNI Muse:      KennyGlass asks:
Question:       Is that really Syd's sister or just a Committee plant? And
will you get together with your
Question:       father soon?
LoriVR5:        Syd's not completely sure if that is her sister...
LoriVR5:        Are bits of her sister still in Alex?...
LoriVR5:        or is this her complete sister?...
LoriVR5:        She's not sure...
LoriVR5:        About the father, we'll see what happens.
OMNI Muse:      STEVEN912 asks:
Question:       Do you feel that the show is going be as popular as other
shows like X-Files? and do you
Question:       thinl Sliders is a parity in content? After VR-5 Whats
next for you?
LoriVR5:        I've never seen "Sliders"...
LoriVR5:        I hope "VR.5" is artistic and compelling...
LoriVR5:        In terms of popularity, I hope people like it!...
LoriVR5:        From what I hear, it has a cult following...
LoriVR5:        As for what's next, I'm thinking about but haven't yet
committed to a film...
LoriVR5:        called EDEN, but we'll see.
OMNI Muse:      Hanabei asks:
Question:       Lori, still playing the Cello????
LoriVR5:        Yes! yes! Yes!...
LoriVR5:        What do you play? ;)
OMNI Muse:      
OMNI Muse:      Bdas would like to know:
Question:       I've noticed how elements of Sidney's "VR" character have
been finding there way into her
Question:       "real life".  Is this a conscious thing or not?
LoriVR5:        Sydney is experiencing different personas...
LoriVR5:        in VR, and they're affecting her, and she's noticing a
certain strength...
LoriVR5:        she didn't know she had...
LoriVR5:        But she's still threatened by the Committee...
LoriVR5:        and both propelled by and addicted to VR.
LoriVR5:        It's a strength...
LoriVR5:        and at the same time, it haunts her....
LoriVR5:        Good question. :)
OMNI Muse:      Dart128 asks:
Question:       What happened to Dr. Morgan who's now on ice?
LoriVR5:        I love Will Patton (the actor)...
LoriVR5:        Dr. Morgan's on ice but he's still alive...
LoriVR5:        He'll be back. ;) ... I think.
LoriVR5:        Thanks for the question.
OMNI Muse:      ChipWiz asks:
Question:       Is Sydney in the show going to be revived and meet up with
her cured mother, and find her
Question:       father?
LoriVR5:        Are these really Sydney's sister and father?...
LoriVR5:        And how damaged are they?...
LoriVR5:        Sydney will be reunited, but that's only a piece of the
LoriVR5:        Will she battle, or join, the Committee?...
LoriVR5:        Will she save Morgan?...
LoriVR5:        Will she strike out on her own?...
LoriVR5:        These are a few of the questions I've got. ;)
LoriVR5:        Thanks for your question.
OMNI Muse:      LorrieU would like to know:
Question:       Do you have fun on the set?
LoriVR5:        Hi, Lorrie!...
LoriVR5:        Yes, we have wildness and fun!...
LoriVR5:        Mari Bloom, who won an Oscar for Dracula for hair, and Bob
Scribner, in makeup,...
LoriVR5:        and Louise Fletcher and everybody else are a LOT OF
LoriVR5:        We're together many hours of the day and night...
LoriVR5:        It's a working partyThanks for your question
LoriVR5:        !Whoops. :)
OMNI Muse:      From KittyBa:
Question:       Do you have any input on the diverse costumes you wear on
LoriVR5:        Some. Which one is *your* favorite?...
LoriVR5:        They are all from Sydney's subconscious desires and
LoriVR5:        and fears. Thanks, KittyBa. :)
OMNI Muse:      BlondeBute asks:
Question:       lori...how do you feel you've changed since your
"Footloose" days?
LoriVR5:         ...
LoriVR5:        I'm sorry we can't have a dialogue about this, we can't
volley back
and forth...
LoriVR5:        about this...
LoriVR5:        I'd have to make a list. It'd be a long list of good and
bad, like Ralph Kramden in ...
LoriVR5:        "The Honeymooners." Do you know which episode I'm talking
LoriVR5:        Thanks for the question, BlondeBute.
OMNI Muse:      Karys would like to know:
Question:       The music for VR5 is great!  Will there ever be a
soundtrack out, or is there any other
Question:       way I could get a recording of some of the songs?
LoriVR5:        I have a CD by John Frizzell, and I think he's wonderful
LoriVR5:        I'm looking at the CD right now...
LoriVR5:        and it says "composed by Dee Carstensen and John Frizzell"
and "published...
LoriVR5:        by Skyward Bound Music." You can write to John Frizzell in
Los Angeles...
LoriVR5:        at Skyward Bound Music, or you can write to me c/o my
agent at CAA...
LoriVR5:        I actually look at my fan mail. :) ...
LoriVR5:        I bet that theshow will eventually be available on
LoriVR5:        I love the music, too. We're lucky to have John.
OMNI Muse:      Folks, I have more than 500 questions in the queue, but
our time with Lori is...
OMNI Muse:      almost up.  I know you're dying to hear more from her, so
we'll have to see what we..
OMNI Muse:      can do. :)
OMNI Muse:      One last question, from JOneil6837:
Question:       what did you think of being in People's 50 Most Beautiful
People Issue?  - you are
LoriVR5:        I was flattered...
LoriVR5:        and I thought the photographer took a wonderful picture...
LoriVR5:        and they were all very kind to me...
LoriVR5:        particularly Freyda...
LoriVR5:        I was lucky to have been chosen...
LoriVR5:        Thanks, JOneil. :)
OMNI Muse:      Lori, remind us again of the new movie?  I know all your
fans will be going out to see it. :)
LoriVR5:        It's called FTW or THE LAST RIDE...
LoriVR5:        They released it already in Europe. I'm not sure when it
will hit the States...
LoriVR5:        It was directed by Michael Karbelnikoff, who directed the
movie MOBSTERS...
LoriVR5: with Christian Slater. It's about two desperadoes who fall in
OMNI Muse:      Thanks so much for being here, Lori!
OMNI Muse:      And thank you, folks, for coming!
LoriVR5: Thanks, everyone, for joining us in cyberspace!
OMNI Muse:      I'd also like to thank our usher, OMNIFlight, for his
great ushering!
OMNI Muse:      The log of this conference will be available for download
tomorrow afternoon at:
OMNI Muse:      Keyword:  OMNI > File Libraries (in the scrollbox) >
Conference Log Library.
LoriVR5: I'm sorry I couldn't answer everyone's questions and have some
LoriVR5: with each person.
OMNI Muse:      Unfortunately, that isn't possible with this medium. :)
OMNI Muse:      But we sure appreciate your time to join us like this!
OMNI Muse:      Thanks so much, and good night!
LoriVR5: That's OK. Maybe I'll see all of you on the 'Net! :)
LoriVR5: Good night!
OnlineHost:     Copyright 1995 America Online, Inc.

* VR5Prod, a member of the production team, and Vrwriter, a
  writer/researcher for VR.5 who worked on "The Many Faces of Alex," went
  online with fans in America Online to discuss the series through an
  arrangement by Michele Santiago for Virtual Storm.
  11 June 1995
  Provided by Michele Santiago 

OnlineHost:     *** You are in "VR5 chat". ***
OnlineHost:     VR5Prod has entered the room.
Shelly47:       Ah, there you are
VR5Prod:        took a while, but here we are.
Shelly47:       Yeah, giving directions to other people now
Shelly47:       wait...
OnlineHost:     JnAnthony has entered the room.
Shelly47:       There you are
Shelly47:       Welcome
JnAnthony:      Thanks!  I guess maybe I was just too early.
OnlineHost:     Vrwriter has entered the room.
Shelly47:       We just made up the room
Shelly47:       Hello
VR5Prod:        Shelly... Vrwriter is a writer on the show I asked to join us.
may answer questions as much as I.
JnAnthony:      I've got to say, VR5 was one of the best written shows I've
seen in a very long time.
Shelly47:       Good! The more the merrier.
Vrwriter:       On behalf of the writers, thanks.
Shelly47:       Shall I start with Jonathan Gan's questions?
VR5Prod:        The crew did a great job in trying to make the words come to
life and did a great job.
Vrwriter:       Sure.
VR5Prod:        go ahead
OnlineHost:     Doug 2000 has entered the room.
Shelly47:       all right...
Shelly47:       Do you want us to continue our efforts to support VR.5, or is
it a lost cause?
OnlineHost:     Zanda has entered the room.
VR5Prod:        It's never a lost cause.
VR5Prod:        Most of the show's that came back to another network...
VR5Prod:        took about 9 months to a year to regroup....
Zanda:  Do we still have a chance to save VR5.
Vrwriter:       The last I heard, Rysher's still trying to peddle it to a
first-run syndication deal.
VR5Prod:        It will take time to rebudget but we are still trying.
Doug 2000:      Should we write to FOX or other networks; and if so, what
networks should we contact?
OnlineHost:     Mary A1977 has entered the room.
VR5Prod:        Well.... that's a tough question.... UPN has shown some
VR5Prod:        Again.... it seems that first-run sydication is better for
such a different show.
Vrwriter:       My own opinion would be to write Rysher directly and let them
know you support whatever they
Vrwriter:       are trying to do with the show.
VR5Prod:        Rysher Entertainment should receive the letters to better
their efforts to
VR5Prod:        help in their demographics
Doug 2000:      Is Rysher the company that makes VR5?
VR5Prod:        The production studio that payed the bills
Zanda:  UPN....the same people who cancelled Legend. I don't know if they
would give it fair chance
VR5Prod:        You have to remember that UPN is a very new network and they
are still feeling their way....
Vrwriter:       They might also like to have a show that's got a built-in
audience with it.
JnAnthony:      I heard that Legend has just been brought back thanks to fan
OnlineHost:     MargyMP has entered the room.
MargyMP:        HI!
Shelly47:       Found us!
VR5Prod:        Legend has been brought back for a limited run to see if it
will gain support.
MargyMP:        YES!
Vrwriter:       It's not official from what I've heard, but their numbers have
going up, so
Zanda:  Yes, but sometimes I feel there going the wrong way. But I'll support
anything that allows..
Vrwriter:       there's always hope.
Zanda:  VR5 to come back.
Shelly47:       What are you doing, exactly?  Negotiating?  Signing deals?
Doug 2000:      Have the cast members expressed an interest to continue VR5 if
someone picks it up?
VR5Prod:        Most have yes...
MargyMP:        Most?
VR5Prod:        This is such an unusuals show.
Zanda:  That's what makes it so great though.
VR5Prod:        Well... most because we haven't talked to all.. they are
working on other projects
MargyMP:        Hows'the UK responding to it?
VR5Prod:        They actually won't be able to see it until Sept.
OnlineHost:     JC423 has entered the room.
Zanda:  I've been a TVholic for years but the past decades have had the same
stale taste.
VR5Prod:        Anthony Head who plays Oliver Sampson lives in London and
told me the other day.
Zanda:  It's great when something new comes along.
Shelly47:       Will VR.5 ever be released on videotape?  If so, will it be
released with or without the
Shelly47:        three episodes that were produced but never broadcast?  And
when will it
VR5Prod:        The most popular shows today involve, Cops, Doctors, or
Shelly47:       be released?  By what     company?
VR5Prod:        The executive producers are discussing that and also talking
about a CD Rom
Doug 2000:      Do you have a name and address for someone at Rysher we can
write to?
Zanda:  Cool. I love it a CD-Rom.
Mary A1977:     Check the boards...the addresses are there
VR5Prod:        You can write to Keith Samples @ Rysher
Shelly47:       As soon as Lisa is here we should discuss Virtual Storm
VR5Prod:        Great... i'm curious
MargyMP:        well, it's nice to see the "meek" inherit (ie) sydney a show
instead of drs etc..
JnAnthony:      Vrwriter, which episodes did you write?
Vrwriter:       The Many Faces of Alex
JC423:  It's also great to see a strong female lead in a TV series
VR5Prod:        The executive Producer John Sacret Young is very good at strong
female leads
Zanda:  I loved that show, actually I loved them all.
Vrwriter:       I was also on the show as the researcher, so I was fairly
involved with all the episodes.
VR5Prod:        And quite good at it : )
Vrwriter:       Thank you both.
MargyMP:        Life goes on and Ms St JOhn have wonderful women's roles
Zanda:  Actually I screamed so loud at the end of the last episode, my
neighbors called to see...
Zanda:  what was wrong.
VR5Prod:        We were very surprised by the outcome...
Vrwriter:       That ending was very strong, even though we knew it was
coming .
Doug 2000:      Would that CD ROM product be a game or an "interactive"
program like SNL and Monty Python?
VR5Prod:        We are in the infant stages and start meetings next week... We
haven't made any decisions yet.
VR5Prod:        Which would you prefer?
Zanda:  I kind of suspected it would be a cliffhanger. You should of heard my
scream when I found ..
Zanda:  out FOX cancelled it.
Mary A1977:     I got mad that the show wasn't renewed 'cause I want to know
what happens!
OnlineHost:     Snyckers has entered the room.
Doug 2000:      I think it would make an excellent game.
JC423:  I was extremely dissapointed when i heard the show was canceled
Snyckers:       Found It!! Thanks Shelly!!
VR5Prod:        Well I'll vote for a game then.
Shelly47:       You're welcome
Snyckers:       I believe we were all dissapointed!
Zanda:  I prefer the interactive kind. I'm not that big on games but I would
buy it no matter how...
Shelly47:       Some of the writers out here want to see a VR.5 writing bible
Zanda:  it was designed.
Shelly47:       like star trek bibles
Mary A1977:     That would be sooooo cool!
Vrwriter:       I don't think one exists.  The joy of writing this show was
that we discovered things as
Vrwriter:       we went along, and our production schedule let us tinker with
episodes already
Vrwriter:       in the can to incorporate what we were learning about Sydney
and Oliver and The
Vrwriter:       Committee, and the whole Bloom family saga.
MargyMP:        Best writing in years- really stood out!
VR5Prod:        We actually reshot some of the pilot to follow the rest of the
Zanda:  Any chance of VR5 going into books, like Star Trek, V, Quatum Leap,
Beauty & Beast, & ect.
VR5Prod:        Meaning.... we kind of were given time to tinker and make lots
of changes
Vrwriter:       The closest thing I can think of to a bible would be the
and story synposes
JC423:  how long did it actually take to finish an episode?
Vrwriter:       in the FAQs on the Internet group.
VR5Prod:        Rysher is discussing books.... but again even Quantum Leap
took a year to get started.
Shelly47:       I think we have those, from the autoresponses from
VR5Prod:        each episode took between 8 - 10 days
Vrwriter:       That's the shooting schedule.
VR5Prod:        The post schedule took about 2 weeks.
Zanda:  What about TV movies like Alien Nation, I know FOX is planning more of
VR5Prod:        That hasn't been mentioned to us.
JnAnthony:      If VR5 does well in the UK, does that guarantee new episodes
or does the show need to do
JnAnthony:      well here in the US?
VR5Prod:        No... unfortunately it needs to do well in the US to make
serious money.
Zanda:  It would be interesting, say one 2 hour VR5 movie every few mothes.
Vrwriter:       VR5Prod, some of the local Fox affiliates are about to rerun
it this summer, will that
Vrwriter:       make any difference do you think?
Zanda:  Or every month, you could start a whole new trend.
VR5Prod:        It should make a large difference....
VR5Prod:        If our numbers go up.... we could be picked up from their...
VR5Prod:        It will depend on the time slot.
Zanda:  What about sattellite feeds, will they rerun them there.
MargyMP:        Why did Fox place it the way they did?
VR5Prod:        Each affiliate has it's own agenda to fill... we'll see.
Vrwriter:       I haven't heard about satellite feeds.
VR5Prod:        They were hoping to have a strong fri. night schedule with X
OnlineHost:     MKUSIC has entered the room.
Zanda:  I heard it had a 19 share to star out what did it end up.
Shelly47:       There you are!
VR5Prod:        I'm not sure.
MKUSIC: Finally.  My computer is flip city right now!    Sorry!!!!'
Vrwriter:       We started with a 15, then finally levelled off at 8.
VR5Prod:        It dropped to around 10
Mary A1977:     Why is it that Vr.5 didn't get much advertizing on FOX, but
other shows like the X Files did?
Zanda:  I watched the FOX scheaduling feed they sent out, that's how I found
out about...
VR5Prod:        We actually got quite a bit.... Fox certainly gave it more air
time than Sliders.
Zanda:  Strange Luck taking it's place.
MargyMP:        It was too diff. from x-files to be  a leadin perhaps...
Vrwriter:       I even heard some ads on the radio for it here in LA right at
the beginning.
MKUSIC: n only heard two ads and they were attached to X-Files ads
OnlineHost:     Nothing05 has entered the room.
Zanda:  I think it would have been better to switch time slots with XF.
MargyMP:        def.
Vrwriter:       Guess I was WAY too focused on the VR.5 ads. 
Zanda:  XF needs to be the lead in.
Nothing05:      Is VR5 really cancelled?  With a cliffhanger like that, I
wouldn't understand why.
VR5Prod:        It's hard to change something that works
VR5Prod:        We didn't think we were cancelled when we finished
Vrwriter:       I also get the feeling that people didn't really get into it
until about episode 4 or 5, for
Vrwriter:       whatever reason.
MKUSIC: Are scripts for Season 2 written already?
Vrwriter:       And then they got rabid 
Nothing05:      Personally, though, I thought Sidney's mom woke up WAY too
fast.  Anyone agree?
Snyckers:       Is there a possibility of getting VR5 back on the air?
Mary A1977:     I was really looking forward to a 2nd season after the season
Vrwriter:       No new scripts have been written, to my knowledge.
Nothing05:      Hello, anyone there?
MKUSIC: There will be if Virtual Storm has it's way
Shelly47:       That's our cue! Virtual Storm
VR5Prod:        what is it?
Shelly47:       Go ahead, Lisa
MKUSIC: Have the producrers been told about Virtual Storm?
VR5Prod:        no we haven't
Vrwriter:       I'm amazed at how active alt.tv.vr5 is on the Internet
with you Virtual Storm
Vrwriter:       folks.
Nothing05:      Is VR5 really cancelled?  YES OR NO, REAL SIMPLE QUESTION.
MKUSIC: Skip that!  It is an Internet based fan group to bring back VR5
VR5Prod:        YES.... but we're trying for a pickup
Nothing05:      I see.
Snyckers:       What is a pickup?
JC423:  what are the chances of the show coming back, any clues??
MKUSIC: alt.tv.vr5 will get busier now that the mailing list has wired in!!!
Shelly47:       Vrwriter, how much of this internet stuff have you been
following ?
Vrwriter:       Quite a bit lately.
MKUSIC: Are you subscribing to the mailing list?
MargyMP:        do you read all 4-5 aol boards?
Shelly47:       We're just starting--announcements on AOL message boards will
pop up soon
Vrwriter:       MKUSIC, no, how do I do that?
Nothing05:      I thought VR5 was the most innovative television show since
X-Files.  Why was it cancelled?
Vrwriter:       And, yes, I do read all the boards on AOL.
MKUSIC: I believe youjust enter listserv@server.microserve.net and you're in
Nothing05:      I said WHY, god dammit.
Shelly47:       Internet registration has already started; since there are so
many fans of VR.5 on AOL,
Shelly47:       We're sort of a--whaddaya call it? Splinter faction?
VR5Prod:        We've read many of the AOL. boards.
Vrwriter:       It was cancelled because it didn't give Fox the ratings it
MKUSIC: Yeah, splinter faction.  I like it!
Shelly47:       But we follow what we write to from internet
MKUSIC: Re: ratings, I have posted that I am finding fans in the most unusual
Shelly47:       who, I mean
JC423:  Fox didn't really give it a chance.
Nothing05:      Babylon 5 doesn't have "the ratings", yet it keeps going and
going.  Explain that one, bud
Shelly47:       Right now, Virtual Stormers are targeting Rysher
MargyMP:        Fox seems rather impetuous with its program dev. strategies
Shelly47:       with snailmail letters.
MKUSIC: Who exactly does Nielsen rate because I find fans under every rock!
Zanda:  Babylon is syndicated.
Vrwriter:       B5 is a first-run syndicated show, not on one of the networks,
so it's judged by different
Vrwriter:       rules
MargyMP:        How about syndication?
Mary A1977:     Any chance of VR.5 becoming syndicated?
Nothing05:      Aha...well, good luck getting VR5 back on line
MKUSIC: Any info on what our chances of synduication are?
OnlineHost:     Nothing05 has left the room.
VR5Prod:        Sydication is in the hands of Rysher at this time
MargyMP:        Please explain more?
Snyckers:       Who makes Rysher?
MKUSIC: Carefully worded 
VR5Prod:        Rysher entertainment is the production company that sells the
MargyMP:        an agent for show?
MKUSIC: I think we are asking do you know if any dsre in the works?
SOmething we could tell the Stormers to
MKUSIC: crage them to keep writing?
MKUSIC: That's encourage.  Sorry can't type today!
VR5Prod:        We just need lots of support for Rysher to realize that
is worth while...
MargyMP:        define types of support??
Vrwriter:       Storm on, folks.
MKUSIC: OK.  Got it.  Would advertising or print media campaigns help?
VR5Prod:        Mail, phone calls, etc.
Zanda:  A lot of people where I worked started watching the show after I gave
them copies...
Zanda:  of it. Because I was always talking about it.
VR5Prod:        Lots of support grew from word of mouth.
VR5Prod:        Many felt it was confusing.
MKUSIC: I got a whole bunch of fans (belatedly) from having them copy tapes
for everyone
VR5Prod:        We tried to create a show that made the audience think.
MargyMP:        the complexity is what is appealing
Mary A1977:     It's one of those shows that takes a while to get into.
JC423:  I think people that missed the first few episodes were confused and
lost interest.
Zanda:  I'm getting some of there help, because now their hooked on the show.
MKUSIC: Not confusing   Just requires thought o  part of the watcher
Doug 2000:      I think it was hard for a new viewer to pick up on the Bloom
family plot.  But I enjoyed it.
MargyMP:        it'sa great romantic/mystery
VR5Prod:        many thanks
Mary A1977:     I liked it since episode #1
VR5Prod:        how did you feel about Samantha?
JC423:  I usually could care less about tv shows that come and go but vr5 is
really unique and creative...
JC423:  I hope it comes back
MKUSIC: Thought she was probably evil!!!
Vrwriter:       One of the best things about writing for the show was that we
tried to make people
Vrwriter:       think about things, and assumed an engaged audience.
Zanda:  I like Sam.
Shelly47:       Hey--what about those other three episodes?
Snyckers:       It was the only show on TV that I thought was worth
VR5Prod:        We hope to show then in the summer for reruns... we wait and
MKUSIC: Too many unanswered mysteries about Sam to trust her
MargyMP:        Sam=scary
Mary A1977:     Sam = wierd
Zanda:  It would have been interesting to reconstruct a relationsship after
all those years......
Snyckers:       She can scare me anythime!! ;)
JC423:  One of the few shows that treated its veiwers like intelligent people.
MKUSIC: Where might they show in the summer?  La Fox affiliate very
VR5Prod:        She was a part of some of the missing episodes so she seems so
out of place for us.  That disappointed
Zanda:  and the false memories of Syd.
VR5Prod:        us.
MKUSIC: That's Los Angeles
Vrwriter:       Part of Sam's charm for me was how different she is from Syd,
how very
MKUSIC: Explain out of place comment PLEASE!!!
Vrwriter:       closed off she is from things, including her own family.
VR5Prod:        Los Angeles is a nice city... : )
JnAnthony:      I thought it was strange how suddenly Sam was a huge part of
the show.
MKUSIC: Yes, I agree!!!
Mary A1977:     Me too
MargyMP:        and who really is Duncan ?  :)
Zanda:  Yes, her reappearance so soon after Alex was a bit hard to take.
Vrwriter:       But didn't her appearance raise a whole lot of interesting
MargyMP:        Quite
MKUSIC: It sure did
JnAnthony:      Yup!  And I'm looking forward to new episodes for the answers.
Zanda:  Yes.
MKUSIC: Thank you !
Vrwriter:       And remember, she watched Alex get killed.  She and Dr. Bloom
MargyMP:        were is poor Dr Bloom?
VR5Prod:        Duncan is a true best friend of syd's.... I love all the
comments made in the folder. : )
Snyckers:       Got to run gang!! I have a Final tomorrow!!!  Say Hi to Lorry
for me!!!
MKUSIC: Last seen in trees - hifding!
JC423:  hiding in the bushes margy
Zanda:  I lked how the show asked a lot more questions than it anserwed.
Shelly47:       Bye, Snyckers
MargyMP:        obviously, I mean mentally
OnlineHost:     Snyckers has left the room.
VR5Prod:        It asked a lot of questions about ourselves also.
MKUSIC: So if Sam watched Alex die, why has she no sympathy at all for
Mary A1977:     That's what made it so cool, asking more questions than it
MKUSIC: She seems to understand that her sister does and she seemd to be
hedging but....
Zanda:  She thinks Oliver is part of the committee that took her & her father.
MKUSIC: Still, that vehement exchange ....almost too vehement?
MargyMP:        too
MKUSIC: She knows Oliver is Committee - how?
JnAnthony:      I was wondering, why did the show change so drastically after
the pilot?  (new apartment,
Zanda:  After all it was Oliver protector that took them.
JnAnthony:      no more landlord to bug).  Did the pilot not test well?
MKUSIC: She's only known about her sister being aalive for two weeks after
VR5Prod:        The pilot tested well... we just wanted to spice up her pad.
Zanda:  I liked the new set.
Vrwriter:       I figured she knew Oliver was committee from seeing him with
Alex at the station or
VR5Prod:        A pilot is shot almost 6 months before a regular season
MKUSIC: The new digs were much better.  More in keeping with Syd's
personality, I thought
Vrwriter:       (try this on for size) maybe she saw him in VR when Dr. Bloom
was experimenting
Shelly47:       What about the fish and the bird?
JnAnthony:      I did like the changes though.  I just thought it was strange
to have the changes come so
JnAnthony:      soon.
JC423:  I agree, more moody.
Vrwriter:       on her and maybe Sam when they were in captivity.
MargyMP:        Sydney seems almost autistic in places...?
JC423:  she's very introverted sam's the opposite
Zanda:  I especially like the relationship part between Syd & Oliver.
MargyMP:        Was Oliver to become main character?
Vrwriter:       Oh, yeah, Zanda.  And to judge by the Internet folks, a lot of
others did, too.
VR5Prod:        We love OLIVER
JnAnthony:      I read on one of the message boards that the people associated
with Earth 2 have been
VR5Prod:        He can change from your best friend and an evil adversary in
such a
short scene... Great to write.
JnAnthony:      released from their contracts.  This hasn't happened with VR5
yet, right?
Zanda:  Who wrote on the board about Lafemme Nikta, that is one of my favorite
JC423:  Oliver is a very interesting character!
Vrwriter:       Actually, Anthony was great to write for.  He'd do anything we
threw at him.
VR5Prod:        Earth 2 was set up differently than we were.
VR5Prod:        Different network etc.
Zanda:  I love the relationship you were building between him and Duncan too.
The emotions...
Mary A1977:     No more earth 2 too???  Why are all my fav shows being
VR5Prod:        Ratings.....
MargyMP:        Phenomanal  Oliver following..out there on 'net...
Shelly47:       Lisa's messages aren't getting through. Anyone guess why?
Mary A1977:     Ahhhhh!!!
VR5Prod:        Oliver has a lot of following in our office 
MKUSIC: I'll say.  The Sampsonite club Lives!
VR5Prod:        VRwriter... you'll have to show me this Sampsonite club.
Zanda:  Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MKUSIC: I'm back who knows why?  Bloody computers!
MargyMP:        meanwhile back at the plot...
Zanda:  It does that to me sometimes to MK.
MKUSIC: Would you like to join the Sampsonite club?????
VR5Prod:        I'm off.... thanks for all your comments.
Zanda:  Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VR5Prod:        I'd love to join the club.
MargyMP:        thank you!
Doug 2000:      Thanks VR5Prod and Vrwriter!
Shelly47:       Thanks for coming!
JC423:  Thanks for coming!!!!
MargyMP:        ditto!
Shelly47:       Come again when you can
Vrwriter:       You're welcome.
Mary A1977:     Thanks a bunch!!!!
Zanda:  Thanks & Long Live VR5.
JnAnthony:      Good luck with getting VR5 back on!
MKUSIC: Send me e-mail and I'll join you up on mailing list I'm Lisa
JC423:  we appreciate this!
VR5Prod:        Thanks.  Mkusic... I'll email.
MargyMP:        very gracious of you!
Zanda:  I'll em you right after I leave.
VR5Prod:        Well let you know if we get any response in the coming weeks.
MKUSIC: Thanks so much for coming!  Later!
Zanda:  Hope you get VR5 back were it belongs.
OnlineHost:     VR5Prod has left the room.
JnAnthony:      Vrwriter, what other shows have you worked on?
Vrwriter:       Right now, I'm doing an Under Suspicion.
Vrwriter:       VR5 was my first produced credit.
MKUSIC: What is that?  Under Suspicion?
Vrwriter:       I was lucky to work with John Young.  Very creative, very
Zanda:  A cop show.
Vrwriter:       US is on CBS starting again tonight.  Sort of an American
Prime Suspect.
MargyMP:        loved the complicated story lines! inVR
JC423:  Well, you did a great job on vr5:)
OnlineHost:     Doug 2000 has left the room.
MKUSIC: Thanks.  Loved Prime Suspect -- will have to check it out!
Vrwriter:       Thank you.  I enjoyed writing Alex.
Zanda:  Can you tell us anything about the shows we didn't get to see/
Vrwriter:       Without giving away the plots, you mean ?
MKUSIC: You wrote Alex?  Incredible episode!!!!
JC423:  just some hints...
MargyMP:        wee hints
Zanda:  Ok, without plots .
Vrwriter:       Well... One of them was an early episode, Dr. Morgan was still
alive.  Syd takes in a
Vrwriter:       woman who's stealing money from her company.
Zanda:  It would be like watch 90210.
MKUSIC: This is Sisters, right?
MargyMP:        not
Vrwriter:       The other two actually were late episodes, sort of wrapped
around Alex.  The first one
Vrwriter:       we actually get to see Sydney in her family home, the last one
is pretty odd, hard
Vrwriter:       to describe, but it's mostly a Michael Easton episode.
Zanda:  No, a Duncan ep we didn't get to see.
Vrwriter:       Yes, Sisters was the first one.  Send Me An Angel and Parallel
Lives are the othe two.
Mary A1977:     They sound cool...why weren't they shown?
MKUSIC: I would love to see these!  Any video release planms?
Vrwriter:       Fox only bought ten although Rysher produced 13 for overseas
JC423:  why was morgan killed off?  was it a plot device or was there problems
w/the actor who played him?
Vrwriter:       Video release--there's talk, but I don't know for sure.  I can
MKUSIC: Thanks - I'd really appreciate that!
Vrwriter:       The producers wanted to take the show in another direction,
for that thing.
MKUSIC: Good move!
Zanda:  They found it in Oliver.
Vrwriter:       No kidding.
MKUSIC: People seemed to have loved it - male and female alike!
Shelly47:       Does this go back to the "no writer's bible" thing?
JC423:  I understand, I love oliver, but i liked morgan too.
Vrwriter:       Shelly, yeah.
JnAnthony:      And that seemed to get tons of free publicity (him being the
Maxwell House guy and all)..
MKUSIC: Not to say I don't love Will Patton's acting and the character of Dr.
Vrwriter:       I liked Morgan, too, but it got really deeper into the
Committee once Oliver came on.
MKUSIC: Was Morgan reporting to Oliver?
Vrwriter:       FYI, Anthony Head is one of the nicest people in the universe.
Shelly47:       Then absolutely anything can happen.
Zanda:  More ellusive, you didn't know who might be committee.
Vrwriter:       We don't know about Morgan's chain of connection.  But we do
know Oliver knew him,
MKUSIC: Really?  The ASH contingent will love this!
Vrwriter:       he told Sydney so in 5D
JC423:  I liked that unpredictability that adding Oliver made, anything can
Vrwriter:       Also FYI, the more we got to know Anthony, the more we made
a hero 
MargyMP:        I wanted to see more of David McCallum too
MKUSIC: Why was that?
Vrwriter:       Me, too.  Also a terrific person.
MKUSIC: Making Oliver a hero that is?
Zanda:  He sort of an ambivilant character, he's loyal to Syd now though.
MargyMP:        he clicked with syd?
Vrwriter:       We just wanted to see him ratchet up the stakes with Sydney
on a personal level, and we
Vrwriter:       hated to make him a bad guy.  Just hormones, I guess.  And
besides, Oliver was such
Vrwriter:       an interesting ambivalent character, we could do anything with
and have it believable.
MargyMP:        you need a knight -errant?
Vrwriter:       Who doesn't?
MKUSIC: Hormones and ASH alwas seem to get mentioned in the same breath!
MargyMP:        :)
Zanda:  ;)
Vrwriter:       Sorry... :-)
Zanda:  Although if pressed he may still change, although he wont like it.
MKUSIC: It's OK sort of a mailing list joke!
JC423:  Well, it's been great chatting with you all, and thanks again for
coming Vrwriter!!
JC423:  bye
Vrwriter:       Bye.
Zanda:  Was it the ep after Alex were he said he had been ordered to kill Syd?
OnlineHost:     JC423 has left the room.
JnAnthony:      It'll be interesting to see an Oliver vs. Duncan episode.  It
seems like that's inevitable.
MKUSIC: Or was her one in between?  I think it a right after.
Mary A1977:     Does anybody know if we'd be able to get a VR.5 forum on AOL?
I think that would be cool.
Shelly47:       I asked for a conference room
Vrwriter:       The chronology was Simon's Choice, Control Freak, Send Me An
Parallel Lives, Reunion
Zanda:  There is a VR5 folder.
Shelly47:       I haven't gotten a response yet
Vrwriter:       Forgot Alex.  It's between Angel and Lives.
Shelly47:       I'm afraid I have to leave..
Zanda:  Bye, Shelly thanks for letting me know about this tonite.
MargyMP:        me too - bye
Shelly47:       OK will post stuff tue/wed
MKUSIC: Bye Shelly willtalk to you on the Net!!!!
MargyMP:        thanks for talk
Shelly47:       thanks, VRwriter
OnlineHost:     MargyMP has left the room.
OnlineHost:     Noesis has entered the room.
Shelly47:       please e-mail us/ post on boards
Zanda:  Bye, MMP.
Vrwriter:       You're welcome,  I gotta go, too.  Are we doing this again
Mary A1977:     see y'all!
Zanda:  I hope so.
Shelly47:       Sure. E-mail me!
Noesis: greetings and salutations
JnAnthony:      Vrwriter, great job on "The Many Faces of Alex".  Good luck
with the future of VR5!!!!
MKUSIC: Next Sunday same time ok with everyone?
Shelly47:       Hi. But we're all leaving!
Zanda:  How about next Sun at 8p ET.
JnAnthony:      I know I'll be writing to Rysher tonight!
Shelly47:       Yeah, of course!
Vrwriter:       Fine with me.
Noesis: is vr5 canceled or not?
Zanda:  Cool. See you then.
MKUSIC: Great look forward to tlking again Vrwriter!
Mary A1977:     sounds fine with me!  see y'all then!!  bye!
Shelly47:       E-mail me, Noesis. Must leave
Noesis: will do.
Zanda:  Yes, from FOX but their trying to find a home elsewhere.
Vrwriter:       Bye.
OnlineHost:     Vrwriter has left the room.
Zanda:  Bye, VRW.
MKUSIC: Bye and thanks so much Vrwriter!
Mary A1977:     yes it was cancelled, check the boards, bye
OnlineHost:     Mary A1977 has left the room.
Noesis: idiots
Noesis: fox that is
MKUSIC: Agreed
Zanda:  MK em me about the mailing list.
Zanda:  Indeed, FOX.
MKUSIC: Ok, Zanda will do.
OnlineHost:     Noesis has left the room.
Zanda:  This was fun.
Shelly47:       Next week, everyone. Bye.
MKUSIC: Yes thanks for coming
Zanda:  It's great to get a chance to talk to the people with the show.
Zanda:  Bye, Shelly.
Shelly47:       Bye! c'mon people, leave
Shelly47:       ;)
JnAnthony:      So long.
OnlineHost:     JnAnthony has left the room.
MKUSIC: I'm staying for the end of the log!  Everyone selse can go!!! 
Shelly47:       Bye!
MKUSIC: Bye Shelly
Zanda:  I hold the door for you 2.

* Virtual Storm arranged this week's VR.5 discussion on America Online
  with Vrwriter.
  18 June 1995
  Provided by Lisa Cunningham 

MargyMP                : HI!
K Vogele                 : hello?
MargyMP                : hello too
MKUSIC                  : Hello everyone!
MargyMP                : is michele coming?
MKUSIC                  : She said yes
K Vogele                 : hi!!!  I'm so excited, I remembered!
MargyMP                : great, HI!
K Vogele                 : Some guy Chad Sal just asked "didn't they can
that show?"
MKUSIC                  : So am I - glad you got here
MKUSIC                  : We refuse to back down, tell him
K Vogele                 : I told him we're trying to save it and to come
join us if he liked
MKUSIC                  : So what shall we talk about???
K Vogele                 : OLIVER!
MKUSIC                  : Good.  Th ore the merrier
K Vogele                 : (of course...)
K Vogele                 : Hi VRwriter
Vrwriter                  : Hi, there, finally found you.
MKUSIC                  : Kat, you always want to talk about OLIVER
K Vogele                 : =)
Vrwriter                  : Me, too.
K Vogele                 : =))
MargyMP                : How is virtual storm coming?
MKUSIC                  : Ok OLIVER it is
K Vogele                 : I haven't joined yet -- is it different from the
MKUSIC                  : Virtual Storm is going great - getting press
K Vogele                 : SPEAKING of the maillist, whoo!  Way too much mail!
K Vogele                 : How can you guys keep up?
MKUSIC                  : Yes.  Send registration to David Shaler
K Vogele                 : OK...
MKUSIC                  : It isn't easy to keep up with - it kinda has to
be your life
K Vogele                 : So, VRwriter, what are you doing now ...
K Vogele                 : that the show is on "hiatus," I'll sayu
Vrwriter                  : Working on a script for Under Suspicion.
K Vogele                 : say
K Vogele                 : (hi zanda!)
MKUSIC                  : Vrwriter, we've been talking about parallel with
Vetigo and Alex
                                all week
K Vogele                 : hi michele!
Zanda                     : Hey, everyone!
Vrwriter                  : I noticed.
MKUSIC                  : Hi Michele
Shelly47                 : Thank goodness you guys are all here!!!
MargyMP                : :~)
MKUSIC                  : Oh so you are on the mailing list Vrwriter
K Vogele                 : hey, who'd be shallow enough to forget?
K Vogele                 : =)
Shelly47                 : Who was here first?
Vrwriter                  : The Vertigo connection was John Young's idea.
There are
                                Hitchcock things all over that
MKUSIC                  : I think ws - log is on
Vrwriter                  : script, some of which were mine, some were
John's, some just
K Vogele                 : mine too!
K Vogele                 : (log is on, I mean)
Shelly47                 : All right! I need to go pack--will be here next
week though!
MKUSIC                  : Were some of the parallels we've talked about
Vrwriter                  : Yes.  John was absolutely determined to make
this Oliver's
                                descent into a vertiginous
MKUSIC                  : Michele, you can't leavve!!!
Vrwriter                  : experience--loss of self, loss of identity,
loss of direction.
Shelly47                 : E-mail the log to me. (And try to keep chat down
to an hour! :)
K Vogele                 : !!! Pack for where?  (Ontario?)
Vrwriter                  : The business with Oliver in front of the poster
was all Anthony.
                                He choreographed that
Shelly47                 : No, I must leave..wish was Ontario..(sorry to
Vrwriter                  : whole stumble through the loft.
MKUSIC                  : Interesting.  What about the Its too late line?
Shelly47                 : will be gone 4 3 days--mailbox will overflow! :)
MKUSIC                  : The business in front of the poster was marvelous
Vrwriter                  : No, that was me, and it just happened.  Seemed
appropriate given
                                what had happened
Vrwriter                  : between them and the fact that he was a little
annoyed that
                                she'd been disappeared
Vrwriter                  : all that time without letting him know where
she was.  She was
                                supposed to be in love
K Vogele                 : Say, was it a writer's decision or a
hairdresser's decision to have
Vrwriter                  : with him, after all.
Shelly47                 : OK I love ya bye-bye!
K Vogele                 : change hairstyles so much?
K Vogele                 : bye Michele!
Vrwriter                  : Hang on, I'm on the phone with VR5Prod...
K Vogele                 : there was a lot of speculation about Alex's
changing hairstyles...
MKUSIC                  : So were we meant to see a certain bitterness or
just a sens of
                                defeat from OS there?
K Vogele                 : to what degree do you guys think what Syd said
about Alex
                                leaving him affected OS?
K Vogele                 : 'cause I don't think he ever would've been so
bitter had he still
                                thought HE lost HER
MKUSIC                  : Ok.  I have a theory that the assassins meant to
kill Syd not Alex
                                in the ep.  ANything to it?
Vrwriter                  : Okay, I'm back.  Gotta catch up..
K Vogele                 : is VR5Prod coming?
Vrwriter                  : Re: OS at the end.  Defeat, I think.  He's had
a helluva day,
MKUSIC                  : I'll say!!!!  No wonder his eyes were bloodshot!
K Vogele                 : =)
Vrwriter                  : No, VR5 Prod is off-line.  Computer glitch.
Zanda                     : They Renewed Sliders as a mid season
replacement. Heard
                                anything about VR5 yet?
Vrwriter                  : AS actually wanted OS to say the line about his
being pathetic.  I
                                thought he was more just
Vrwriter                  : beaten up by life.  I'd never call OS pathetic,
but Anthony was
                                adamant, so I gave it up :)
MKUSIC                  : The line in the train station, you mean?
Vrwriter                  : VR5Prod just told me syndication's still up in
the air.
K Vogele                 : yeah -- have the producers and writers kept in
touch with the
                                entire cast/crew?
Vrwriter                  : MKUSIC, yeah, that line at the end.  When he
says he understands
                                what she did.
K Vogele                 : are the actors still willing to work another
Zanda                     : VR5 had higher rating than Sliders accorrding
to FOX.
Vrwriter                  : I know Anthony is.  Not sure if JSY's been in
touch with the rest.
Vrwriter                  : Alex's hair.  You still interested?
K Vogele                 : YES!
MKUSIC                  : Of course!
Vrwriter                  : The crimping was a bit of a surprise to me and
John, but I think
                                it and the quick change
Zanda                     : Yes!
MKUSIC                  : Were there intentional parallels in hair and
costume for Alex/Syd
                                in Alex?
Vrwriter                  : back to regular hair fit in with her identity
as a chameleon.
Vrwriter                  : The parallels, you bet, were intentional.  Let
me think why :)
K Vogele                 : (and BTW, if anyone can email me instructions on
creating a
                                chignon, please do!)
MKUSIC                  : Gee, could it go back to OLIVER???
Vrwriter                  : Okay, this whole set of VR trips with Alex and
Syd were really the
                                reliving of the past
K Vogele                 : =)
Vrwriter                  : and not just getting to psychology.  The way I
figured it, the
                                defining moment in Alex's
Vrwriter                  : life was giving up Oliver, and now that she's
realized The
                                Committee's just been using her
Vrwriter                  : she keeps going back to that moment in her
mind, trying to
                                make sense of it all.  But
Vrwriter                  : since Dr. Bloom's messed with her mind in VR8,
nothing's quite
                                straight.  Don't we all
Vrwriter                  : wish we could relieve a bad decision :)
K Vogele                 : Was Alex implanted with Sam's personality before
the train
                                station, or only after?
MKUSIC                  : You bet!
Vrwriter                  : I figure it happened while she was their
keeper, so it had to be
MKUSIC                  : I thought it had to be before because of the
chameleon like
K Vogele                 : Sam, in Reunion, lists places she and Dr.B went
after E.Germany
                                -- one of them is one of the
Vrwriter                  : She was certainly predisposed to it.
K Vogele                 : Carolinas, amongst all the other exotic places
-- is this a clue
MKUSIC                  : So was she something of a multiple personality or
just good at
                                her job???
K Vogele                 : meant as foreshadowing for a later episode?
Vrwriter                  : I have no idea about the Carolinas.  I wasn't
in that meeting :)
K Vogele                 : =)
Vrwriter                  : The script started off with her being MPD
(multiple personality
                                disorder) and got a little
K Vogele                 : I thought the MPD was something she had before,
that got worse
                                after her VR
Vrwriter                  : complicated during the writing/rewriting
process.  I assumed she
                                had it before, and
Vrwriter                  : that it got worse in VR, like K says.
MKUSIC                  : Hey, are there notes on the rewrites - battered
old scripts just
                                lying around that you don't want?  ;
K Vogele                 : =)
Vrwriter                  : No, I pitched it all out, I think.  Don't want
the evidence lying
                                around, you know.
K Vogele                 : scripts that you don't want or wouldn't mind
K Vogele                 : How much do you know about the Committee?
MKUSIC                  : Oh!!!  That hurt!!!  Still possible to dig thru
the garbage??
Vrwriter                  : Me personally :)
K Vogele                 : Is that their real name, TC?  Are they another
organization?  Are
                                they seeking the grail?
Vrwriter                  : The truth is, all I have is a copy of my script
of Alex, which isn't
                                too awful much like the
Vrwriter                  : final product.  We did a lot of changing on the
set and in the
                                editing room.
Vrwriter                  : The grail idea came up very early on, before
any scripts were
                                written.  The Committee is
K Vogele                 : =)
Vrwriter                  : certainly patterned after the Grail seekers,
although they're a
                                little shadowier (is that a
Vrwriter                  : word?)
K Vogele                 : it'll pass...
MargyMP                : How much influence from British classics like
Avengers or
Vrwriter                  : As to who TC is, I think Oliver's explanation
in 5D is pretty close
                                to the truth, at least
Vrwriter                  : as far as he knows it, and we know it.
K Vogele                 : Is Abernathy leading the splinter faction of TC?
Vrwriter                  : A good bit of influence, I think, at least in
some of the episodes.
Zanda                     : TC = The Committee.
Vrwriter                  : Well, Abernathy's dead :) but it's obvious from
The Man Who
                                Looks Like Nixon that
K Vogele                 : !!  =)
Vrwriter                  : Abernathy certainly was the leader.  As to who
is on top now, I
                                don't know.
MKUSIC                  : Aha!  I knew it!
K Vogele                 : Anything you can tell us about Sam without
giving away next
MKUSIC                  : Probably Sam leading it now
Zanda                     : Did Syd's keeper have a name?
K Vogele                 : (Is she with TC?  Is she evil?  Is she Alex?)
Vrwriter                  : Aren't you the optimist, K?
K Vogele                 : =)
Vrwriter                  : Sam was conceived to be a good guy, and that's
all I'll say.  So
                                shoot me. :)
MargyMP                : Was Oliver always meant to be "good"?
Vrwriter                  : He was originally supposed to be ambiguous,
just like the rest of
                                TC.  But his role
MKUSIC                  : Sam is good?  I can't believe it.  Perhaps the
conception changed
                                in rewrite?
K Vogele                 : How many earlier episodes was Syd's Keeper in?
I know he was a
                                chauffeur in the pilot...
Vrwriter                  : changed as they kept working on the storylines.
Zanda                     : I prefer not knowing if Oliver is Good or bad.
Vrwriter                  : I think the Keeper was only in the pilot.
K Vogele                 : If Sam is good that must mean Dr. B is evil?
Vrwriter                  : Now, how do you make someone that good looking
a bad guy :))
K Vogele                 : Or maybe Mrs. B!  Yeah, that's it...
Vrwriter                  : The last we saw of Dr. B, he was looking a
little crazed and
                                lurking in the bushes, and
MKUSIC                  : I don't think so - Dr. B is messed up but evil?
MargyMP                : noooo
K Vogele                 : All right, VRw, how do you explain Tracy Needham
not being in
                                the Entertainment Weekly
Vrwriter                  : Sam said he "wasn't the same."  I don't think
the creators of the
                                show had thought through
K Vogele                 : cast pict...
K Vogele                 : ?
Vrwriter                  : ]what to do with Dr. B yet.
Zanda                     : Most guys that good looking are bad111 :)
Vrwriter                  : Tracy wasn't hired until way after the cast
photos were shot.
                                Simple truth.
MargyMP                : not!
Zanda                     : The 1 are suppose to be !
Vrwriter                  : Yeah, but not ASH.
K Vogele                 : Oh...  She's mentioned in the article as playing
the sister...
MKUSIC                  : I heard that McCallum made reference to Ep 14!
But then I
                                heard no ep for next season are written.
K Vogele                 : I was using that as evidence that she was either
A) evil, b) nuts,
                                or C) would die soon
MKUSIC                  : Vrwriter, can you clarify that?
Vrwriter                  : Photos, writing, all done at different times.
K Vogele                 : ahhh...
Vrwriter                  : I think David was just mistaken or misquoted.
Nothing's been
K Vogele                 : Ep 14?
K Vogele                 : !
MKUSIC                  : Thank you.
K Vogele                 : (Nothing's been written?  Talk to Donna about
her fanfic...)
K Vogele                 : BTW, if you lurk on the mailing list, did you
read that?
Vrwriter                  : Excuse me.  And how do I get hold of that, BTW?
I'm curious.
MKUSIC                  : Nothing "officiaL" has been written!
K Vogele                 : It was posted on the mailing list...  I don't
know her email address
                                -- Lisa?
MKUSIC                  : Donna Solomon?  She post a lot - should be easy
to find.  IAnd
                                Gan is archiving fanfic
K Vogele                 : Hi Epaff!
MKUSIC                  : in FAQ form I believe - separate from the regular
Vrwriter                  : So I should e-mail Jonathan Gan?
K Vogele                 : (Is J.Gan still with us?  Last message I read,
all the emails were
                                bouncing back...)
MKUSIC                  : or the VS Registration FAQ
MKUSIC                  : Yes, e-mail GJonathan.
Vrwriter                  : thanks
K Vogele                 : ah-ha...
MKUSIC                  : He was just away for the weekend K - he is back now
Vrwriter                  : Want some ASH info?
K Vogele                 : got it...
K Vogele                 : YES!!
Zanda                     : Yes!!!!
Epaff                       : Hi, KVogele! Just signed on last night, in
part for VR5 stuff.
                                Thanks MKUSIC for direction.
K Vogele                 : (for ASH info...)
MKUSIC                  : No problem!
Vrwriter                  : Over on the Internet, I noticed some
speculation about his eyes.
                                 Yes, they are hazel and
MKUSIC                  : Back to pictures....
Vrwriter                  : yes he has a brown fleck in his left eye.
Vrwriter                  : I also hear that there's a cast CD of the West
End production of
                                Rocky Horror that Anthony
Vrwriter                  : did in London.  You might contact anybody you
know in Britain
                                to see if it's available.
K Vogele                 : any comment on how OS's father gave his life for
MKUSIC                  : I want it!  Ooh, I feel a post to England coming
K Vogele                 : =)
Vrwriter                  : I don't know.  That's the kind of question, K,
that keeps me up
                                at night when I'm not
Epaff                       : Speaking of music, has anybody identified
Morgan's death
Vrwriter                  : working on something else :)
K Vogele                 : I NEED THE SOUNDTRACK?
K Vogele                 : I mean, !, not ?
K Vogele                 : =)
Vrwriter                  : Do you mean the funeral music or the music when
he was
                                stabbed at the end of Love and
K Vogele                 : Is that kind of stuff complimentary for writers,
Vrwriter                  : Death?
Epaff                       : The soundtrack is good, but Syndey's theme is
too short and
                                FM's stabbing isn't on it.
Vrwriter                  : That happened to be, yes.  All the staff got
John Frizzells CD,
                                which is now out in
Vrwriter                  : the stores, according to VR5Prod.
MargyMP                : How many writers worked on show?
MKUSIC                  : Got Cd and it is wonderful
Epaff                       : I bought the CD yesterday at Tower Records.
Vrwriter                  : Seven of us.
K Vogele                 : NEED CD!  (don't mind me while I gripe...)
K Vogele                 : 7!  Wow...did the plot stray far from where it
Vrwriter                  : I'll check out the stabbing music, see if I can
get a line on it.
K Vogele                 : some episodes, it seemed more like Syd was just
a VR detective
MKUSIC                  : You write Alex - did you write others?
Vrwriter                  : The nifty thing about being on a show from
start-up was that I
                                saw it evolve from the initia
Vrwriter                  : idea of Sydney in Cyberspace to the whole
Committee thing.
                                And as the producers
Vrwriter                  : learned stuff, they went back and added it to
eps already in the
                                can since we weren't on
Vrwriter                  : the air yet.  That was exciting.
Vrwriter                  : I only wrote Alex.  As a freelancer.
MKUSIC                  : About how much change occurred, do you know?
Vrwriter                  : In some eps, a good bit.  Some were assigned
before the idea to
                                kill Morgan came up,
Vrwriter                  : for instance, so a good bit of revision went
into both the scripts
                                and the shooting.
MargyMP                : The show evolved into a great romantic/mystery
more than
K Vogele                 : Any idea about when Dunc told Syd that he could
VR?  It's just
                                sort of mentioned in Reunion.
K Vogele                 : YES!!
Vrwriter                  : The pilot, of course, was really restructured
to add the family
Vrwriter                  : Margy, I'd say so.
K Vogele                 : (yes to the romantic/mystery idea..)
MKUSIC                  : I think it is because it had so many genres in it
that makes it so
Vrwriter                  : John and I in particular are mystery junkies,
and I think JSY's
                                influence really picked up
Vrwriter                  : once the show went into production.
Epaff                       : Thanks, Vrwriter. Were early episodes more
mainstream to draw
                                ordinary viewers?
Vrwriter                  : That's a tough question.  Shows just have a way
of evolving.
                                That weird creative process.
MKUSIC                  : Is there any word on video release dates?
Vrwriter                  : Not that I know of.
Vrwriter                  : Although the CD-ROM looks like it's going to
Epaff                       : KVogele, Would Syd remember Duncan's VR in
K Vogele                 : when will it be out in stores?
MKUSIC                  : Tell us!  When will it be out?
Vrwriter                  : No idea.  They're just getting started next
month, so it may be a
Zanda                     : How difficult was it to go back and revise a
show that had
                                already been done?
K Vogele                 : Epaff, I don't think she ever knew about it --
then it's just sort
                                of mentioned; that's why
K Vogele                 : it's so interesting
Vrwriter                  : Not too bad to revise, since we weren't on the
air the producers
                                had the time and luxury
Vrwriter                  : to do some reshoots and rewrites.  Expensive,
of course, but I
                                think it made things a lot
K Vogele                 : will the cd be rehashing this year's plot,
moving on to next year's
                                plot, or going in an ent
K Vogele                 : entirely different direction?
Vrwriter                  : more effective.  Just IMHO, of course.
MargyMP                :   VR5's  more  complex and literate  than x-files?
so would
                                appreal to older audience?
Zanda                     : Does that mean there were scenes left on the
cutting room floor?

Vrwriter                  : I don't know what the CD-ROM concept is, except
that it looks
                                like it may be a game.
K Vogele                 : how long ago was the show shot before it was aired?
MKUSIC                  : It seems to appeal to a younger audience, lots of
women and
Vrwriter                  : Zanda, some were left on the floor.  All shows
do that.  Some eps,
                                thankfully, were just
Vrwriter                  : short to begin with.
K Vogele                 : hi crowjob
Crowjob                  : hi
Vrwriter                  : We started filming in September, and didn't
premiere until
MKUSIC                  : LS said that A LOT was cut - that ep were
actually long.  How
                                much was cut?
Epaff                       : KVogele, you may be right. If I were he, I'd
have told her later,
Vrwriter                  : Most drama shows do a 7-8 day shoot, two weeks
or so in post,
                                and then on air.
K Vogele                 : wow.  was the cast/crew pleased with the amount of
                                press/publicity the show got?
Vrwriter                  : Most of what was cut was stuff that really
wasn't needed, scenes
                                that went on too long.
Zanda                     : If itdoes go to video has anybody thought about
re-editing and
                                adding some scenes that....
Zanda                     : were cut in some eps.?
MKUSIC                  : Thanks Vrwriter
Vrwriter                  : And then there were the things that simply were
changed to
                                conform to the new direction.
Vrwriter                  : Publicity--there was a boatload of it.  I think
they were all pretty
                                happy.  I wish ASH had
Vrwriter                  : been on the air sooner, though.  I think the
viewing would have
                                picked up once the
MKUSIC                  : Did some of the changes account for a certain
element of
                                ambiguity in plot lines?
Vrwriter                  : Committee stuff really kicked in.
K Vogele                 : definitely!
K Vogele                 : yea, ASH!
Vrwriter                  : The producers wanted to parcel out information
over time, so
                                the ambiguity was a
K Vogele                 : (and i never was a cheerleader...)
Vrwriter                  : necessary component of such a long story arc.
K Vogele                 : was Reunion a last-ditch attempt to inform their
fans before the
                                show was cancellled?
K Vogele                 : there's so much info in it!
MKUSIC                  : Does JSY have a full arc with conclusion worked
out ala Babylon
Vrwriter                  : Nothing's worked out, and it was mostly in
Thania's head
                                anyway--she created the show.
Epaff                       : Does anybody here mourn Morgan? I liked him.
Vrwriter                  : Reunion was set up to both inform and entice.
MKUSIC                  : I see.  Thanks
Zanda                     : I liked Morgan too.
K Vogele                 : I only saw one ep with Morgan in it...
Vrwriter                  : BTW, I don't think there was a person who
worked on the show
                                who didn't like ASH, he's
Vrwriter                  : one of the nicest men in this business.
K Vogele                 : Is there any truth to the theory that Morgan is
in a cryogenics
                                lab somewhere?
Epaff                       : His death was a great sit-up-and-take-notice
MKUSIC                  : Why does Syd seem to do an about facr on Morgan,
bothered by
                                him and then so distraught at his death?
Vrwriter                  : Well, that's what was in 5D, right--the
cryogenics lab.
Zanda                     : I was upset at first when he died, but ASH made
it easier to take
                                he was so good.
MKUSIC                  : Vrwriter, since we are on the subject(!) do you
know what ASH is
                                working on right now?
Vrwriter                  : No.  VR5Prod indicated that he has a part in
Congo, but I haven't
                                seen it yet, so I can
Vrwriter                  : verify that.  I know he was waiting on word
about VR5 so he
                                could accept a couple of other
K Vogele                 : CONGO?  With Tim Curry?  Two Dr. Frank'n'Furters
MKUSIC                  : OOOH and Bruce Campbell!! Tres Cool!
Vrwriter                  : offers he has on the table.  Don't know what
they are, though.
                                Oh. He's doing a play in
Vrwriter                  : Scandinavia somewhere this fall.
Epaff                       : True about ASH being good, but Syd was
learning to rely on (if
                                not trust) Morgan.
K Vogele                 : Is ASH bilingual?
MKUSIC                  : Tim Currysin it too!  Oh god, this is great!!!
Vrwriter                  : I think that's why she was so upset when he
died--her first link
                                to understanding herself
Zanda                     : Ok, I'm leaving when's the next showing of
Congo.....have to find
                                the paper :)
Vrwriter                  : and her abilities.
Epaff                       : Play in Scandivania? Chess 2?
MKUSIC                  : What play???
Vrwriter                  : I don't know.  I got that information second
hand, I'll try to
                                follow up.
Crowjob                  : ...but what about Duncan?
K Vogele                 : (and flocks of VR5 fly to Scandivania to catch a
glimpse of
MKUSIC                  : Did Syd view Morgan as a mentor or protectrdo you
Vrwriter                  : A little of both.  And her first tentative
friend since Duncan.
K Vogele                 : any thought on who raised Syd?
Zanda                     : I'm calling the airlines right now.
Scandivinia, huh :)
Crowjob                  : Who raised Duncan?
Vrwriter                  : The writers talked about who raised Syd, but
there was never a
                                real decision, I don't think.
Vrwriter                  : Didn't Duncan raise himself :)
Epaff                       : Sorry for the typo. I'm an editor, but I'm
Zanda                     : Yes, why was Duncan always w/ Syd & Sam.
Zanda                     : Where were his parents?
Vrwriter                  : Good question.
K Vogele                 : =)
MKUSIC                  : Doesn't Nora send him home in one flashback?  I
assumed he
                                just liked to hang with the Blooms
K Vogele                 : I assumed the same...
Zanda                     : Why did Dr. B experiment on him?
Vrwriter                  : He was very fond of Dr. B, he talked about him
a couple of times
                                on the roof with Syd.
Zanda                     : Yes, but couldn't that have been one of the
Doctored memories.
MKUSIC                  : I think Dr. B saw nothing wrong in what he did
with the children
                                - only realized later the danger invo
Crowjob                  : When did Duncan go home on a flashback?
MKUSIC                  : that's - involved
K Vogele                 : I've only seen a few eps, but could someone
explain Syd and
                                Dunc's living arrangement?
K Vogele                 : they were both there on the first ep, and Dunc
is on the roof a
                                lot -- then Syd moves, and
MKUSIC                  : I think they live in separate apartments - e
Zanda                     : Syd lives in the arpartment and Dunc lives on
the roof.
Vrwriter                  : Dunc lives on the roof, Syd lives in a loft,
they're platonic.
K Vogele                 : The roof?  LA weather, i forgot...
K Vogele                 : i knew they were platonic, though
Vrwriter                  : Could I throw a tidbit in here about Alex?
K Vogele                 : (couldn't have the whole Oliver/Syd thing
without it...)
Zanda                     : Sure :)
K Vogele                 : please do throw in a tidbit
MKUSIC                  : LA weather???? Like rain half the year lately and
as seen in the
                                show???  Poor Dunc!
Vrwriter                  : This is for the film-fanatics.  The shot in the
teaser after the
                                decoy is killed and the
Vrwriter                  : camera cranes up high overhead was mean to echo
a shot in
                                North by Northwest, another
Vrwriter                  : Hitchcock film, of course.  The shot in the UN
after the murder.
                                Just thought you might
Vrwriter                  : be interested...
Zanda                     : Cool!
MKUSIC                  : That's great.  I hadn't noticed that!
Epaff                       : very cool. now i have to rent n by nw....
MKUSIC                  : Are there any other little insider things like
that you could tell
Vrwriter                  : About my ep?
K Vogele                 : yes!
MKUSIC                  : Yes, of course!  ;  )
Zanda                     : WHEN it comes back, maybe you guys can do a
"Trouble With
                                Harry" type of episode.
K Vogele                 : Sorcery1 should be coming, BTW
K Vogele                 : hi!
Vrwriter                  : The ep started off as a John le Carre novel
(the mention of
                                lamplighter, wetwork, etc.) and
Epaff                       : hello!
K Vogele                 : what's "Trouble with Harry"...this sounds like
something I should
Sorcery1                 : thanks for the help KVogele...finally figured
out i had to add chat
                                to VR5 :)
Vrwriter                  : quickly took on the visuals of Hitchcock.  JSY
rented NbNW and
                                Vertigo for everybody to
Zanda                     : Another Hitchcock film.
Vrwriter                  : watch.
MargyMP                : This show had a lot of Hitchcock like pacing--very
stylish and
                                intricate...and tense...
K Vogele                 : Ahhh...
MKUSIC                  : Who is the le Carre fan?
Vrwriter                  : JSY directed it, and he was an inspiration to
watch set shots.
Vrwriter                  : Both JSY and I are leCarre fans.
K Vogele                 : I've seen NbNW so many times... I love Cary
Grant...now I think
                                I'll rent it again
Epaff                       : "Trouble w/Harry" is a great *funny*
HItchcock film.  With John
MKUSIC                  : Why an inspiration - fast or very creative?
Vrwriter                  : Creative.  You don't do some of those shots fast.
K Vogele                 : VRwriter, if you had your choice, would you have
picked Markie
                                Post to play Alex?
MKUSIC                  : I'll bet!  I've been on a few sets - tedious stuff!
Vrwriter                  : Don't do that to me, K.  I thought Markie was
K Vogele                 : =)
Zanda                     : FOX is still using VR5 footage in it's
advertisement to buyers.
K Vogele                 : Sorry...
MKUSIC                  : Moving right along......; )
Vrwriter                  : We also had a director of photography who was a
marvel at
                                setting lighting.
K Vogele                 : Is it?  FOX is such a...
MKUSIC                  : Were stunt doubles ever used for the actors?
Vrwriter                  : Markie's also a terrifically nice person, and
when JSY floated her
                                name, I was delighted.
Vrwriter                  : Lori always had a stunt double.
MKUSIC                  : Thought so!
MargyMP                : Lecarre is very cynical....Tinker, Tailor etc. was
VR5 to remain
                                very cynical? in tone?
MKUSIC                  : B the actors, no?
K Vogele                 : any word on what LS is doing now?
Vrwriter                  : I don't know about the tone, but it seemed to
be going that way,
                                and how can you have
Zanda                     : What ep. were they shooting when ET visited the
Vrwriter                  : conspiracy and The Committee without a lot of
                                especially after the business
MKUSIC                  : I mean, of course, the male actors!  Have to be
Vrwriter                  : with Abernathy leaving OS out in the cold.
MargyMP                : Right!
K Vogele                 : why, when Abernathy dies, does he leave Syd's
Keeper's picture
                                on his computer?
MKUSIC                  : The faked death you mean?
Epaff                       : Vrwriter, are you a Prisoner fan?
Vrwriter                  : Ah, another good question.  To throw suspicion
on him, I think.
Vrwriter                  : I love The Prisoner.
K Vogele                 : hi jc!
MKUSIC                  : Which seems to work given Oliver's reaction
Vrwriter                  : Stunt doubles--a good story about David
McCallum.  He played
                                the decoy in the train
JC648                     : hi all!
Vrwriter                  : station, of course.  And he went down on his
knees a dozen times
                                without knee pads
Zanda                     : Hey, JC!!!
Vrwriter                  : until the stunt people talked him into it.
K Vogele                 : ow...
Epaff                       : I can imagine (long from now) a "Fall Out"
for Sydney.
Vrwriter                  : He also told the props guy (who did the
shooting) to go ahead
                                and point the gun at him,
Sorcery1                 : brave of him!
Vrwriter                  : he's an expert on small arms (David is), but
the prop guy
                                refused.  I figured it was because
Vrwriter                  : he didn't want to be the one to kill Illya
Kuryakin. :)
MargyMP                : :)
K Vogele                 :  :)
Sorcery1                 : LOL
Epaff                       : :)
Zanda                     : Was there any plans to use Man from Uncle
reference in the
Zanda                     : LOL
Vrwriter                  : Not to my knowledge.  Just having him there was
plenty :)
K Vogele                 : Say, Vrwriter, when you wrote Alex, did you
actually intend
                                Oliver to leave Syd at the
Vrwriter                  : BTW, he's also a nice man, very professional,
very witty.
Epaff                       : Robert Vaughan would be a great committee
K Vogele                 : safehouse?  Or just drive around and have her
THINK he left her?
MKUSIC                  : I'd losee his role enlare WHEN the show comes back
Vrwriter                  : Oliver was originally supposed to go to the
other house, find
                                nothing, and go back for Syd,
Vrwriter                  : but we ran long, so we didn't shoot it.
MKUSIC                  : I thought Oliver was going to check out the oh
address when he
                                left Syd
Zanda                     : RV would be a perfect TC member.
MargyMP                : Dianna Rigg too -committee
Vrwriter                  : Oooh, Zanda,  good idea.
MKUSIC                  : Dame Rigg may be too busy though!!!
Epaff                       : Maybe Sigourney Weaver & Linda Hamilton--my
favorites, after
K Vogele                 : :)
Zanda                     : RV & PMG are on Kung Fu now.
K Vogele                 : We could have Tim Curry on for an episode or
two, too!
K Vogele                 : (He and ASH could be old spy friends...)
K Vogele                 : Think of it!
Vrwriter                  : And have a Frankenfurter-fest!
K Vogele                 : :)
Epaff                       : And Little Nell?
MKUSIC                  : Well, let's just cast the whole next season while
we're at it!!!
Zanda                     : RV could be incharge of the faction TC.
Vrwriter                  : It's actually Patrick McNee on Kung Fu.
Zanda                     : Pit him and Dr.B against each other.
K Vogele                 : See, who was worried about VR5 coming back for
                                season?  What with half the
Zanda                     : Sorry.
K Vogele                 : guest-stars already cast?
MargyMP                : !!!!
Epaff                       : Excellent. RV and PMcN are both on Kung Fu.
Sorcery1                 : :)
MargyMP                : they would jump in a flash...
MKUSIC                  : Vrwriter, since you wrote it, do you know under
                          what circumstances OS was shot before?
Zanda                     : RV against DMcC.
Vrwriter                  : Does anybody have anything else to ask me?  I'm
going to
                                dinner with friends so...
K Vogele                 : Vrwriter, did the writers get any of the props
when the set was
                                split up?
Vrwriter                  : Shot, no, I just thought it was logical for
somebody in OS's line
                                of work.  Besides, it
K Vogele                 : (last question by me, I promise:  If so, what
did you get, what
                                did others get, etc.)
Vrwriter                  : gave me a joke.
Vrwriter                  : K, some of them did.
Epaff                       : Who got the jawbone?
Vrwriter                  : Pieces of the neon sign on Duncan's roof, the
Vertigo poster (not
                                me, though, drat!)
MKUSIC                  : And the joke was delivereed very well!!
Vrwriter                  : I don't know who got the jawbone.
K Vogele                 : the computers?
Vrwriter                  : Actually, ASH changed my line, but it was still
a joke, and better,
                                I might add :)
K Vogele                 : the colored crystal baubles Syd has everywhere?
K Vogele                 : what was the original joke?
MKUSIC                  : What was your line originally???
Vrwriter                  : The computers were rented, they went back to
the company.
Epaff                       : The tank tops?
K Vogele                 : :)
Sorcery1                 : :)
Zanda                     : What about the soldering iron
JC648                     : The baseball bat?
Sorcery1                 : that bed ASH fell on! :)
Vrwriter                  : The original joke: I've been shot before, you
know.  And it was
                                considerably more painful.
K Vogele                 : :)
JC648                     : :)
MKUSIC                  : Thansk Vrwriter
Vrwriter                  : Argh!  I don't know who got it all.  I wasn't
K Vogele                 : Yes! Thank you for coming!
Epaff                       : Thanks indeed!
MKUSIC                  : And a very good line either way!!!
MargyMP                : Thank you for coming! again..very kind..
Sorcery1                 : Thank you!
K Vogele                 : Come again next week?
JC648                     : Thank you very much!!
Vrwriter                  : You're welcome.  This has been most enjoyable.
Good luck to
                                you with Virtual Storm.
Vrwriter                  : Do you want me back?
MKUSIC                  : Vrwriter, can o be here next week?
Sorcery1                 : Of course
Zanda                     : Hope to see you soon, if not here then back on
TV with VR5
                                where you belong.
JC648                     : Yes!!
K Vogele                 : YES!!
Epaff                       : Please!
MargyMP                : YES please
Vrwriter                  : I guess that answers that.  Okay.  Chat with
you then.  'Bye.
K Vogele                 : =)
K Vogele                 : Bye...
Epaff                       : Bye!
Sorcery1                 : bye
JC648                     : bye
MargyMP                : bye all!
K Vogele                 : WOW!
MKUSIC                  : Bye Vrwriter - please see if Vr5Prod can come
next weeek!
Sorcery1                 : did anyone log this?
JC648                     : hey I came in late, did vrwriter say anything
else interesting?
MKUSIC                  :  I did!!
K Vogele                 : I"m excited, this is my first VR5 chat and it
went so well?
K Vogele                 : i logged it!
K Vogele                 : i mean, ! not ?
Epaff                       : I tried. Maybe it worked!
K Vogele                 : (yea, I should say, I tried...)
Sorcery1                 : oh boy!  Are you going to post it to the
Epaff                       : My first chat too.
K Vogele                 : there's a newsletter?
Zanda                     : Did everybody  hear about  Sliders?
JC648                     : will you post it? please
MKUSIC                  : Vrwriter said ot of interesting things - do you
need the log!?
K Vogele                 : does it go around in snail mail or just the
JC648                     : yes please MKUSIC
K Vogele                 : zanda: what about sliders?  that they were a
Sorcery1                 : this is my first chat, and yes, its by email
MKUSIC                  : It will be on the mailing list - probably later
tonight if I can do
K Vogele                 : or will be, i should say
Epaff                       : Is the newsletter in the SciFi area? If so, I
posted a note last
Zanda                     : They are going to be a mid season replacement
for fall '95.
MKUSIC                  : JC648 - e0-mail me and I'll post it back.
JC648                     : where can i find it?
K Vogele                 : I didn't like Sliders
K Vogele                 : I MISS VR.5!!!
JC648                     : neither did I K
Epaff                       : Why Sliders? We already have The Time Tunnel.
Zanda                     : VR5 got higher ratings.
MKUSIC                  : Don't we all!!!
K Vogele                 : Did it?  Where did you find that info?
JC648                     : i found it boring!
Zanda                     : I don't understand FOX logic.
K Vogele                 : (I thought the acting was hideous...)
Sorcery1                 : their ratings were rising steadily too
Sorcery1                 : VR5 that is
K Vogele                 : I heard that VR.5's ratings DROPPED significantly
K Vogele                 : but it's death to anything in that time slot
K Vogele                 : surprise, surprise
Zanda                     : I watched the affilliated feed seminare from FOX.
MKUSIC                  : After the first ep yes but then they began to climb
Sorcery1                 : i heard it had dropped but started to rise again
in the middle of
                                 the season
K Vogele                 : oh, all i heard was dropped
JC648                     : Me too
Sorcery1                 : it was pretty high at the finale
Zanda                     : They said VR started with a 19 share but
dropped to 10.
MKUSIC                  : The time slot is considered a traditional TV dead
K Vogele                 : OK, I'm going to make up a letter to mail to
press people about
                                VR.5...a bit of info:
K Vogele                 : someone on the maillist said something about 2.9
million fans in
                                14 different countries,
Zanda                     : However, Sliders started with a 17 and dropped to
Sorcery1                 : yeah but it was higher than party of five which
has been renewed
Epaff                       : It should have been on after x-files for the
lead-in effect.
K Vogele                 : or something to that effect -- where does that
info come from?
MKUSIC                  : Mention Virtual Storm and How to join, K!!!!!
JC648                     : I agree Epaff
K Vogele                 : What email address are we using?  I told them in
email how to
                                join the maillist
K Vogele                 : (thinking that even if we catch them off guard
and they join
                                then check their mail later,
K Vogele                 : they'll see how active we are
JC648                     : Oh well gotta go, Keep upt the fight to save vr5!!
K Vogele                 : and want to do an episode/article on it!)
K Vogele                 : bye jc
MKUSIC                  : Last check, was ill David Shaler's
Sorcery1                 : bye jc
Zanda                     : bye jc
K Vogele                 : i'll ask on the maillist
JC648                     : bye all
Epaff                       : bye jc
K Vogele                 : (after i finish reading all of today's messages...)
MKUSIC                  : If we are back up, K!
K Vogele                 : were we down?
Epaff                       : Is there a VR5 mailing list I can join?
MKUSIC                  : Yes!  Yesterday had lots of problems!!!
K Vogele                 : Yes ... I'd warn you about it, though...TONS of
Sorcery1                 : no kidding mkusic!
MKUSIC                  : Epaff, send to listserv@server.microserve.net
K Vogele                 : what sort of problems?
Sorcery1                 : but that's the fun part! all that mail about vr5
MKUSIC                  : then type in VR5 subscribe and your screen
Sorcery1                 : the server we were using shut us down  i think
K Vogele                 : berkeley?
Epaff                       : I only get bills through snaill mail. This
will be a pleasant change
K Vogele                 : is that pat guy back yet?
MKUSIC                  : K, the server apparently kept failing -
backlogged - we had to
K Vogele                 : the maillist is through email...
Sorcery1                 : nope, still on vacation last i heard
K Vogele                 : he's the only one who can help, right?
MKUSIC                  : Pat will be back soon!!!  We hope!!!
Sorcery1                 : i think so
Sorcery1                 : are we still going through dshaler?
K Vogele                 : BTW, my name is Kat/Katherine for those of you
who I don't
MKUSIC                  : We were up last I checked so it mayhave cleared.
K Vogele                 : What's everyone else's real first name?
Sorcery1                 : Eva
MKUSIC                  : No, I don't think you need to send to David anymore
Epaff                       : Mine's Eric.
MKUSIC                  : Lisa
MKUSIC                  : We should probably wrap up - bill is skyrocketing!!!
K Vogele                 : no joke...
K Vogele                 : next week, then?
K Vogele                 : (and every other minute on the maillist...!  =)
Sorcery1                 : wish i could, i have to work next week :(
MKUSIC                  : Absolutely!!   Look forward to it!
Epaff                       : Thanks loads, everybody. Now I see why I
joined AOL.
K Vogele                 : bye all
MKUSIC                  : We'll miss you Eva!
MKUSIC                  : Bye Kat
Sorcery1                 : bye everyone!
Epaff                       : Adios. May I come back?
MKUSIC                  : Love to have you again Epaff
Zanda                     : Yes, and Epaff check out our board here on AOL,
MKUSIC                  : Next week same time, ok?
Zanda                     : Under TV Gossip Boards.
Epaff                       : Thanks! See you next week! I'll try the board
tonight. Goodnight,
MKUSIC                  : See you next week XZanda?
Zanda                     : See ya then.
MKUSIC                  : Bye
Zanda                     : Bye.

* Lisa Cunningham arranged this entertaining and informative VR.5
  discussion on America Online with Vrwriter and Lndscapade, another
  member of the VR.5 production team, for Virtual Storm.
  25 June 1995
  Provided by Lisa Cunningham 

MKUSIC                : OK, up and running!
Sorcery1             : hi!
MKUSIC                : Hi all!
Frank64127         : HI
MKUSIC                : Waiting for others to show and two guests
Sorcery1             : ooh...guests...do you know who they are?
MKUSIC                : So what do you want to talk about?
MKUSIC                : Yes, but they are sort of anonymous, you know?
Sorcery1             : have you read terri ann's new theory on the mailing
MKUSIC                : No!!!!  Drat.  Didn't have time?  What did it say?
Sorcery1             : it was veeryy long...but very interesting!
MKUSIC                : I'll have to go thru it later and pick it to
Sorcery1             : something about evil sam being transferred into
Alex...evil sam
                              finding way back to good sam
Sorcery1             : subliminal messages to trap Syd in Vr7...etc. :)
MKUSIC                : Oooooh!  I like.  I always think Sam is evil.  Of
course, Oliver may be
                              evil too.....
MKUSIC                : Subliminal messages thru there trips in VR6?
Frank64127         : sorcery, can you send me a copy of that..?
SBarth1956         : hey all
MKUSIC                : Frank, are you knew to VR5 fandom?
Sorcery1             : the one where she hooks up to *find* the real memories
Frank64127         : no, just to here
MKUSIC                : Hi SBarth.  Welcome!
Sorcery1             : sure Frank
Sorcery1             : i'll try to send it after the chat
MKUSIC                : Well, Welcome to the game, Frank!
Frank64127         : thanks
Sorcery1             : where did sbarth go?
Vrwriter              : Hi.  How's everybody this afternoon?
Sorcery1             : hi, vrwriter!
MKUSIC                : Howdy Vrwriter!!
MKUSIC                : I have many questions I have been asked to ask.
Let me know when
                              you are ready!
Vrwriter              : Thanks for putting me in touch with J Gan.  I got
the fanfic and
                              enjoyed it.  Very creative.
Vrwriter              : I'm ready. Go 
MKUSIC                : The line I'll tell you but then Ill have to kill
sounds very familiar to a
                              lot of folks
MKUSIC                : Can you teus if there was an origianl that came
Vrwriter              : I have no earthly idea.  I was desperately trying
to rewrite that
                              scene and the line just
Vrwriter              : popped up.  If anybody else can figure out where I
got it, well, I'm
                              not sure I want to
MKUSIC                : LOL!!!!
Vrwriter              : know.  I think it was probably some spy movie, but
Epaff                    : How about "I'll tell you, but Ill have to kill
you *first*"?
Vrwriter              : Now, everytime I hear the line in my head, it's
Oliver saying it, so
                              I'll probably never fig
Vrwriter              : ure it out.
Vrwriter              : Same deal, Epaff.
MKUSIC                : Thanks.  Can you tell us a little about Alex's
Cinderella speech in VR?
Vrwriter              : Which speech?
MKUSIC                : The one in the 1st VR where she says Now this is
the one I don't
                              wnat you to emulate....
Zanda                   : The line has been used in a couple movies & TV
shows w/wording a
                              little different.
MKUSIC                : It is mixed Franch and English and layered
MKUSIC                : Zanda if you can get specifics, I'd love to know!
Vrwriter              : Oh, that one.  Here's an admission--I didn't write
it, didn't even
                              know it was in there unti
Vrwriter              : l I saw the final cut.  I think the post-production
people added it for
                              clarification, but I
Vrwriter              : didn't think it was necessary.  I thought Alex's
                              approach to her work was
Vrwriter              : pretty obvious by all the costumes she was putting
on in VR--very
                              subconscious on her
Zanda                   : I know one of the eps of Scarecrow & Mrs. King
Lee said something
                              like it to Amanda.
Vrwriter              : part, I know, but that's what VR was supposed to be
all about in
                              Sydney's hands.
Sorcery1             : Sneakers had it
Vrwriter              : Zanda, I think the attitude, if not the words, are
pretty common in
                              the battling male-female
Vrwriter              : spy stories.  I also remember Lee saying lots of
that stuff to Amanda
                              on Scarecrow  (loved
Vrwriter              : that show.
MKUSIC                : So who wrote it if you don't mind my asking?
Zanda                   : So, did I.
Vrwriter              : I don't know.  John didn't, so it could have been
one of the
                              post-production people who
Vrwriter              : do what we call looping--added in lines that didn't
come through very
                              well during the
Vrwriter              : shooting.  It's a real art-form.
MKUSIC                : Wow, I am surprised!  I didn't know they did that
sort of thing in post
Vrwriter              : The truth about production is it's not the neat
art-form we'd like it
                              to be, particularly
Zanda                   : Yeah, they do that on a lot of shows.
Vrwriter              : in television.  All  kinds of people have things to
add, and the exec
                              prods are supposed
Vrwriter              : to monitor it all, but things happen that just seem
to happen. 
Epaff                    : What degree of control does a writer have? Or is
that contractually
Zanda                   : Sometimes you can even tell when somethings been
Vrwriter              : Zanda, I love trying to spot looped lines--those
fractions of seconds
                              where something
Vrwriter              : doesn't quite match.
MKUSIC                : On a similar note, someone asked me to what
degreees indicate
                              emotioal reactions for the actors?
Vrwriter              : Television's a really collaborative medium, and as
a writer, unless
                              we're on the set during
MKUSIC                : That was writers if myy keyboard liked me!!!
Vrwriter              : the shooting, we don't have a whole lot.  What we
try to do is
                              provide the producers
Zanda                   : I know, so do I. It's easy, especially when they
leave out some
                              background sounds.
Vrwriter              : and the director with something to start with.
Some of my favorite
                              moments in Alex
Vrwriter              : were frankly collaborative-me, John, and usually
Vrwriter              : Emotional reactions.  We try to indicate a general
area, but mostly
                              hope the words
MKUSIC                : How much were the actors allowed to ad-lib?
Vrwriter              : themselves give them enough of a hint as to where
we want them to
                              go.  A good actor
Vrwriter              : will sometimes add a nuance to a line or a scene
that we, as writers,
                              didn't expect, an
Vrwriter              : and (I mean) make it better.  I had the luxury of
working with John
                              Young who asked me
Vrwriter              : to stay on the set with him, so I got to be
involved in figuring out
                              where the scenes were
Vrwriter              : supposed to go emotionally.
Zanda                   : Emotional reactions could cause IP probs did you
ever have any of
                              those in your writing?
Vrwriter              : Ad-libbing's a tough one.  As long as they stay
true to the facts and
                              emotions of the scene,
Vrwriter              : most directors will let their actors (or at least
the good ones) try
                              stuff, but not during
MKUSIC                : IP?
Plainolme4           : does anyone know if Fox is going to show the final
episode, since it
                              wasn't renewed for fall
Vrwriter              : the filming itself.  A lot of that is worked out
during rehearsal.  I did
                              a bit of yelling
Zanda                   : Intent-Perception problem.
Vrwriter              : on occasion  .
MKUSIC                : Yelling?  You??
Zanda                   : What the writer intented and what the actor
percieved, two
                              different things.
MKUSIC                : How much reheaal time was given for each scene?
Vrwriter              : Zanda, we had a few of those, but they worked out
to everybody's
MKUSIC                : Got it Zanda!  Thanks - should have known that!
Vrwriter              : Rehearsal time:  Depends.  A couple of scenes took
a lot of
                              rehearsal, usually because
Vrwriter              : of physical business or the way it was going to be
shot.  Usually the
                              actors and John
Vrwriter              : went through the scenes a couple of times to get
set.  Remember,
                              too, we don't shoot
Vrwriter              : in sequence, so we all have to get back on the same
page as to where
                              the characters
Vrwriter              : are at that moment in the script.
MKUSIC                : Which scenes took more time, do you remember?
Vrwriter              : The basement room took a long time.  Let me think...
Zanda                   : A lot of shows have continuity probs, do you
remeber any of those in
                              VR5, concidering the...
Vrwriter              : Mostly, a long time is relative.  We shot the
reunion scene between
                              Oliver and Alex about
MKUSIC                : Why did the basement take a long time.  Favorite
scene for me, BTW!
Zanda                   : way you have to shot scenes.
Vrwriter              : six times from each direction, so that took a bit
of doing.  And the
                              opening scene in the
Vrwriter              : train car took a while.
Vrwriter              : Continuity's always a bear, especially on a show
like ours when we
                              were trying new
MKUSIC                : Difficult to shoot?  Camera angles and such?
Vrwriter              : things all the time.  They're fun to pick out.
MKUSIC                : What continuity errors have you noticed if any in VR5?
Vrwriter              : MKUSIC, yeah.  The set-ups can get pretty tedious,
especially if
                              you're trying to do a\
Vrwriter              : scene in a single shot, like the walk down the
hallway Oliver and
                              Sydney do in the first
Zanda                   : I'm always so invovled in watching the story
everytime I haven't
                              noticed any yet.
Vrwriter              : act of Alex where she's explaining what happened
the first time in
                              VR.  That took a while.
Vrwriter              : I don't remember any specific continuity errors in
the show, but I
                              know the whole 19990
MKUSIC                : I'm blanking.  Hallway?
Vrwriter              : that's 1990  for Oliver came as a bit of a
MKUSIC                : Yeah, 1990 seems to have been a rough year for Oliver!
Vrwriter              : MKUSIC, when Syd explains about the woman turning
into a hooker,
                              and then into the
Vrwriter              : woman in the train station, and he begins to
realize it might be Alex.
                               They start on the
Vrwriter              : roof, walk down the hallway, and end up in the loft
by the stairs.
                              Great shot.
MKUSIC                : Sorry for being thick - got it!  Love that sequence
- very well shot!
Vrwriter              : Poor old Oliver, things got pretty tough for him by
the end, huh?
                              Nobody left to trust...
Zanda                   : The hallway wasn't carpetted was it, I bet the
sound guys loved it.
Zanda                   : Except Syd.
MKUSIC                : On a totally unrelated note (!), does ASH smoke,
Zanda                   : Then he lost her.
Vrwriter              : Sound.  They were body miked, and the camera cart
had rubber
                              wheels, but whew, it
Vrwriter              : was close 
Vrwriter              : Yes, Anthony smokes.  But not on the set, and I
didn't even know it
                              until we were
Vrwriter              : four days into Alex--very observant of me, huh?
MKUSIC                : Thank You!!!!  I knew it!!!
Sorcery1             : drat!  a smoker! :)
Epaff                    : More like well-mannered of him.
MKUSIC                : He just looked like a smoker in the train scene!
Zanda                   : He's from England, doesn't everybody smoke there. :)
Vrwriter              : That smoking thing in the train was Anthony's
idea--said it was very
                              Hitchcokian, and
Vrwriter              : John agreed.  I loved it.
MKUSIC                : Yes, I think so!  At least when I lived there
everybiody did!
Vrwriter              : And he smokes awful English cigarettes, to boot.
Yeuck!  Just not
                              very often.
MKUSIC                : Awful English cigs?  Dunhills did you notice?
Epaff                    : The smoke is very atmosphereic for VR noir.
Vrwriter              : Noir was exactly what Anthony had in mind.  That
and the cigarette
                              lighter made for
Vrwriter              : a nice visual recall later in the bar scene.
Zanda                   : Egads, English cigs <><>. Somebody
buy him some
                              American cigs.
MKUSIC                : They are not the same!  I bet he'd hate them!
Epaff                    : They're better than Mexican...
Vrwriter              : Somebody asked earlier about the last episode.
Reunion was, in
                              fact,the last
MKUSIC                : The bar scene Vrwriter - we see Alex hang up the
pay phone but it is
                              off the hook when Oliver arrives.
Vrwriter              : episode, and was planned to be that way.
MKUSIC                : Why?
Vrwriter              : The phone.  I figured that she was freaked by being
pulled into VR5
                              again -- remember,
Vrwriter              : she told Syd she knew what it was back at the safe
house.  And she
                              just took off
Vrwriter              : running, Duncan hot on her heels.  And hang up
versus hanging off the
                              hook--okay, a
Vrwriter              : real continuity glitch.  Okay?  Caught us 
Epaff                    : We could, then, see VR5 as an open-ended
miniseries, like The
MKUSIC                : Sorry!!!!  I just love catching continuity errors!

Zanda                   : Who would run from Dunc, if he was chasing me I
would stop & wait
                              to be caught.
Vrwriter              : Epaff, yeah.  I think there's a lot of potential
for places to go.
Vrwriter              : Zanda, :)
Vrwriter              : We had a few women around the show who felt the
same way about
MKUSIC                : Yeah, my sister too!
Epaff                    : Reaching here: the whole series could be a
self-conatined allegory.
Vrwriter              : About...?
Zanda                   : Hey the same goes for ASH too!!!!!!! 
MKUSIC                : Do you think that Duncan was de-emphasized in favor
of Oliver?
Epaff                    : Contained. (sorry)
Vrwriter              : I think once the decision was made to really push
the Committee
                              stuff, Oliver just
Vrwriter              : naturally came to the fore.  I know the writers and
producers all
                              loved Duncan and wanted
Vrwriter              : to do more with him.  It just sort of happened that
MKUSIC                : Duncan is a great character - much depth.
Zanda                   : I like the rivalary that was deveolping between
D & O.
Vrwriter              : Everybody agreed with both of you.  I wrote the
newsstand scene
                              specifically to see
MKUSIC                : Rivalry?  I thought they were sort of working as a
Vrwriter              : those two characters, and those two actors, interact.
Zanda                   : If more interesting was the entrance of Sam &
what D's feeling for
                              her would be.
Zanda                   : Rivalry over Syd.
MKUSIC                : Vrwriter did you see it as rivalry or teamwork?
MKUSIC                : But teamwork to protect Syd.
Vrwriter              : At first it was obviously a, if not rivalry, then
at least some
                              antipathy.  Dunc didn't want
Vrwriter              : Syd involved with the Committee at all, and Oliver
was drawing her
                              inexorably into it.  But
Vrwriter              : then, as Syd seemed really drawn to it, and to
solving the mystery
                              about the family, I
Vrwriter              : think the two guys started developing a grudging
kind of respect for
                              each other.  And I
Vrwriter              : think it would've continued.  At least, as long as
Sam didn't
                              developed any romantic
Vrwriter              : intereset in Oliver .
Vrwriter              : interest (fumble fingers...).
MKUSIC                : Ooooh!  Now that would be a plot twist!
Zanda                   : Leaving Dunc in the cold losing both of them. I'd
keep Dunc warm. :)
MKUSIC                : Particularly given her Alex connection!
Epaff                    : Isn't there *anybody*out there mooning over LS?
Vrwriter              : As a writer (and this is purely personal), I love
to see dislike
                              turning into other stuff--
Vrwriter              : sparks, y ou know.
MKUSIC                : The man I live with, Epaff!!!!  Sheesh!
Vrwriter              : Epaff, lots of people mooning over LS.  I assume
you saw the People
                              magazine with
Lordofhng             : Who here is into VR. Programming?
Vrwriter              : her as one of the 50 most beautiful people? She
films really, really
Epaff                    : I'm glad I'm not alone.
MKUSIC                : I'll tell him you said so!  
Epaff                    : :)
MKUSIC                : Vrwriter is that sort of transition in
relationships hard to write?
Lordofhng             : Does anyone here do VR programming?
Zanda                   : She looked better in VR5 than in Warlock.
Vrwriter              : You bet, that's what makes it so much fun.
Sorcery1             : she was in warlock??
MKUSIC                : Lordofhng, I don't know.  We are here aboutthe show
Epaff                    : Was Warlock any good?
Zanda                   : Yes, she had the lead female role.
Vrwriter              : MKUSIC, the trick to writing those kinds of
shifting relationships is
                              how to avoid the
MKUSIC                : Vrwriter, could you tell me how I could find out
when VR5 is showing
                              in England?
Zanda                   : The first one yes.
Vrwriter              : cliches.  And to keep the sparks flying.
MKUSIC                : v been toldtt the w of mouth in UK on VR5 is
Vrwriter              : VR5 is supposed to start in England in September.
That according to
Zanda                   : Anychance the BBC will pick it up.
MKUSIC                : Thanks - friends planning on taping the whole
show ;  )
Vrwriter              : ASH is very popular in England, so I imagine the
word of mouth is
                              pretty good.
MargyMP             : I thought the ASH and LS "chemistry "excellent...
Sorcery1             : Lisa, did you read Linda's fanfic, Shock therapy?
Talk about sparks
Vrwriter              : I don't know if it's the BEEB or ITV.
MKUSIC                : Oh.  Do you know else he haover there?
MKUSIC                : Not yet, Sorcery!  Swamped with letter stuff!
MKUSIC                : That was what else has he done over there?
Vrwriter              : Sorcery1, how often does the fanfic get put on the
net?  I'm enjoying
                              what I'm reading.
Vrwriter              : ASH has done some TV and lots of theatre, and the
                              commercials were wildly
Vrwriter              : popular.
MKUSIC                : Jonathan has put it all together in one location, I
Sorcery1             : well, Linda's fanfic was emailed to people who
requested, it was
                              sort of long
MKUSIC                : a, they were wildly popular here too!  
Vrwriter              : What's Linda's address, if you don't mind me
asking.  Or you can
                              e-mail me so I can
Vrwriter              : e-mail her.
Sorcery1             : her email address is LSWIllard@aol.com...and ask her
for Shock
Sorcery1             : a definite must read! :)
Vrwriter              : thanks.
MKUSIC                : GOt it faster than I could!
MKUSIC                : I was saving this for the other guest who isn't
on-line : ( DO you
                              know who we would talk to about
Sorcery1             : she came up with a very interesting way to get Syd
out of VR7
MKUSIC                : merchandising rights?  There are lots of requests
for t-shirts, aps,
                              rings, etc.
Vrwriter              : Merchandising is probably Rysher's province.  I'll
ask, but since
                              they're the production
Zanda                   : Yeah, marchandising, merchandising,
Vrwriter              : entity, I would assume the legal rights to the
thing belong with them.
                               So write them.
MKUSIC                : Thanks much.  Will do.
Epaff                    : How about a second CD, with MOrgan's death music?
Sorcery1             : I loved the CD!
Vrwriter              : I'm still trying to find out where Morgan's death
music came from,
                              just located the
MKUSIC                : Vrwriter Donna asked me who's idea the Taster 's
Choice in Alex
Vrwriter              : music coordinator, so I'll e-maili somebody with it
Zanda                   : Any idea haow many have been sold so far?
Epaff                    : Thanks!
Vrwriter              : The prop loonies had a jar of Taster's Choice on
the set, and Anthony
                              (or maybe Lori)
Vrwriter              : came up with the idea to use it in that scene.
Which prompted ASH to
                              add the line,
Vrwriter              : "Take mine black" before Oliver passes out.  Funny
                              wanted Lori to add all
Vrwriter              : the coffee into the cup, and Anthony nearly died
when Michael (as
                              Duncan) reacted
Vrwriter              : so negatively.  Wailed he was gonna get fired off
the commercials
Sorcery1             : LOL
MKUSIC                : That's great!  Thanks!  
Epaff                    : :)
Vrwriter              : I don't know what the sales on the CD are yet, it
just hit the stores.
MargyMP             : 
Zanda                   : LOL!!!
Epaff                    : Was it a reference to Dead Men Don't wear Plaid?
MKUSIC                : Donna also asked if you could talk about the change
in O & S
MKUSIC                : Was there anyg in the missing eps which showed more
on that?
Vrwriter              : Epaff, what reference?
MKUSIC                : From suspicious to flirting was how she phrased it.
Vrwriter              : O&S.  I think it had to do with a growing level of
comfort between
                              them, as he quit
Epaff                    : Pouring coffee into the percolator for ~ 5
minutes in the Steve
                              Martin movie.
Vrwriter              : baiting her (like he did in 5D with the friends
line), and started
                              slowly appreciating what
Vrwriter              : she could do, also her growing strength as a
person--from computer
                              geek to strong
Epaff                    : Does he later encourage her to bait him to try
to keep some
Vrwriter              : heroine.  And as for flirting, well, my goodness,
who wouldn't flirt
                              with him?  Trust brings
Vrwriter              : all kinds of new behaviors, and the whole thing
with Control Freak,
                              when she realized
Zanda                   : I think his jadedness (is that a word) was
attracted to her
Vrwriter              : that the Committee could kill him, too, and keep
secrets from him,
                              as well as the whole
Vrwriter              : experience with Alex, was probably a turning point
for her attitude
                              and his.
Vrwriter              : Epaff, I don't think the Steve Martin movie ever
came up.  It was
                              just serendipity.
MKUSIC                : The change seemed so sudden in Escape - from
threatening and
                              baiting as you say to very gentle.
Vrwriter              : Oliver's a real battered soul, and her genuineness
probably got to
                              him at a deeper level
Vrwriter              : than he was willing to admit.
MKUSIC                : That was why I asked about the missing eps
revealing something
Vrwriter              : And as for Escape, his last line wasn't so
"gentle", do you think?
                              Still a bit of menace.
MKUSIC                : THe line about searching together?
Vrwriter              : Missing eps.  The first one was before Oliver
arrived.  The second
                              had Oliver in it very
Epaff                    : OS's last line was much kinder than the similar
line earlier in her
                              Escape VR.
Vrwriter              : little, as I recall, but took a tiny step forward,
I think (this is all
                              pretty vague, I know
Vrwriter              : but heck, it might air, and I don't want to spoil
it).  The third was,
                              well, I don't want to
Vrwriter              : talk about that one at all--it was a real different
Vrwriter              : MKUSIC, yes, that line.
Vrwriter              : Epaff, true, but that wasn't really Oliver, if
that's that part you're
                              talking about--just
Vrwriter              : her projection of the Committee.
MKUSIC                : Oh I thought he delivered it very gently very
conspiratorially (?).
Epaff                    : Exactly my point. OS is nicer than his
Vrwriter              : Ah, the nuances a good actor can bring to a simple
line .
Vrwriter              : Epaff, you're absolutely right about that.
MKUSIC                : 
Epaff                    : Well done, ASH!
Zanda                   : How much do the actors know of our effort to
bring the show back?
MKUSIC                : Next question: in Reunion, are the other patients
in the hom supposed
                              to represent VR victims?
Vrwriter              : Not sure.  I know Lori was involved early on, but
she's been on
                              vacation, so I'm not
Vrwriter              : sure.  Anthony's pretty well apprised.  So is
David.  But the rest, I
                              don't know.
MKUSIC                : Where can people write fan mail to?
MKUSIC                : For the actors, that is?
Epaff                    : Let's send it all c/o FOX.
Vrwriter              : Fan mail: Send it to Rysher.  If that's not right,
I'll let you know.
                              Fox is also OK.
MKUSIC                : Particularly (this is NOT my question!) ASH?
Vrwriter              : Reunion, that's a really good question.  I sort of
doubt it, unless Dr.
                              Bloom was
Sorcery1             : drat!  have to go :(  see y'all later...hope you're
logging this Lisa, i
                              expect to see it on
Vrwriter              : experimenting on other than his family.  I just
figured it was a
                              Committee funny farm .
Sorcery1             : the mailing list! :)
Zanda                   : Have you told or any of them have read some of
the things said about
                              them here or  the net?
MKUSIC                : Yes, I am logging - be up later!
Vrwriter              : I know Anthony's aware of some of thise.  The
others have had their
                              fan mail forwarded
Vrwriter              : onto them, so they probably do.
MKUSIC                : Any chance of you ever posting to the list?  I was
asked to ask!
Vrwriter              : Posting what?  I hate to be dense, but I'm still
                              cyber-illiterate .
CleverPepr          : hi room
Epaff                    : Hi!
MKUSIC                : Anything - opinions, inside knowledge, just a hello?
CleverPepr          : great idea for a room
Zanda                   : Ok, I embarrassed now. I'm not saying anymore
about the sexy guys
                              on the show...
Vrwriter              : Oh, Zanda, don't stop 
MargyMP             : hi CP
MKUSIC                : Zanda, I'm sure the actors love it!!! 
Zanda                   : <<<<>>>>> at the thought of them
finding out.
Vrwriter              : About the list, sure, I guess.  Let me wander over
to the 'Net and see
                              what's what.  Is that
Epaff                    : LOL
Vrwriter              : how I'd do it?
CleverPepr          : so, write and tell them...might get the show on next
MKUSIC                : And, Zanda, there are some much wo than you!!! 
Vrwriter              : Zanda, actors are used to it.  Just don't get too
graphic.  Gush, but
                              don't...you know.
MKUSIC                : Yes, Vrwriter.
CleverPepr          : is there something about VR on the net?
MKUSIC                : Good advice, Vrwriter!!!
Vrwriter              : Thanks, Lisa, I'll give it a shot (and hope I don't
go to that great
                              bit-bucket in the sky).
Vrwriter              : Thanks, Lisa, I'll try it.  And hope I don't go to
that great bit-bucket
                              in the sky.
Zanda                   : alt.tv.vr5
Vrwriter              : Double post--shoot me.
MKUSIC                : It's ok!  I can't even type today!
Zanda                   : on the net. If you go through here you'll have to
Epaff                    : No shooting. We want more eps.
Vrwriter              : :)
MKUSIC                : Vrwriter, klast question.  Is there an update on
the status of VR5?
                              Have you heard anything?
Vrwriter              : All I've heard lately is that Rysher and other
folks are a little
                              flabbergasted at the
Vrwriter              : response the show is still getting.  But even if
they make the
                              decision to go forward with
Zanda                   : As the crowd quites down listening intently to
the answer.
Vrwriter              : more eps (and my personal opinion is they're
waiting for foreign
                              ratings), it would take a
Vrwriter              : year to get it back on its feet.  People have moved
on, gotten other
                              jobs, paying the
Vrwriter              : rent, etc.  But there's certainly still awareness
that people are
                              fighting for the show.  Fo
Vrwriter              : For whatever all that's worth.
Zanda                   : Any chance for some VR5 conventions, perhaps by
MKUSIC                : It is worth the wait!!!!
Vrwriter              : I've heard that there's VR5 stuff at some of the
scifi cons even as
                              we speak.
Epaff                    : DC is a great convention city.
MKUSIC                : And it is worht a great deal. Thank you for the i
Zanda                   : What about actors or writers doing them.
Vrwriter              : That I don't know.
MargyMP             : Vr5 excitement on a par with Trek excitement in
'1966- I remember
Epaff                    : Yes, thanks.:)
MKUSIC                : Other guest is on the way!
Zanda                   : Maybe we should set our sights on Creation as
well and get some
MKUSIC                : Vrwriter, have you ever attended conventions?
Epaff                    : Is Other Guest a Mystery Guest?
Zanda                   : At least some VR5 guest at some of their megashow.
MKUSIC                : Yes.
MKUSIC                : Margy, speak up - haven;t heard fromyou yet!
Zanda                   : That way we can get more support for VR5.
Epaff                    : I guess I can afford another $2.95. Just one
fewer pack of Dunhills.
MargyMP             : like to listen :)
MKUSIC                : Ok, be that way!  
MargyMP             : you're all so fascinating! - good conversation!
MKUSIC                : There are flyers and other stuff being done to get
the word out on
                              VR5 and Virtual Storm
Zanda                   : Creation does 2 or more conventions a weekend. If
we can get them
                              they can speard the word.
MKUSIC                : Vrwriter, still there?
Zanda                   : In the US and in Europe.
Vrwriter              : Yes, waiting patiently....
Vrwriter              : Is your other guest coming?
Epaff                    : Hello VR666!
Zanda                   : VR666, welcome.
MKUSIC                : Yes.  Having trouble getting in the room - I know
the feeling!
VR666                 : Hello Room
Vrwriter              : Me, too.
Zanda                   : *Welcome.*
Zanda                   : *Welcome*
MargyMP             : drafty tonight
Epaff                    : Was it something we didn't say?
MargyMP             : :)
Zanda                   : Waiting, ( twitling thumbs )
MKUSIC                : We lost someone - sorry giving directions!
Zanda                   : *Welcome*
MKUSIC                : Hi!!!!
Epaff                    : hello!
Lndscapade           : Finally found you all.  YIKES!  I'm so lame at this
Zanda                   : This is starting to feel like an old R & B Episode.
MKUSIC                : Gald to have you here!
Epaff                    : Welcome!
MargyMP             : room is  in  incognito...:)
Vrwriter              : Hi, Lndscapade.
MKUSIC                : Now that all are here - how can we get official
endorsement of
                              Virtual Storm?  There has been some
Epaff                    : Is incognito like VR 0.5?
Lndscapade           : Hi Vrwriter.  Glad you're here.  Feel right at home.
I have my
                              computer wiz brother sitting near by.
MKUSIC                : frustrationabout this.  I hope that is not an
uncomfortable question.
MKUSIC                : Ignore if it is.
Lndscapade           : An endorsement?  Explain.  Like, I think you are
doing an amazing
                              job.  SOmething like that?
MKUSIC                : Yes, something that says creators and production
people are behind
MKUSIC                : And can we say that on flyers, etc., do you know?
MKUSIC                : It would make the VS people feel better about our
chances of
                              success, I think.
Lndscapade           : Well, I think you're giving your\selves a short
shift if you think you
                              have more chace a success with
MKUSIC                : I hope I'm not being pushy here!  
Lndscapade           : our support.  As a motter of fact, you have way MORE
chance with
                              out us.   It's a grass roots thing.
Clarkus69            : hello
Zanda                   : *welcome*
Vrwriter              : I agree with Lndscapade.  Shows like this really
become property of
                              the fans.
MKUSIC                : Very interesting.  You think that *Beca * it is
grass roots
Epaff                    : Grass roots are important, but people notice the
MKUSIC                : That's because - I can't type!!! 
Clarkus69            : Sorry to interrupt, but what's the topic
Zanda                   : VR5 the series.
MKUSIC                : The television show VR5.
Clarkus69            : GREAT SHOW!!!
Clarkus69            : What's its status?
Zanda                   : Working on trying to get it brought back.
Lndscapade           : Of course oll us creative types are thrilled by the
response to the
                              show and the creation of STORMERS.
MKUSIC                : Thanks - we are working hard to bring it back!
Labor of love, I
Zanda                   : Perhaps silent support is better than no support.
MKUSIC                : And just knowing you all feel that way will help I
MKUSIC                : Lndscapade, could you tell us something about the
                              developments in the show?
Zanda                   : If the people in charge knew of any public
support from you at this
                              stage they might think..
MKUSIC                : Like how  the Committee conceived of by the
creative team?
Lndscapade           : If you need more vocal support on-line from us,
that's easy.  I don't
                              want to be silent, but it is
Zanda                   : all of it was your doing......understanding.
Lndscapade           : YOUR fight that will be successful.
Clarkus69            : sorry, I was dropped offline
Clarkus69            : I had asked what the status of the show was.
MKUSIC                : Lndscapade about being silent.  Have you ever
thought about posting
                              to the newsgroup?
Zanda                   : Clark have you seen the VR5 board here or on the
Clarkus69            : no. . .where
Lndscapade           : How do I post to the newsgroup?
Zanda                   : Under TV Gossip message boards Network Primetime
Dramas N-Z,
Lndscapade           : About the Committee, how were they concieved? Is tha
MKUSIC                : Keyword Newsgroups, then Expert add alt.tv.vr5.
You can hen read
                              and post to your hearts content.
Lndscapade           : question?
Zanda                   : And alt.tv.vr5 on the net.
MKUSIC                : Yes, that is the question!
Clarkus69            : thanks bunches Zan :)
Zanda                   : Lnd do you have version AOL 2.5?
Lndscapade           : First, I HAVE posted on the boards.  Second, as you
may have
                              noticed, there are a lot of creators of t
Zanda                   : Or AOL 2.0?
Lndscapade           : he show.  We called ourselves "The Committee."  Did
all our work by
                              committee.  We wished we'd thought
Lndscapade           : to put ourselves behind the window that's shattered
in 'Escape.'
MKUSIC                : 
Zanda                   : <>
Epaff                    : But then you would have been evil.:)
Vrwriter              : Always wondered if that was yall's dopplegangers .
Lndscapade           : And I have 2.5.1
MKUSIC                : Was the Committee based on an exiting body?  Or was
it totally
                              created from scratch?
MKUSIC                : That's existing!  Argh!
MKUSIC                : And I mean the one in the show, not you guy!  
Zanda                   : Then after you expert add alt.tv.vr5, you can
list it under read
                              offline file. And when you
Zanda                   : do flash sessions it will download all the
messages on the board.
Lndscapade           : Scratch.  But there are some frightening secret
organizations out
Vrwriter              : Very cool, Zan.  I didn't know that.
Zanda                   : But also set up your flash sessions to recieve them.
MKUSIC                : I agree.  The Committee always makes me think of
the Trilateral
                              Commission which is why I asked.
Vrwriter              : Thanks.
Lndscapade           : Michael Katleman is doing a Celbrity Chat on AOL
next Friday at
                              7:00 Pacific, FYI
MKUSIC                : How long ago the show originally conceived,
Lndscapade?  From
                              inception to production, I mean?
MKUSIC                : Everyone be at the Katleman chat, OK?  
Lndscapade           : Yikes! Two years, maybe.  Once we got a solid
outline together it
                              moved really fast.
Epaff                    : Definitely! Lndscapade, do you know if the
series as conceived had an
Zanda                   : I will. 
Lndscapade           : Like how we wanted the final episode to go?
MKUSIC                : Yes.
MKUSIC                : And was a full story arc worked out or just up to
Epaff                    : How the whole story was to proceed; or to put it
another way, when
                              would you know it's done?
Lndscapade           : No, of course not.  We wanted it to run for a
gazillion years.  But we
                              had lots more story planned.
Lndscapade           : Fun stuff.  We hoped it would never end, just
transform.  Like VR
Epaff                    : Good! There's too much great potential there to
plan to quit.
MKUSIC                : Oh, Lndscapade, you're teasing us!!!! 
MKUSIC                : OK, I'll be the goat here!  Like what did you have
planned????  Can
                              you tell us anything?
Lndscapade           : That was what excited us all about the show.  How we
would never
                              get board.  Always changing.  Right V
Lndscapade           : rwriter.
Vrwriter              : Absolutely.  I keep telling them we just evolved
like mad, but I'm not
                              sure they
Vrwriter              : believe me .
Lndscapade           : More of the sister.  The dynamic  between the VR
sisters.  Oliver
                              had lots more in store.
Zanda                   : What about Dunc?
Epaff                    : And Morgan?
MKUSIC                : Darn, I want this show back so much!!!!!!
Lndscapade           : He was an ever evolving charactor.  ANd Duncan would
have  had his
                              own VR episodes, which were so diff
Zanda                   : And Mom & Dad Bloom?
Sorcery1             : i'd settle for reruns right now...anything is better
than nothing :)
Zanda                   : And the list goes on and on and on.........
Epaff                    : Sorcery1, do you need the videotapes?
Lndscapade           : different than Syd's.  It was hard to get the
network to approve
                              Duncanesque VR because it was so out
Zanda                   : More of the Pizza shows..........<>>
Sorcery1             : yes!!!!  Have you got some?
Lndscapade           : there.
MKUSIC                : Really?  I loved the Dunc VR sequences.
MargyMP             : silly network
Zanda                   : Yes, I love DVR.
MKUSIC                : Thought they were very humorous and so in keeping
with his
Epaff                    : Sure. They're VHS, at EP speed, but watchable.
And complete,
                              except for FOX dropouts.
Lndscapade           : More Morgan stuff would have been great too, based
on his
MKUSIC                : One of the questions that comes u a lot is who
raised Syd?  Anyone
                              want to address that?
MKUSIC                : The acctor's availability?
Vrwriter              : I defer to Lnd on that one.
Lndscapade           : as he's a busy guy.
Sorcery1             : do you think i could get copies?  I've only got the
last two episodes :(
MKUSIC                : Not surprising.  Wonderful actor - fan even before
Lndscapade           : I HATE to answer that, in case we come back.  Should
Zanda                   : Yes, and what about Dunc.
MKUSIC                : Guys, I have the whole series on tape.  E-mail me!
Epaff                    : No problem. I just need an address to send them
to. E-mail me at
Lndscapade           : Duncan was raised by his own family.  NOthing
strange there,
                              although they were a quirky lot.
MKUSIC                : Yes, yes, please answer!
Zanda                   : Would we ever see why he spent so much time with
the Blooms & not
                              his own family.
Lndscapade           : Syd was raised by an Aunt.
Sorcery1             : aunt?  ooh...someone else to muddle things up!
MKUSIC                : An aunt we haven't met yet!!!!  Dad or mom
Lndscapade           : They were best friends.  DIdn't you ever have a
friend like that?
Lndscapade           : Mother's sister.
MargyMP             : this will get the list pounding out more fan fic*!
Zanda                   : I mean boys & girls don't usually hang out
together when ther young.
MKUSIC                : You know it!!!!
Zanda                   : Was the Aunt in the Committee too?
MKUSIC                : I always hung out with the guys - more fun than
paying with dolls!
MKUSIC                : That's playing!  
Lndscapade           : Who is and is not in the Committee is a complicated
section.  Like the
                              old onion anal
Lndscapade           : Many layers.
Zanda                   : Yeah but you didn't see to many boys hanging out
with a bunch of
MKUSIC                : OK, I have to ask because it's an  question for me.
Was it ever
                              decust how far back the
MKUSIC                : connectioetween the families Sampson and Bloom go?
Sorcery1             : and you never had the luck to grow up with one that
                              looked like Michael Easton :)
MKUSIC                : Decided that is.
Zanda                   : True.
Lndscapade           : The familys themselves had no connection. (Good
point Sorcery1!)
                              Because, and this is a big reveal..
Zanda                   : I like the second VR when she joined him in the
MKUSIC                : Didn't we all!!!!
Epaff                    : Me too, for analogous but different reasons.
Sorcery1             : I missed that part!  I was working and had my back
turned for a
Zanda                   : Lucky Lori.....
Lndscapade           : the Blooms were not orriginal Committee people.
MKUSIC                : Lori gets ALL the luck if you think about it where
this show is
Zanda                   : OHhhhhhhhhhh, the revelation...
MKUSIC                : So Dr. Bloom was the first drawn in?  Because of
his work?
Lndscapade           : I have trouble with the multiple conversations here.
Please forgive
                              me if I get lost.  The work was t
Zanda                   : However, I would have turned him into that
Baldwin brother. 
MKUSIC                : It *is* very confusing!
Zanda                   : That should br wouldn't have.
Lndscapade           : the reason for the Blooms being involved with the
Committee.  Which
                              is not the same as Dr. Bloom being
Sorcery1             : this is how bad I loved the show...what episodes I
caught before
                              Alex...I saw on a BLACK
Sorcery1             : AND WHITE T.V.
Lndscapade           : the first to be drawn in.
Zanda                   : The price of typing conversations in a chat room,
the cross
Epaff                    : My tapes are in color. Live it up!
MKUSIC                : OOOOH!  Please explain the distinction.
Lndscapade           : Oh no!B&W. all that hard work by the D.P. for naught.
Sorcery1             : :)
Epaff                    : :)
Sorcery1             : it was the only way I could watch VR.5...what can i
say?? :)
Lndscapade           : BOTH Blooms are brilliant, don't forget.
MKUSIC                : Wait a minute - I think I understand!
MargyMP             : the onion thing?
MKUSIC                : And Nora Bloom is a psychologist, correct?
Zanda                   : Ms. Bloom was a member first.
Vrwriter              : Sorry, I got kicked off line.
Zanda                   : *Welcome back VRW.*
MKUSIC                : Glad you're back Vrwriter!
MargyMP             : :)
Lndscapade           : I gotta go guys.  I'll check the boards.  Any last ?'s
Sorcery1             : that's aol for you!
Vrwriter              : I guess I did go to the great bit-bucket in the
sky, at least
Epaff                    : ditto, vrw.
MKUSIC                : Can you come back next week?????
Lndscapade           : I think I live in that bucket!
Vrwriter              : I need to leave, too.  Now that I'm back .
MKUSIC                : Both of you????
MargyMP             : come back soon! Lnd! please... and vrw too
MKUSIC                : All of you????
Vrwriter              : I'll be back if you want.
Lndscapade           : I'll try to be back.  This time's not great for my
social life.
Epaff                    : Yes!
Lndscapade           : But it was FUN!
MKUSIC                : W'd love to have you - you have such great stories
and insights!
MKUSIC                : Well, thanks for coming and try to make it when you
can!  We'll be
Lndscapade           : Do you say good-bye, or just split?
Sorcery1             : bye you two!
MKUSIC                : Say goodbye then split!
Vrwriter              : Goodbye.  See you next week, I hope.
MargyMP             : au revoir
MKUSIC                : Thanks to all for coming!  This will be on the list
Lndscapade           : BYEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Epaff                    : 'Bye! "It's best to be polite"--OS, Escape :)
MargyMP             : !!!!!!
MargyMP             : Epaff -great quote!
MKUSIC                : Ok, y'all - we should wrap up.  Sorry - we've been
here 2 hours -
                              can youbelieve it?
Epaff                    : Thanks! Now, about tapes: are yours at SP speed?
MargyMP             : bye all!
MKUSIC                : Me?
Zanda                   : Yes, time flies when we're here.
Epaff                    : Yes, MKUSIC.
Sorcery1             : i live in texas...which of you are closer?
Epaff                    : I'm in Virginia.
MKUSIC                : E-mail me and I'll send you all the info.  Most if
not all are SP.
Zanda                   : Ohio, here.
MKUSIC                : I'm in California.
Epaff                    : Thanks. I'll send the note tonight. If I can be
of use, I'll be glad to.
MKUSIC                : Great.  Thanks for coming all.
Zanda                   : Maybe Virtual Storm can put something together we
can send out to
MKUSIC                : e here next week, ok?
MKUSIC                : Zanda, contact me and we'll talk about it.
Zanda                   : to raise the awareness of the fight to save VR5.
Epaff                    : You're welcome. And thanks in return. You folks
are great fun.
Zanda                   : See ya'll next week.
MKUSIC                : Agreed about all of you!! 
Epaff                    : 'Bye.
Sorcery1             : bye everyone!
MKUSIC                : Bye!
Zanda                   : Bye!

* Michael Katleman, co-creator and supervising producer of VR.5, took
  part in an America Online discussion.  Here's the announcement, from
  Michele Santiago :
06/30  Michael Katleman Answers Your Questions in Celebrity Circle 10pm ET
Michael Katleman is the co-creator, supervising producer, as well as the
director of the pilot episode of "VR 5."  No stranger to science fiction and
dramatic television, Michael Katleman honed his science fiction skills
directing episodes of "Northern Exposure," "L.A. Law," and "I'll Fly Away" as
well as numerous other television movies, including "The Spider & The Fly"
and "A Fight For Jesse."
Katleman began his career in the entertainment field as a musician in Los
Angeles band "Sensible Shoes."  Looking to broaden his horizons, Katleman
took a job as a production assistant on "The Sun Also Rises" filming in
Europe.  Realizing that film encompassed some of the qualities he loved about
music, Katleman threw himself into this new arena.  He became an assistant
director, working on feature films such as "Predator" and "Commando."  During
his off time, Katleman took film, acting, and photography classes.  His
unconventional education included watching thousands of films, often three or
four a day.
In 1990 Katleman made his directing debut on "China Beach."  Convinced this
was the career for him, Katleman took a second mortgage on his home.  Eight
months later Katleman was working regularly as a television director.
In his spare time, Katleman studies Hapkido with Korean Grand Master Bong Soo
Han (stunt double in film "Billy Jack," action choreographer "Presidio").
Katleman also teaches at the Santa Monica Studio.  His students include many
industry professionals.
Date: June 30
Time: 10pm ET
(C) 1995 America Online, Inc.
Transmitted:  95-06-23 18:33:36 EDT

* Michael Katleman graciously thanked Virtual Stormers for their efforts as
  he discussed various subjects on America Online.
  30 June 1995
  Provided by Michele Santiago 

OnlineHost:  Copyright 1995 America Online, Inc.

OnlineHost:  The auditorium consists of two major areas:  The audience,
where you are right now, and the stage, where the speakers appear.  Text
which you type onscreen shows only to those in your row, prefaced by the
row number in parentheses, such as (2) if you are in row 2.  To interact
with the speaker, use the Interact icon on your screen.

OnlineHost.  To send your question to the speaker, click on the Interact
icon, then use the Ask a Question option.

OnlineHost:  Michael Katleman is the co-creator, supervising producer, as
well as the director of the pilot episode of "VR 5."  No stranger to
science fiction and dramatic television, Michael Katleman honed his
science fiction skills directing episodes of :northern Exposure," "L.A.
Law." and "I'll Fly Away" as well as numerous other television movies
including "The Spider & the Fly" and "A Fight For Jesse."

OnlineHost:  Katleman began his career in the entertainment field as a
musician in Los Angeles band "Sensible Shoes."  Looking to Broaden his
horizons, Katleman took a job as a production assistant on "The Sun Also
Rises" filming in Europe.  Realizing the film encompassed some of the
qualities he loved about music, Katleman threw himself into this new

OnlineHost:  He became an assistant director, working on feature films
such as "Predator" and "Commando."  During his off time, Katleman took
film, acting, and photography classes.  His unconventional education
included watching thousands of films, often three of four a day.

OnlineHost:  In 1990, Katleman made his directing debut on :China Beach." 
Convinced this was the career for him, Katleman took a second mortgage on
his home.  Eight months later Katleman was working regularly as a
television director.

OnlineHost:  In his spare time, Katleman studies Hapkido with Korean Grand
Master Bong Soo Han (stunt double in film "Billy Jack," action
choreographer "Presidio").  Katleman also teachers at the Santa Monica
Studio.  His students include many industry professionals.  Welcome to
Center Stage!

CelebCrcle:     Welcome, Mr. Katleman!  I understand it's your
birthday...hope you're having a happy one!

MKatleman:  Thank you very much!  I'm having a great birthday....couldn't
be better!  (As baby cries in the background)  Before we get started, I
just want to thank everyone involved in Virtual Storm...Their hard work is
making it a very good possibility that we will see VR5 somewhere,
someplace, somehow, in the future.

CelebCrcle:  The first question is from Lax2theMax.

Question:  Michael, are you working on any new projects?

MKatleman:  Yes I am.  I am working on two very specific projects.  One is
a Movie of the Week in development right now that I created with Jeanine
Renshaw, who is also the co-creator of VR5 and was one of the staff
writers.  Secondly, I have a book with two other partners, but the name of
DJ Caruso, who is John Badham's Executive Producer and also directed
episode 3D of VR5.  The other partner is Mark Bakshi.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from RAltman30.

Question:  Are you married?

MKatleman:  Yes.  Married with child.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from WeNewsIt.

Question:  I was really upset to hear that VR5 was canceled.  It seems
like the networks do not allow time for a show to build an audience before
they axe it.  For example, Cheers had little following at first then
became a hit.  Do you see this short sighted thinking continuing?

MKatleman:  Absolutely.  The unfortunate situation is that the people who
make the decisions are driven by financial decisions.  If they let every
show they liked keep going without an audience they wouldn't have their
jobs.  They're just doing their jobs.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from Cliffy 25.

Question:  Can you explain to me what Virtual Storm is, and what they've
been doing?

MKatleman:  Virtual Storm is a group of really, really good fans of VR5.
who, to be honest with you, probably know more about the show than we do! 
(LOL)  They're doing a heavy, heavy writing campaign to the Network and to
Rysher (most important).  Because of their hard work, the people with the
money are realizing that they shouldn't let this show get away.  If you go
into the VR Chat, which is under alphabetized network (network gossip) you
can get all the information you need (On Virtual Storm)

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from BIG MAN97.

Question:  How did you come up with the ideal of VR5?

MKatleman:  Well, I was sick of doing the episodic shows that I was doing,
and I wanted to produce and direct a show that I truly believed in.  So I
sat down with one of my partners, Adam Cherry, co-creator of VR5 and then
Jeanine Renshaw, co-creator of VR5, and we just started throwing different
ideas out.  We were very intrigues with virtual reality, and virtual
reality was one of the aspects that we came up with.  

MKatleman:  We then brought this to John Young whose ears perked up at the
thought of a VR show.  He game us massive amounts of notes, sent us away,
and then we started working with Geoff Hemwall, who is in charge of John
Young's development and we all started brainstorming.  So VR5 is a little
piece of all those people.  That's what makes it so special, is that every
one of those people is very, very talented.  Then, Thania St. John was
added to write the script, and she brought a whole bunch of other ideas to
the plate.  As each one of these people got added to the team, it just got
better and better.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from Xo 28 oX.

Question:  Hi, I am ARIKA and I have watched your show several times.  I
thought it more to be a mystery than a SCI-FI show, my question is why
involve SCI-FI?  Was it just to sell?  I understand VR-TROOPS sells on the
same string of words "VR" and is also done by Fox.

MKatleman:  We didn't intentionally add anything for any reason to sell
anything.  The show was created by people that believe in what they were
doing.  If it was SciFi, if it was a mystery, if it was drama, it was the
result of trying to create an interesting show.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from DWT.

Question:  How hard is it to break into directing in Hollywood now in
comparison to when you got your start?

MKatleman:  When I got my start it wasn't easy.  The only reason I got the
opportunity to direct was because of John Young giving me my chance.  I
hate to say it, but it was being at the right place at the right time. 
Now, TV is very hard to break into.  But because of all the new networks
being added, I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  My advice
would be to hold onto your dream and persevere.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from Can Kai.

Question:  Michael:  I don't know if you remember me, but I work on CYBORG
as key set PA.

MKatleman:  Sorry, I don't remember.

CelebCrcle:  The nest question is from GardenRid.

Question:  Where are you from originally?

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from Ivy161616.

Question:  I heard that there are three taped episodes of VR5 that haven't
been aired.  If this is true are there plans for airing them?

MKatleman:  yes, it's true, there are three episodes.  We are going to try
and air them if the show gets picked up for syndication.  They're
definitely going to air foreign, as are all the shows.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from Xo 28 oX.

Question:  Hi, I am ARiKA and I have watched VR5 several times.  I was
wondering if you read up on actual VR technology and if there was any
basis on actual technology or probable technology.  

MKatleman:  We did as much research as we could for the show, but there
comes a point where you have to jump off and build from that place.  We
had VR computer tech. advisors on the set.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from MKUSIK.

Question:  In the episode Reunion we saw VR7.  I though you were trying to
represent something primordial with what we saw.  Could you talk about

MKatleman:  We were trying to take VR7 so far in the future that Gold only
knows what we were creating.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from JimCarrut.

Question:  Is the star of VR5 related to the star of the Beastmaster

MKatleman:  Brother and sister.  Don't they look alike?

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from MCETTA.

Question:  Mike, how's Maddie Rose???

MKatleman:  Maddie Rose is the best!  Thanks for asking! We got her out of
jail three weeks ago.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from Mstarshp.

Question:  Why did VR5 become so demonic?

MKatleman:  Because all of our writers are completely sick and twisted, as
well as most of the people that worked on the show.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from ChipP1057:

Question:  What is his favorite show/series he's directed?

MKatleman:  VR5 would be my favorite.  But a show that I have not created,
I would have to say Northern Exposure.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from Xo 28 oX.

Question:  Hi, I and ARiKA and I have watched VR5 several times.  I was
wondering if you had read any of Gibson's work such as Neromancer or other
SF works which defined the current fictional understanding of what VR is.

MKatleman:  Yes, I read Neromancer, long, long ago when we first started
developing this.  Another thing that got us kind of excited when we
started this was Time magazine did a huge story on Cyberpunks.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from KMOSABE.

Question:  I too have created a series that begins airing in the fall...my
question is, since this is my very first show, is it wise/possible to get
an agent to represent me for further projects?

MKatleman:  Yes, highly advisable.  Unless you want to see what it's like
to be completely screwed in this business!

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from CallMeHope.

Question:  With all your other activities, do you manage to still keep up
with your music?

MKatleman:  I try.  I still play with a group called Spy Smasher who is
led by the guitarist of Sensible Shoes.  And incidentally, Spy Smasher did
some of the music for the last episode that we shot, which is called
Parallel Lives.  It features Tracy Needham.

CelebCrcle:  the next question is from Wallylarr.

Question:  Why did VR5 do so poorly in the rating given today's
proliferation of sci-fi programming and the excellent nature of the early
shows of VR5?

MKatleman:  I would say a big part of it is the time slot, because the
audience that watches our show, generally would go out on a Friday night. 
Secondly, I think if you missed an episode, you would be totally lost with
the family arc.  SO it was very hard to pick up more viewers as the show
went on.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from MKUSIC.

Question:  Mr. Katleman, have you actually tried virtual reality?

MKatleman:  Yes.  We tried everything available.  We went to Virtual
World, we went to Flight Simulator, and we went to a place called Eye
Works, which develops virtual reality games.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from BUZZERUX.

Question:  With those thousands of films you watched, you must have a
favorite.  What was it?

MKatleman:  Something Wild by Jonathan Demi, who is one of my favorite

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from MCETTA.

Question:  Mike, how did you come up with the character names?  Did you
consider using "Malley" instead of "Sidney?"

MKatleman:  Malley hadn't occurred to us, but I will definitely consider
it for future projects!

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from Nomdepluu.

Question:  Why did "Sliders" fail?

MKatleman:  Did Sliders fail?  They got picked up mid-season.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from Armand999.

Question:  Could there be a video series if the TV series is not picked

MKatleman:  No.  The only was there can be a video series is if the show
gets picked up for syndication and those then get put out as videos. 
Unless someone in the audience wants to hand out a bunch of money!

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from BlacShado.

Question:  Hello, my name is Chris and I'm only 16 years old.  In the
future, I would like to direct and create films.  My question is how did
you become a director and creator?  Did you know what it was that you
wanted to do?

MKatleman:  I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do.  I started out
as a musician, and got totally disillusioned wit the music industry.  I
then stumbled through every job you can imagine in the film business, and
it wasn't until I started working closely with directors that I realized
that's what I wanted to do.  My advice is, to watch as many films as you
can. to take film classes, acting classes, and do whatever you can do to
completely understand the process.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from FOCUSSHOE.

Question:  Michael, what are you going to do for your birthday?  How old
is your baby?  What does your wife do?

MKatleman.  My baby is 4 1/2 months and my wife is one of the founders of
a mobile gourmet coffee business called Java Bus.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from WeNewsIt.

Question:  We are hearing a lot of "concern" from politicians about
violence on TV and in the movies.  Is this a justified concern in your
view?  If so, why?  If not, what are you concerned about?

MKatleman:  No, it is not a concern.  I feel the great thing about being
in America is being able to choose what you want to see and what you want
to do, and the last thing I want is some slimeball politician telling me
what my values should be.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from Supr B.

Question:  How far away do you thing VR will be for the general public?

MKatleman:  The military has it right now.  SO my guess it, within the
next ten years.  But there's all kinds of people out there hacking away,
so who knows?  It could be right around the corner.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from Fmullder.

Question:  Hey Mike, why did you not change the show in order for it to
blend in with X-file format?

MKatleman:  Because we were not setting out to make a commercial success
at any cost.  We were trying to make the best show WE thought possible.  I
also think X-Files is a great show, and I wouldn't want to rip it off.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from MCETTA.

Question:  Mike:  How did you achieve the totally unique appearance of the
"Virtual World" while filming?

MKatleman:  During the pilot we created a very interesting process, which
was painting the actors with white makeup, over-exposing the film, and
cranking up the colors almost to the level where the networks would not
let them air.  Then for the series, we did a colorization process.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from BLong5334.

Question:  If VR5 is not picked up by the FOX network, could it return in

MKatleman:  Yes. I think we're very close to having it picked up for
syndication.  That is completely in Rysher's hands.  So please, if you
want to see the shows, write them letters.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from LilyBug1.

Question:  Were Sydney's sister & father going to remain regular cast
members if the show was renewed?

MKatleman:  Yes.  The sister Sam was going to become much, much bigger,
and still may if the show gets picked up.  We loved Dad, so he'd be back
for sure!

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from Can Kai.

Question:  What advice could you give for anyone with the same aspirations
as yourself?  Would writing be a logical choice for a path into directing?
 If so, how did you get the execs to listen to your ideas?

MKatleman:  Writing is a great way, because then you can write and create
your own project.  I wish I could say that there is a real clear-cut path
to directing.  But like I said before, the only way to do it is to never
give up.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from AllsFaire.

Question:   Episode two with Fisher was my favorite, any idea what other
projects he'd doin' now? :)

MKatleman:  I have absolutely no idea what he's doing.  But that was one
of the episodes I directed, and Fisher was one of the most professional
actors I've worked with.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from NJ2FLA.

Question:  Why do you think Northern was cancelled?

MKatleman:  Because Rob morrow left the show, and because Josh Brand left
the show.  I think after five years, they pretty much had touched on
everything they could.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from GaryBlog.

Question:  Two questions:  Who is Maddie Rose (mentioned earlier)?  And
how difficult will it be to get VR5 back on the air, considering that it
did not get such hot ratings?

MKatleman:  Maddie Rose is someone very special to me, that I'd rather not
go into right now.  If Rysher presses that button, and gives us the okay,
it will be on the air in syndication.

CelebCrcle:  Just time for a few more questions, folks!

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from AllsFaire.

Question:  Is there ever going to be a sound track for VR5?

MKatleman:  There is a soundtrack out for VR5.  It is on CD and on tape
and should be in your local stores now, as we speak.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from TomPJ.

Question: Mr.. Katleman:  The three episodes that have not been shown, are
they all with Oliver, or are they before Oliver?

MKatleman:  One is without Oliver and the other two are with Oliver.

CelebCrcle.  The next question is from BamBamPau.

Question:  As am electronics technician, I am very interested in the
actual technology involved.  Do you our your company subscribe to any of
Silicon Graphics services?  If so, what type of equipment?

MKatleman:  No we don't.  I'm sorry I can't help you.

CelebCrcle:  The next question is from Lndscapad.

Question:  We hear you're opening a new business.  Can you tell us about

MKatleman:  That's the Java Bus that my wife is running with other
partners, and it caters gourmet coffee to movie sets.

CelebCrcle:  Well, we're just about out of time...any closing comments for
us tonight?

MKatleman:  Again, I'd like to thank everyone that participated in Virtual
Storm.  Anyone interested in information about Virtual Storm you can get
in on the Internet by pressing alt.tv.vr5.  I hope to see you all in

CelebCrcle:  Thanks for taking time to join us on your birthday!  Have a
happy one!

OnlineHost:  Our thanks to Michael Katleman for stopping by the Oldsmobile
Celebrity Circle.  Be sure to join your Celebrity Circle host again Monday
when another personality will be featured in "The Circle."  Thank you and
good night!

OnlineHost:  Copyright 1995 America Online, Inc.

* Vrwriter again joined fans on this informal, fun America Online chat,
  arranged by Lisa Cunningham for Virtual Storm.
  9 July 1995
  Provided by Lisa Cunningham 

Becky Wing         : Hello, I finally made it in.
MKUSIC               : Hiya Becky!!
MKUSIC               : Glad you could make it.
Becky Wing         : What's new with Virtual Storm?
MKUSIC               : Sheesh!!  Big question!  Let's see.....
MKUSIC               : We are continuing to write Rysher, working on
getting more
                             press, doing flyers, etc. to hand out,
VR5 VStorm       : Hi!
MKUSIC               : Hiya
Becky Wing         : Hi. thanks for helping me get here.
VR5 VStorm       : You're welcome. ::)
MKUSIC               : working o getting more organized in general
MKUSIC               : othat's where you were!
VR5 VStorm       : :::sigh::: we're always trying to organize, but we don't do
                             much!! // Hi Zanda!
Zanda                 : Hey, everyone
MKUSIC               : Hi Zanda!
Becky Wing         : Hi Zanda.
MKUSIC               : We will this time, Michele!
MKUSIC               : So does anyone know who else is coming?
VR5 VStorm       : Vrwriter's in a lobby right now
MKUSIC               : Will Kat remember?
VR5 VStorm       : lost
MKUSIC               : ;  )
Becky Wing         : I just started a different type of organization here,
so I can
                             empathize with the headaches.
VR5 VStorm       : hope Kat remembers, I e-mailed her 50 times about it!! ::>
MKUSIC               : I just sent her four posts so if her computer dings
at her -
                             she'll remember
Becky Wing         : You teo are persistant.
MKUSIC               : Becky, what kind of organization?
Becky Wing         : Two, not teo.
VR5 VStorm       : Hi Vrwriter! Welcome!
Vrwriter             : Hi, took me long enough .
Becky Wing         : Oh, it is a basket weaving guild. Everyone wants one,
                             does it. You can understand.
VR5 VStorm       : Yes, Becky, we certainly are! ::)
MKUSIC               : Hi Vrwriter!
Vrwriter             : Hi.
Becky Wing         : Hi Vrwriter.
Vrwriter             : Hi again.
Zanda                 : Hey VRW
MKUSIC               : How goes it?
Vrwriter             : I managed to kick the migraine, so on a personal
level, it goes
                             good.  How's theStorm?
Zanda                 : Anyone else listening to the soundtrack now.
VR5 VStorm       : Good. ::)
VR5 VStorm       : But u aren't on Vrstorm list yet! I checked, you're on
VR5 list.
Zanda                 : I got it playing on my CD-Rom, it's too cool
Vrwriter             : Tylenol and chocolate, you should patent the cure .
Becky Wing         : I'll have to get it.
MKUSIC               : I love the soundtrack!
VR5 VStorm       : Of course! It's cured many on this list already!!
Vrwriter             : VR5, yeah, I just got some digest on my e-mail, but
got here
                             too late to read it first.
MKUSIC               : Chocolate helps your migraine???!!
Vrwriter             : You bet.  Those endorphins, you know.
VR5 VStorm       : My normal advice, Lisa. ::)
MKUSIC               : I'll have to try that!
Vrwriter             : Also caffeine, which gives me license to eat coffee
ice cream ::)
VR5 VStorm       : Food...
MKUSIC               : Have tried that one!!  
Becky Wing         : Have we heard anything from the producers about the show?
Zanda                 : Ice Cream is another headache altogether if you eat
it too
Vrwriter             : Don't be a spoil sport, Zanda.
MKUSIC               : I haven't since last from Katleman chat.  nyone else?
Vrwriter             : Everyone pretty well shuts down over the fourth of July
                             holiday. There may be something
Vrwriter             : next week.
MKUSIC               : Hope so.  Vrwriter I'd like to jump right in with a
couple of
                             questions about Alex.  OK?
Vrwriter             : Okay.  Sorry, I was distracted momentarily.
MKUSIC               : How much did you work with Markie Post?  Did you
talk about
                             the character or her interpretation?
Vrwriter             : We didn't meet until we were on the set, but she and
I did some
                             talking about Alex the
Vrwriter             : night we shot the final black and white VR
sequence--what I
                             called my Pirandello scene
Vrwriter             : She wondered about multiple personality disorder and
VR8, and
                             she, Anthony and I
MKUSIC               : Why Parandello scene?
Vrwriter             : kind of kicked it around for a while. They were all
a little
                             freaked by that scene.
Vrwriter             : Pirandello was an absurdist playwright.  Did lots of
odd dialogue
                             overlapping and strange
MKUSIC               : Why freaked?
Vrwriter             : character interaction.  Ever seen Six Characters
InSearch of
                             an Author?  That's Piran
MKUSIC               : Read it, seen it.....  
Vrwriter             : Freaked.  Mainly because there were so many story lines
                             coming up in that one little
Vrwriter             : scene--Alex and Oliver, the revelation that Dr. B
and Sam were
                             alive, Syd's own disorienta-
Vrwriter             : tion, stuff like that all happening at once.
MKUSIC               : We are talking which VR scene exactly?  The train
                             Final sequence?
Vrwriter             : The final VR in the fourth act at the train station
                             with everybody present.
Vrwriter             : That was a tough scene to figure out, I must have
written it
                             ten times before I got
MKUSIC               : Got it.  Looked very difficult - confused to shoot -
must have
                             been rote director.
Vrwriter             : something everybody liked, or could work with.  All
I knew was I
                             had a lot of stuff to get
Vrwriter             : revealed and dealt with.
MKUSIC               : that was rough on the director.
MKUSIC               : Hm.  It doesn't feel rushed at all, IMHO.
Vrwriter             : Funny story: When I finally got that scene written,
John looked
                             at it, came out of his
Vrwriter             : office, said, "I like it, I have no idea how to
shoot it, but I like it."
MKUSIC               : 
Zanda                 : LOL
Vrwriter             : And when we got around to doing it, at 1 a.m., there
was much
                             gnashing of teeth and
Vrwriter             : yelling out loud, especially since I then had to
rewrite Oliver's
                             last speech to conform to
Vrwriter             : the big rewrite I was having to do on the whole
fourth act
                             (again in the middle of the night
Vrwriter             : I got lost
MKUSIC               : I love the way the camera appears to dolly in a
circle around
                             Alex and Oliver.
MKUSIC               : Is that why you were on the set - to rewrite as needed?
Vrwriter             : John wanted to visually continue the Vertigo motif.
MKUSIC               : It worked !
Vrwriter             : John sort of took me under his wing, to teach me how
filmed TV
                             works, and also to have
Vrwriter             : somebody for him to bounce things off that weren't
K Vogele             : hi
Vrwriter             : So I ended up doing some rewriting.  Most often, I
was there to
                             talk to him about stuff and
MKUSIC               : What a great director.  Sounds very kind.
VR5 VStorm       : Hi Kat!
Vrwriter             : to help with the on-set tweaking he and the actors
always did
                             with a scene.
K Vogele             : hi guys...sorry I'
K Vogele             : I'm late
Zanda                 : From your standpoint did the scene come out the way
you had
                             pictured it?
Becky Wing         : There was probably a lot on on-set tweaking.
Zanda                 : Hey, K
Vrwriter             : John was terrific to me, very professional, I owe
him big time.
                             Hi Kat.
MKUSIC               : I am envious Vrwriter!
K Vogele             : which scene are we discussing?
MKUSIC               : Hiya Ket!!
MKUSIC               : That's Kat!!
Zanda                 : Last scenn in Alex
K Vogele             : :)
Vrwriter             : Which scene, Zanda?  The VR scene or the circling
                             around scene?
K Vogele             : got it...i can tell I missed a good anecdote
Zanda                 : Circling
Vrwriter             : Oh, yeah.  Anthony and I did a little battling about
one line--the
                             "pathetic" one, but it
MKUSIC               : Vrwriter there has been talk on the list aboutature
of Oliver
                             and Alex's relationship lately.
Vrwriter             : was really terrific.  I mostly wanted them to do it
not touching
                             but desperately wanting to
MKUSIC               : How do see it?
Vrwriter             : and that's how it came out, all those years of
betrayal and
Vrwriter             : Lisa, I nticed.
Vrwriter             : That's noticed.
MKUSIC               : Thought you might have seen it!! 
Vrwriter             : I do a lot of lurking .
MKUSIC               : So can we have your take on it?
Vrwriter             : Boy, how many days do ya'll have? 
MKUSIC               : I can stay on a loooong time for this topic!
Zanda                 : Hey, sorry to interupt but does VR5 have it's own
HP yet on
VR5 VStorm       : 5, Zanda
VR5 VStorm       : oh u mean official?
K Vogele             : what happened?  I just got cut off!
K Vogele             : :(
VR5 VStorm       : AOL hates us, Kat.
MKUSIC               : It's pened to me too Kat.
Zanda                 : Can you e-mail me the address been having a problem
                             to the message board...
Zanda                 : lately.
K Vogele             : I should think so....grrrrrr....
MKUSIC               : Happened!
K Vogele             : what address are we discussing?
VR5 VStorm       : URLs, Zanda?
Zanda                 : Also offical VRS
Vrwriter             : Happened to me two weeks ago.
Zanda                 : Yes.
K Vogele             : these modem connections are so shaky...good thing it
                             takes a coupla seconds
K Vogele             : to go into VR
K Vogele             : (right?!)  :)
MKUSIC               : 
VR5 VStorm       : Done, Zanda
Becky Wing         : Markie Post didn't do it for me. I can see the point
in her
                             character, but not her in it.
Zanda                 : Yeah!
Zanda                 : Thanks VRS
Vrwriter             : I'm not about to get into that.  We actually had a
hard time
                             casting it because it was
Vrwriter             : such a tough part to play.
K Vogele             : i kept seeing "christine" from night court -- i
expected dan
                             larroquette to show up sometime
Vrwriter             : You can't imagine how many over-the-top readings we sat
                             through.  The nice part was
Zanda                 : Who do you see playing it B
Becky Wing         : That would have been VR.10
K Vogele             : wouldn't it've been great had darryl hannah been
able to do it?
Vrwriter             : that Anthony and Markie hit it off personally, so it
came out
                             okay on the set.
Zanda                 : I like Markie
VR5 VStorm       : (Hey--Nathan's back...uh-oh... ::) (sorry had to say that!)
MKUSIC               : Darryl Hannah???!!!   NO!!
Vrwriter             : She's incredibly nice.
K Vogele             : oh!  vrwriter, i keep forgetting to tell you -- Alex
is my favorite
                             episode to date
MKUSIC               : I thought Mark Post did a very good jobwith a complex
                             character myself.
Vrwriter             : Thank you.  Makes all those long sleepless nights
worth it.
K Vogele             : (i still haven't watched the batch i got in the mail
                             (thanx lisa!) but i'm sure it
K Vogele             : it'll still bew there....
MKUSIC               : Markie - Sorry!
Becky Wing         : That's a tough call. I'll think about who I would have
                             Maybe the Tasters Choice woman?
Becky Wing         : Yes, I was kidding and ran out of room.
K Vogele             : nice inside joke
Zanda                 : I think she was quite good, I didn't see Cristine
at all.
K Vogele             : i think i just overdosed on night court reruns when
i was 11,
                             that's all
MKUSIC               : Exactly.  I was actually surprised by that.
Vrwriter             : I think the sleeping car sequence was just,
MKUSIC               : 
Vrwriter             : As for their relationship, I'm not sure Alex an
Oliver were ever
                             anything but doomed.
MKUSIC               : Perfect in every little way????
MKUSIC               : Why doomed?  Because of their work or their
Zanda                 : I did however have a flashback to a hooker she
played once in
                             that sleeping car scene
Vrwriter             : Both.
K Vogele             : i think i missed this when i got cut off BUT:
Becky Wing         : I can't see Oliver ever having a lsting relationship.
Becky Wing         : Lasting.
K Vogele             : what was vrwriter's call, on whether losing each
other then
                             made it so much worse and
K Vogele             : a more beautiful love
Zanda                 : I think I can see him wanting one.
Vrwriter             : I think he's a truly tragic hero.  Psychologically
MKUSIC               : Kat, you are s a romantic!!!  
K Vogele             : or if they really did love each other and still
would have, five
                             years later, loving each
K Vogele             : other still so much
K Vogele             : (i am....i hate to admit, but)
Zanda                 : A nice normal life no Committee, a wife, some kids.
I think he
                             wants that
Zanda                 : but knows he can never have it.
K Vogele             : i can't see oliver as the kids type
MKUSIC               : Zanda, he doesn't strike me as Mr.  Suburbia at All!!!!
Vrwriter             : I'm not sure they wouldn't have finally left each
other in the
                             normal course of things.  And
Vrwriter             : if you think about it, this almos was, because Alex
thought she
                             was doing her job, that
K Vogele             : i can see him as the yuppie -- black metallic
furniture and a
                             perfect wife and they both hav
K Vogele             : have strong careers but love each other and go to
the opera
                             or ballet frequently
Vrwriter             : she was helping people, and that sort-of-altruism
took her
                             away from the one person she
Vrwriter             : did love
VR5 VStorm       : Rats, I gotta go. Nice seeing you all again!! ::) I'll
try to be back
                             next week.
MKUSIC               : Alex says she lovehim and he is surprised - was this
                             unspoken between them?
K Vogele             : bye michele
Vrwriter             : And no suburbia, please.  Can you see Illya Kuryakin
in the
                             suburbs?  I ask you.
Zanda                 : I'm not saying he wold like it but I got the
impression that's
                             what he ultimately wanted.
Vrwriter             : Bye Michele.
MKUSIC               : eMichele!!!
Becky Wing         : I want a lot of things too, but that doesn't mean they
are right
                             for me.
Vrwriter             : I always figured Oliver wanted a normal life, but he
                             wasn't brought up to have one
Becky Wing         : I can see Sydney losing her great love in the same way.
Vrwriter             : if both his grandfather and his father were Committee.
K Vogele             : can you imagine his home life?
Zanda                 : That's my point.
Vrwriter             : But who's her great love?
Vrwriter             : I'd try to imagine it .
K Vogele             : say, do you guys think syd is a virgin?
Zanda                 : His ultimate dream would be the chance at having a
normal life.
MKUSIC               : KAT!!!
K Vogele             : :)
Becky Wing         : I think that would be the big 100th episode story.
K Vogele             : (sorry)
Zanda                 : Yes, she's far to horny in VR not to be.
Becky Wing         : I think she is.
MKUSIC               : You guys are awful!!!!!!!
K Vogele             : the one piece of fanfic i wrote assumed her not to
be, and the
                             few people who read it wrote
K Vogele             : back saying they thought she was...just wondering...
MKUSIC               : And with Duncan around?  It asks all sorts of
                             questions about her character.
Becky Wing         : What so you think VRW?
K Vogele             : so, vrwriter, what's your take on getting syd out of
vr7?  you
                             didn't write reunion so you
K Vogele             : didn't put her there, but
Vrwriter             : I always saw her as REALLY REPRESSED.
K Vogele             : how would you get her out?
Becky Wing         : I'll take that as a yes.
Vrwriter             : Yep, that's a yes, Becky.
MKUSIC               : I agree the repression view.
Zanda                 : Of her repression or VR7? 
Vrwriter             : I think Dr. Bloom would have to get her out of VR7.
Vrwriter             : And that's gonna take a while since he's off crazy
in the
                             bushes at the moment. 
K Vogele             : :)
MKUSIC               : a always romantically liked the idea of Oliver
getting her out of
Becky Wing         : She has such a connection with her dad, but its been
such a
                             long time. what about Oliver
Becky Wing         : or ....
K Vogele             : nora or sam
K Vogele             : (to finish becky's thought)
MKUSIC               : Not SAM!
Becky Wing         : Thanks.
Zanda                 : I thought Oliver might get her out of her Repression.
Vrwriter             : Did ya'll read the fanfic "Shock Treatment" I think
that's the
                             name.  That's a nifty idea.
K Vogele             : (yay! sam is evil!)
Becky Wing         : Where are the fanfics?
K Vogele             : yeah, i liked the shock treatment
Becky Wing         : BTW, i didn't like Sam either.
K Vogele             : oliver might be the one to get her out of
repression, yes -- but
                             that's what we're all
K Vogele             : hoping...
Zanda                 : I think D stands the best chance of getting her out.
K Vogele             : D for dad or D for Dunc?
MKUSIC               : Zanda, that's my theory as well.
Vrwriter             : The fanfics are at an ftp site.
Zanda                 : Dunc
Vrwriter             : But is Shock Treatment there?
MKUSIC               : It should be.
MKUSIC               : I thought they all were.
K Vogele             : i forget, who put that together -- vicky?  jean?
Becky Wing         : Thanks.
K Vogele             : (mail list people!)
MKUSIC               : The story or the site, Kat?
Vrwriter             : Jonathan Gan e-mailed it to me, then I figured out
how to find
Becky Wing         : I think Duncan is the one, but I see him sacrificing
himself for
K Vogele             : the site -- donna wrote the story, didn't she?
MKUSIC               : Yes, I think so.
K Vogele             : i don't think duncan will be out of the picture so
soon ... i can
                             see dr.b b/c then there'd
Becky Wing         : Sort of an endless chain of people getting stuck in
K Vogele             : still be more plot to work on
Vrwriter             : Linda Willard wrote Shock Treatment.
K Vogele             : or mrs. b
K Vogele             : oh, ok.  linda...whoops...
MKUSIC               : Thanks Vrwriter!!
Vrwriter             : You're welcome.  I like the idea of Dunc sacrificing
himself to
                             save Syd, but I'd hate to
Vrwriter             : lose him as a character.
Becky Wing         : Feel free to use it. You can always bring him back.
MKUSIC               : So would I!  He has so much  humor and depth.
K Vogele             : besides, who would get all the best lines then?
Zanda                 : Truthfully, I think Dunc could handle VR better
than any of
Becky Wing         : He does seem to be the most at ease with himself.
K Vogele             : how about sam goes in and tries to kill syd b/c
she's evil (like we
                             all know her to be)
MKUSIC               : He seems the least scarred so yo may well be right,
K Vogele             : and then dunc has to go in and save syd from sam
Vrwriter             : I wrote him some fun stuff in Alex, but we had to
lose it all for
                             one reason or another, and
Vrwriter             : I always wanted to write him something else. :(
K Vogele             : but can't get her out and then dr. b goes in to get
syd out and
                             gets trapped
K Vogele             : or not
Zanda                 : What VRW?
Vrwriter             : Sounds like the VR-Follies .
Becky Wing         : Did you write the Duncan the detective episode?
MKUSIC               : Write it Kat!
Vrwriter             : In the bar, we had a piano player, and he asks if
she knows
                             Blame It On The Bossa Nova.
K Vogele             : :)  ok.  i'll get started after i watch my tapes....
Vrwriter             : Michael loved that.
Vrwriter             : I didn't write the detective episode. John and
Thania did, I just
                             did a bunch of research
Vrwriter             : for it, finding old Richard Diamond and Avengers
tapes.  That
                             was fun.
K Vogele             : what have you heard about syndication?
Zanda                 : That was a way cool episode
MKUSIC               : Vrwriter, I want your job!!!!!!
Vrwriter             : I'd like it back .
K Vogele             : (i mean, vrwriter, what d'ya think about syndication)
MKUSIC               : We're working on it!  
Zanda                 : I think we'll all agree to that VRW
K Vogele             : cheers to the stormers!
Vrwriter             : I think it would be terrific, but it'll take a lot
to get it mounted.
                             Fingers crossed.
Zanda                 : Hey, Highlanders coming back for a 4th and it has
low ratings in
                             the states....
Zanda                 : but Europe keeps it alive
K Vogele             : does anyone know how the uk and norway are likin' vr5?
Vrwriter             : That's what happened with Due South--great overseas and
                             Canada, badly treated by CBS.
Zanda                 : Maybe we should try to increase a Europe campaign
Vrwriter             : I'll check with the production folks this week about
MKUSIC               : VR5 tarts in England in September and they are
lookingdto it
                             from what I've heard.
K Vogele             : thanx
Becky Wing         : I would jsut like to see the last three episodes.
K Vogele             : yeah, me too
K Vogele             : i put my plea in yesterday
Vrwriter             : I noticed that Canadian television just aired one of
the three.
Zanda                 : And Rysher prod. Highlander doesn't it?
Vrwriter             : Yes, it does.
K Vogele             : no way!  does rysher?
MKUSIC               : Well, David has Send Me an Angel.  Hee hee hee.
Vrwriter             : That's the one.
K Vogele             : harharhar
Zanda                 : So they know the need of a strong Europe audience
will keep a
                             show alive.
Zanda                 : Even when it falters here.
Becky Wing         : Highlander - big male role. VR.5 - female role. Wonder
why it
                             doesn't get the treatment.
K Vogele             : i still hafta go on prodigy and find the vr.5 audience
K Vogele             : does cis stand for compuserve (somehow)?
K Vogele             : if so then i'll forgot about that one...
Zanda                 : Need to spread the word across Europe about VR5
Vrwriter             : Yes, it's Compuserve Information Service.
MKUSIC               : Kat askMichele about that.
K Vogele             : ahhh, got it...
K Vogele             : will do
Becky Wing         : Vrwriter, what are you working on now?
Vrwriter             : CServe only has a couple of people involved, but
they're in the
                             SciFi Media forum.
MKUSIC               : Zanda, d ou have any ts in the European market?
K Vogele             : what can we do to spread the word across europe, as
                             put it?
Vrwriter             : I'm in the middle of an episode of Under Suspicion
and have a
                             couple of things of my
Vrwriter             : own in the hopper.
MKUSIC               : Tat's contacts!  Sheesh!
K Vogele             : i have a friend in france but that won't be much
help; she's my
MKUSIC               : What else are you working on Vrwriter?  Can you say?
K Vogele             : oh, i have a friend in the australian embassy
Zanda                 : I have friends in different conutries over there
that may be
                             able to help.
Vrwriter             : Besides Under Suspicion, Lisa?
K Vogele             : and an actress friend in england
Zanda                 : Are taste are usually the same
MKUSIC               : Yes.
K Vogele             : go for it, zanda
K Vogele             : i'll try and plug it with my friends overseas...
K Vogele             : (sorry for interrupting)
Vrwriter             : Nothing firm.  A potential job on another show which
I can't
                             talk about yet, a possible
K Vogele             : AAACCKKK!!! are you just leaving vr.5 for dead?
MKUSIC               : Guys contact them all!!!!  It can only help!
Zanda                 : I get a couple of Sci-Fi mags from over there.
Vrwriter             : pilot project, and a couple of film scripts (one a
suspense, one
                             a comedy/drama).
Vrwriter             : Not for dead, but I gotta eat .
K Vogele             : when are contracts up -- for writers, actors,
everybody -- on
MKUSIC               : Kat, she can write for a lot of folks!  
Vrwriter             : I don't think anybody has an extension on their
contracts at
                             the moment.  If it came back
Vrwriter             : people would get back involved based on availability
and their
                             love of the project.
MKUSIC               : Actually, are writers under any kind of exclusiiy
Zanda                 : That's WHEN IT COMES BACK VRW NOT IF
MKUSIC               : That's exclusivity BTW
Becky Wing         : Lori Singer didn't sound too interested, or am I
K Vogele             : ok then, vrw, i guess you can go and work on other
                             projects...not that you need my permissio
K Vogele             : n
Vrwriter             : It depends on their level.  And, excuse me, WHEN it
comes back.
K Vogele             : yeah, ls worried me too -- said she was "proud of it
K Vogele             : sounds like a resume-racker to me
K Vogele             : ls meaning Lori Singer
Becky Wing         : Gotta break into the big screen in a big way.
Vrwriter             : The truth,folks, is this is a very weird and
perverse business.
                             We all get very close
Vrwriter             : during a project, then it's over and we have to move
beyond it.
                              And with something like
Vrwriter             : this, we can only hope it has another life so we can
get back
                             together again.
K Vogele             : something like vr.5 specifically or something like a
show that's
                             been cancelled?
MKUSIC               : Gee, I think that sonds like somethig *I'd* want to
do again -
                             soethingthat made me proud artistically
Vrwriter             : So if we all sound a little distant, we have to so
we can quit
                             daydreaming about upcoming
Becky Wing         : Ok, we are a little intense...
Vrwriter             : scripts and location shoots, and see what else we
can find to p
                             ay the bills.  Not that we
Zanda                 : Hey if Baywatch can be a hit, & David H can be a
singing star
                             we can bring back VR5
Vrwriter             : don't love this a  whole lot and wouldn't do it
again in a New
                             York Minute.
K Vogele             : :), zanda
Becky Wing         : Baywatch has no artistic value, hence, it will survive.
K Vogele             : if baywatch is a hit it's death to intelligent shows
like vr5
MKUSIC               : Is a NY minute shorter than a regular minute?  
Vrwriter             : I guess.  It seems like time moves faster over
there.  Jumping
                             out of the way of taxis...
MKUSIC               : Sorry!
Vrwriter             : No problem.  I've gotta go soon.  Anybody got
anything else
                             they want to ask or that
Vrwriter             : I left dangling somewhere?
K Vogele             : what else got cut from "alex"
K Vogele             : ?
Vrwriter             : The basement scene was way too long, so we cut a
chunk out
                             of the middle.  After they
Becky Wing         : No me. I goota go too. Thanks for coming VRW. Thanks
to the
                             others for getting us together.
Vrwriter             : come down the steps and before he's sitting against the
K Vogele             : what happens?  ack
MKUSIC               :  I want the outakes!!
K Vogele             : oh, and hey, was that long look they give each other
after the
                             shooting when OS is on top of
K Vogele             : her, was that planned or written in or 'ad-libbed?
Vrwriter             : Not much.  Actually, a funny line for Oliver.  Let's
see...He asks:
                             why did you bring us
MKUSIC               : oe to see all they cut.
MKUSIC               : That's Love
Vrwriter             : here.  Syd: You said the loft wasn't safe.  Don't
you remember?
                              I can't believe the
Noesis                 : greetings and salutations
K Vogele             : hi noesis
Vrwriter             : Committee tried to kill you.  Oliver: That was just
a warning.  If
                             they'd wanted me dead,
Zanda                 : Hey, Noesis
MKUSIC               : Hi Noesis
Vrwriter             : they'd have bombed the bar.  And then Syd gets the
                             kit, unbuttons his shirt and
K Vogele             : syd unbuttons his shirt?  and they cut it?
Vrwriter             : is embarrassed by it, but he doesn't see the
                             only looks and says it
K Vogele             : 
Vrwriter             : isn't so bad.
MKUSIC               : Vrwriter that's great!!!!  How couy cut that!!!
Vrwriter             : It didn't film well, Kat.  Sorry.
K Vogele             : bummer
Becky Wing         : Bye all.
K Vogele             : bye becky
Vrwriter             : Bye, Becky.
Zanda                 : Bye, Becky
MKUSIC               : Bye bye Becky - Next week?
K Vogele             : bye noesis
MKUSIC               : When the show is brought back, Vrwriter, how long
from the
                             nod to production?
K Vogele             : (people seem to come and go so quickly here)
K Vogele             : nod?
K Vogele             : oh, nof
K Vogele             : nod
K Vogele             : (sorry)
MKUSIC               : Nature of the beast, Kat.
Vrwriter             : I'm told it would take a year to get it on its feet.
MKUSIC               : WOW!  A whole year with no new eps!  
K Vogele             : but tons of fanfic, you can bet....
K Vogele             : we can do the whole advertising campaign
Vrwriter             : Oh, I hope so with the fanfic.  I'm loving them.
K Vogele             : with more publicity shots of ASH and LS and ME and
the gang
Zanda                 : I guess we'll just have to rely on our own stories
till they give us
                             new ones.
K Vogele             : (i need to download more gifs of ASH, just got a new
one and
                             am loving it)
Zanda                 : Where?
Vrwriter             : BTW, whoever put that .gif of Oliver in the VR5
directory over
                             at egr.msu.edu, I am
K Vogele             : what do you think, vrw, of all the marketing ideas
                             around the mail list?
Zanda                 : Any Dunc?
Vrwriter             : grateful since it's from Alex.
K Vogele             : (zanda, i got it from stanley's www page, i
think...i'll email it to
MKUSIC               : Vrwriter ee your mail - I answer that.
Vrwriter             : I think they're sound.  The conventions sound like a
great place
                             to go.
Zanda                 : Thanks
K Vogele             : what?  another at egr.msu.edu?  gotta go....
Vrwriter             : Kat, can I get it, too.
K Vogele             : (does anyone have it to email it to me?)
K Vogele             : sure thing, vrwriter
Vrwriter             : thanks.  There are still quite a few Anthony fans in
                             the production crew, and we enjoy
Vrwriter             : the pictures.
MKUSIC               : Sheesh!  Why am I not surprised by that!  
Vrwriter             : Thanks, Lisa, I just read back up the page.  I'll go
check my mail
                             before I quit.
MKUSIC               : No problem at all.
Vrwriter             : I really gotta go.
Vrwriter             : Go make dinner, that is. .
Zanda                 : Bye, VRW
MKUSIC               : Me too.
MKUSIC               : Bye Vrwriter thanks for coming!
Vrwriter             : You're welcome.   See you again.
MKUSIC               : Good!
MKUSIC               : So ladies, are we wrapping  up?
Zanda                 : Bye, Kat & MK
MKUSIC               : Bye Zanda.
MKUSIC               : Next week, ok?
K Vogele             : :)oh, we're leaving?
K Vogele             : ok.  sent the stuff to zanda and vrwriter
MKUSIC               : Yes, Kat we are!
K Vogele             : just you and me, huh?
K Vogele             : ok...bye lisa, and thanks for the tapes!
MKUSIC               : See you next week - glad you made it!
MKUSIC               : No problem!
K Vogele             : :)  i remembered....
MKUSIC               : Bye.
K Vogele             : bye now

* Vrwriter's back with more great info, endorsements of Virtual Storm from
  executive producer John Sacret Young, and discussions on a wide range of
  16 July 1995
  Provided by Michele Santiago 

OnlineHost:     *** You are in "VR5 chat". ***
VR5 VStorm:     They're coming...
OnlineHost:     Zanda has entered the room.
VR5 VStorm:     Ah! Hi! ::)
Zanda:  Found it.
VR5 VStorm:     I'm thinking, "what's taking Zanda and Epaff so long??" :)
Zanda:  Is your computer making strange noises.
OnlineHost:     K Vogele has entered the room.
VR5 VStorm:     No
VR5 VStorm:     KAT!!!!
Zanda:  I am Zanda
K Vogele:       hi!  Found it!
K Vogele:       even remembered!
Zanda:  Hey K
K Vogele:       hi z ... didja get the duncan pict. i emailed you?
OnlineHost:     Epaff has entered the room.
K Vogele:       hi michele!
K Vogele:       hi eric!
K Vogele:       (eric, right?
VR5 VStorm:     Hi Eric!
K Vogele:       )
Epaff:  hi folks!
Zanda:  Yes, I did and I'm still drolling.
Zanda:  Hey E
Epaff:  I think i missed something here
Epaff:  what's drolling?
K Vogele:       :)  talking about duncan
Epaff:  ah. never mind.
K Vogele:       say, did anyone notice that dunc, in Alex, says he's a
Zanda:  Over the pic of Dunc K sent me.
K Vogele:       but in escape, his first response at the hospital is to hurl
himself at oliver?
K Vogele:       just a comment
K Vogele:       is lisa coming?
Zanda:  Is anyone else computer making sick noises at them.
VR5 VStorm:     Not online at the moment
K Vogele:       are you staying, michele?
K Vogele:       no sick noises...
Epaff:  Yes. he's a pacifist, but he cares about Syd
OnlineHost:     Vrwriter has entered the room.
VR5 VStorm:     For a few minutes, yeah
VR5 VStorm:     VRW!!!
OnlineHost:     PsionMage has entered the room.
Epaff:  welcome!
K Vogele:       hi vrw!
Vrwriter:       Hi.
PsionMage:      hello
Zanda:  Hey, VRW!
Vrwriter:       So what's the topic?
VR5 VStorm:     Hi
K Vogele:       hi, psionmage!  new here?
K Vogele:       no topic yet...  :)
PsionMage:      yes....
Epaff:  we're flexible
K Vogele:       who's your favorite character?
K Vogele:       (psion)
Zanda:  We started talking about D saying he's a pasificist
PsionMage:      duncan
Zanda:  Ok, I can't spell today.
K Vogele:       well then!  you'll like the first topic
OnlineHost:     MargyMP has entered the room.
K Vogele:       hi margy!
Vrwriter:       Well, all you Duncan fans, wait till you get David's synopsis
of Parallel Lives...
VR5 VStorm:     Hi Margy!
Zanda:  Hey MMP!!!!
MargyMP:        hi!
K Vogele:       seriously!  hmmmnnn... hey, what do you think about all the
talk about syd's sex life on the
K Vogele:       mail list?
MargyMP:        hi!!!
Vrwriter:       Love it.  You still think she's a virgin?
Zanda:  I'm still not on the list :(
PsionMage:      me too
Epaff:  She sure had a good first VR date w/ Cooper.
K Vogele:       hmmmn...questionable...i didn't see it!  dunc placed a lot of
emphasis on the way it was
K Vogele:       said
K Vogele:       but zanda, i thought i saw a few posts by you!
Vrwriter:       How what was said, K?
K Vogele:       join, psion!  it's great fun
Zanda:  I post to the newsgroup, but it's acting up on me now.
K Vogele:       the way syd said "it was better than sex!"
K Vogele:       ahhh...join the mail list in digest form; it's easier, z.
Vrwriter:       Just because she said it in VR, doesn't mean she's done it.
Zanda:  I like it when she first went into VR w/Dunc
K Vogele:       :)
Vrwriter:       On the other hand, just because she's done it, doesn't mean
she's not repressed :-)
Epaff:  Did she say in it VR or after?
Zanda:  E-mail how K. Maybe it will work this time.
K Vogele:       say, vrw, i emailed you this question, but i'll ask it again
Vrwriter:       In, I think.  Am I wrong about that?
K Vogele:       did ASH know Oliver's history when he started in 5D?
Epaff:  My memory falters...
K Vogele:       I think David said she said it in VR to Janine
K Vogele:       will email you, zanda...
Vrwriter:       Nobody knew Oliver's history when he started .  But they
working on it then.
Vrwriter:       We knew the Committee was probably generational, if I remember
Vrwriter:       correctly, but Oliver's specific involvement and history
Zanda:  Who was the woman Dunc saw Oliver looking at in VR...
K Vogele:       yeah!  good question...
Vrwriter:       That's always been ambiguous.  I took it to be someone from
his past, obviously, and it's
Vrwriter:       what I started with Alex on, but the script evolved into
something else.  But he may hae
Zanda:  Maybe, his mother or sister or lover huh.
Vrwriter:       that's have been projecting his fears about Alex into that VR.
Your guess is as good as
Vrwriter:       mine at this point.
Epaff:  Alex's predecessor, perhaps?
K Vogele:       oh, question:  who was the costume designer for VR.5?
Vrwriter:       Perhaps.  Does this man have a whole string of former loves
around? :)
Zanda:  Or maybe someone that reminds Syd reminds him of...
K Vogele:       (with Oliver, wouldn't *you* expect him to have former loves?)
K Vogele:       was that Oliver bending over the woman in VR or the man with
the mask on?
Vrwriter:       The costume designer was Marge Bowers.
OnlineHost:     ThomGresh has entered the room.
K Vogele:       hi thom!
VR5 VStorm:     Hello!
Zanda:  and I thought it was Syd's computer.... :)
Vrwriter:       That was Oliver.  The man in the mask was coming from Sydney's
confused perceptions
Zanda:  Hey, Thom
ThomGresh:      Hi guys, I finally found it!
MargyMP:        hi  TG!
VR5 VStorm:     Where did u hear about it?? ::)
K Vogele:       hmmmn, ok.... was whoever wrote that episode planning on
picking up
on it, or did they
K Vogele:       just leave it be a moot point after Alex?
OnlineHost:     SONICEP has entered the room.
ThomGresh:      I got a couple of chat logs and also from the vr5 newsgroup
K Vogele:       hi sonicep!
Zanda:  Hey, SON
Epaff:  hello!
K Vogele:       wow, a lot of people are here!
VR5 VStorm:     Hi!
MargyMP:        Hi Hi
Vrwriter:       It was laid in to give another layer to Oliver, but then we
did Alex and dropped it.
SONICEP:        hi
Vrwriter:       Hi, Thom.
ThomGresh:      Hi Vr
K Vogele:       ok.  oh, back to the costumes -- what's with the blood red
shirt Oliver's wearing in 5D
ThomGresh:      Anybody heard anything about unaired episodes or return of the
K Vogele:       and so forth?  Really hideous outfits...and then is Syd
wearing purple jeans with a red
K Vogele:       flannel in Escape, or is that  my TV?
K Vogele:       Thom: syndication deal is close, but not here yet...unaired
eps re
airing in Canada, and
Epaff:  This all makes me wish I weren't color-challenged.
K Vogele:       the UK will be getting VR'ed soon...
Vrwriter:       Those shirts looked great on him, Michael Easton said so .
those were blue jeans.
Zanda:  Probably trying to make us think we're in VR all the time with color
distortion :)
OnlineHost:     SONICEP has left the room.
K Vogele:       ok, bye sonicep!
Vrwriter:       Michael was our fashion police.
K Vogele:       was he?  :)  what did he come to the set looking like?
Vrwriter:       Rather like Duncan, as a matter of fact, but a little less
a little more NYU film
Vrwriter:       student.
Zanda:  K you mean no chance at Synd deal or that it's not far away?
OnlineHost:     PsionMage has left the room.
K Vogele:       that it's not far away...ok, by psionmage....
K Vogele:       I know M.E. writes...how much is he like Duncan, character-
Zanda:  Don't scare me like that...... :)
K Vogele:       Also, there was talk of which actor would be hardest to get
back once we get syndicated
K Vogele:       Any ideas?
Vrwriter:       They're both very quick-witted.  You never want to get into a
verbal sparring match with
Vrwriter:       Michael because you'll LOSE.
Zanda:  Oh that's a challenge if I ever heard one.
K Vogele:       
Zanda:  I may not be able to type well, but I believe I could take him on.
Zanda:  One to one.
Vrwriter:       And they're both a little spacey, both very bright.  Michael's
real fond of those sodas.
Vrwriter:       Michael told me one night I had on an ugly shirt, I tried to
myself, but ended u
Zanda:  Sounds like we'd get along great. Except I love to spar, does he.
K Vogele:       poor thing!  I finally watched all my VR.5 tapes; I'm still a
Sampsonite but am more fond of
K Vogele:       Dunc than I was before
Vrwriter:       up going to wardrobe and begging another shirt.
K Vogele:       Wow...sounds like he's rather honest...
Vrwriter:       BTW, Duncan's line about being a pacifist (at the newsstand)
was a
Michael Easton adlib.
K Vogele:       brutally honest...
Vrwriter:       But charmingly brutally honest :)
K Vogele:       it was a funny adlib!
K Vogele:       (or was the punchline yours?)
Epaff:  Yes, it fit perfectly
Zanda:  Loved the line.
Vrwriter:       If you mean "keep you from falling down", yes, that was me.
Zanda:  How old is Micheal?
Vrwriter:       I forgot.  Late 20's?  It's in the FAQ somewhere I think.
Vrwriter:       BTW, I'm enjoying the digest.  Can I come to the convention,
Zanda:  I love his hair too......I have a weakness for men with long hair. ;)
VR5 VStorm:     Hear that, John??? ::D
VR5 VStorm:     Well of course, you'll be an honored guest
Vrwriter:       There was a real battle over Michael's hair length.
Obviously, the
long-haired contingent
Vrwriter:       won, thank heaven.
Epaff:  A crew cut might have made him less likable.
Zanda:  I love when he runs his fingers through it to push it back.
Vrwriter:       I'll have to go buy a new dress, K.  What a shame.
K Vogele:       come to the convention, vrw!
Zanda:  It makes him look so sexy.
K Vogele:       it was never going to be a crew cut, was it?
Vrwriter:       Nope.  Just shorter than it ended up.
K Vogele:       (ack!  dunc with a military buzz!)
Epaff:  Long hair looks good on LS, too. Also sexy.
K Vogele:       
VR5 VStorm:     I gotta go...
VR5 VStorm:     ::(
MargyMP:        bye!!!
Vrwriter:       Bye.
Zanda:  Bye.
Epaff:  sorry! bye!
K Vogele:       ok...checked my log, it is definitely on.... bye michele!
VR5 VStorm:     Kat, send me chat log! ::) I'll post it to list. Bye!
K Vogele:       will do, Michele!
K Vogele:       ttyl!
OnlineHost:     VR5 VStorm has left the room.
K Vogele:       vrw, you keep saying that ASH has his fan-base on the set...
K Vogele:       did M.E. have one, too?
Zanda:  What happen to our folder on AOL?
Vrwriter:       Absolutely. And there was considerable overlap, let me tell
K Vogele:       ah, our folder was archived, finallly...
OnlineHost:     MKUSIC has entered the room.
K Vogele:       :)  Were there self-descriptions like our Sampsonite/Head Case
( )
or were there
Epaff:  hi lisa!
K Vogele:       HI LISA!
MargyMP:        hi!!!
Zanda:  I started a new one since I couldn't find the old one.
MKUSIC: obody shoot me!!
Vrwriter:       Hi, Lisa.
K Vogele:       or were there just "he's keul" type stuff
Zanda:  Lisa you made it
Epaff:  why shoot?
Vrwriter:       No self-descriptions, Kat.  We're all professionals, after
all .
K Vogele:       
MKUSIC: Cuz I forgot!!!!!
K Vogele:       (we're talking about Duncan)
Vrwriter:       You!!??
MKUSIC: Is anyone logging?
Zanda:  YOU FORGOT!!!!!!
K Vogele:       (sounds like you've got my disease!  forgetfulness)
MKUSIC: Thanks Kat
K Vogele:       i'm logging...michele got the first half hour...
MKUSIC: Zanda!  Listserv came up I had about 95 messages - from Kat!!!!!
Epaff:  Oh, yeah, what's-his-name's disease....
K Vogele:       :)
K Vogele:       not 95...
MKUSIC: Hi Vrwriter!
Vrwriter:       This is for Zanda, the serious Duncan fanatic. Wait till you
see David's synopsis of
Vrwriter:       Parallel Lives.  You might want to move to Canada .
Vrwriter:       Hi, Lisa.  Glad you're here.
Epaff:  hi there. I made it back!
MKUSIC: Thanks!
Zanda:  Hey, it's only a few hours away.
K Vogele:       are the cast and crew getting to see the unaired eps?
MKUSIC: You're on the list!  Did yu see my note?
Zanda:  Where our my car keys <<<<>>>>
MKUSIC: ZandaI can send you the PL synopsis if you want - I bet I could find
K Vogele:       i'm a little new to all this show-biz stuff...does the
cast/crew get to see the unaired eps
Vrwriter:       The crew didn't see much, I don't think, unless they asked.
Most of the cast doesn't like
Vrwriter:       to watch themselves, like most actors don't.  The rest of us
more or less watched them
Vrwriter:       until we were cross-eyed since we saw edits in progress and
and such.
Zanda:  Great, Lisa Thanks.
MKUSIC: Watching yourself can make you eauseous!  
K Vogele:       :)
K Vogele:       hey, vrw, did you ever meet any of ASH's kids or his companion
Epaff:  No, nauseated. and that's probably not true.
K Vogele:       I was wondering if he named Emily Rose after that Faulkner
Rose for Emily"
Vrwriter:       I was sick with the flu when Sarah came over, so I missed her.
everybody else spent
Vrwriter:       a good bit of time with her, took her shopping, etc.  And they
adored her.  She and
Vrwriter:       Anthony also obviously adore each other from what I was told.
he talked about his'
Vrwriter:       daughters with me several times.  Missed them terribly.
Vrwriter:       I never asked him about the girls' names.
K Vogele:       how long was he away from them filming VR.5?
Vrwriter:       And I hope he didn't name her for that story--it's awfully
Southern Gothic, just my
Vrwriter:       kind of stuff.
Vrwriter:       He arrived in October, got home at Christmas, and didn't wrap
the end of March.
K Vogele:       (weird story, I agree...keul story, but creepy to name a child
after ... )
MKUSIC: You must like T. Williams then!
Vrwriter:       Love Williams.  Also Capote's early stuff (Grass Harp, etc.).
MKUSIC: Favorite Williams play??
Vrwriter:       You mean besides Streetcar?
K Vogele:       you guys...now I'm going to hafta go out and read some
ThomGresh:      I gotta go too, CU later
Vrwriter:       Bye.
K Vogele:       bye thom...join the mail list!
Zanda:  Bye, Thom
ThomGresh:      ok,  I will!
K Vogele:       :)
OnlineHost:     ThomGresh has left the room.
Epaff:  No, don't read Williams! That road leads to O'Neill! Ugh!
MKUSIC: Strtar is the obvis choice of course!  
MKUSIC: Now O'Neill can be depressing!
Vrwriter:       Glass Menagerie's probably my favorite, it's the kindest of
the bunch.
Vrwriter:       And O'Neill makes me crazy.
K Vogele:       haven't read much plays....other than Shakespeare or Ibsen...
oh, or
K Vogele:       did my sophomore term paper on Faulkner, though
K Vogele:       (and the junior one on Wodehouse)
MKUSIC: Shakespeare is the best place to start!
Vrwriter:       Great choices, Kat.
MKUSIC: Vrwriter, who would you say are your strongest writing influences?
K Vogele:       :)
Vrwriter:       Oh, dear, I hate that question.  Probably Faulkner.  Then
comes Dickens, Mary Stewart,
Vrwriter:       John leCarre, Tolkien.  Wait.  Those aren't influences.
Those are
favorites.  I'll stick wi
Vrwriter:       with Faulkner.  A lot of newer mystery writers I like,esp.
Michaels, Elizabeth
Vrwriter:       Peters.
MKUSIC: Love Peters!
Vrwriter:       Who are the same person, of course.  Do you know her Amelia
Epaff:  What school do the Peabody books fall into? Tea cozies or blood 'n
MKUSIC: Some - haven't read her much lately
Vrwriter:       Neither, kind of a category all her own.  About a Victorian
Egyptologist and her
MKUSIC: I loved one and am blanking on the name!!  Can see the cover in my
mind!  Darn!
Vrwriter:       archeologist husband.  Very funny, kind of cosy, kind of
supernatural, suspenseful.
Epaff:  Sounds great! Anything like Edmund Crispin, w/ the academic element?
MKUSIC: That's the one, I think!!!
MKUSIC: I know it had the Egyptologuy!
K Vogele:       oh, I started to read something like that...it was about two
old grandparents solving
K Vogele:       murders
K Vogele:       ...one was an anthropologist, the other an archaeologist
Vrwriter:       Kind of like Crispen, whom I also like.
Vrwriter:       She's got a whole series of Egyptology books.  Crocodile in
the Sand, The Last Camel
Vrwriter:       Died At Noon, lots of others whose titles now escape me.
a hoot, never quite
Vrwriter:       understands what's going on, but that never stops her.
Epaff:  I wonder how late Super Crown is open...
K Vogele:       Super Crown?  is that a book store?  I know Borders is open
Vrwriter:       About Sydney's tatoos (not to change the subject).  Those were
Epaff:  Super Crown is a big discount book chain.
K Vogele:       aha!  thought so!
MKUSIC: Ooooh!  Really?  Why did they include them do you know?
K Vogele:       i thought the eye on her chest in Alex was kinda symbolic...
she sees all...
K Vogele:       third eye...you know...
Vrwriter:       They were Lori's idea, and I think the first one appeared in
and Death, but I could be
Vrwriter:       wrong about that.
MKUSIC: And someone mentioned ME wearing earrings - is he another pierced
MKUSIC: t I thought they were two hearts entwined.
Vrwriter:       Yep.  He wears a stud in his left ear.
K Vogele:       two hearts in Alex or in L&D?  Hmmmnnnn...
Vrwriter:       I thought they were hearts, too.
K Vogele:       I didn't look too close, just presumed....
Vrwriter:       Nope.  I thought you meant Anthony.  Michael I'm not sure
about. All that hair...
K Vogele:       What about ASH (of course!)  Does he wear hoops, studs...
Vrwriter:       The pierced ear, I mean.  Sorry, Lisa.
MKUSIC: Someone saw them in Reunion - both ears she said.
Vrwriter:       Anthony wears a stud.  The hoops were from costume.
Zanda:  I could say something but it's to obvious.
MKUSIC: Thanks Vrwriter - not one of those things you really look for - more
you kind of notice!
Vrwriter:       I was always dodging verbal grenades when I was around
Michael, so
earrings were very
MKUSIC: Zanda, you are all evil!  
Vrwriter:       low on the list of things for me to notice .
MKUSIC: Verbal grenades??!!  What do you mean?
Vrwriter:       Just his banter.  I'm not sure we ever had a really serious
conversation, except about
Vrwriter:       film writing.
MKUSIC: He writes as well, correct?
K Vogele:       have you kept in touch with JSY?
Zanda:  Who was teh least like the character they portrayed on the show?
Vrwriter:       Lisa, yes, Michael also writes.  He began as a film school
before he switched into
Zanda:  3 Q's in a row.
Vrwriter:       acting.
Vrwriter:       And I keep in touch with John through his assistant.  He's
busy these days.
MKUSIC: What is he doing?
Vrwriter:       Least like the character.  That's tough.  They all drew on
parts of
themselves.  But I don't
Vrwriter:       think Anthony's got a mean bone in his body, and Lori's no
(married, son, etc.), so..
Vrwriter:       John's prepping a feature and doing some writing on a couple
of things.
Zanda:  She has a son?
Vrwriter:       Yes.
Zanda:  That woman is to skinny to have had any kids.....
MargyMP:        How involved was Ms. St John? with program?
Vrwriter:       :-)
Vrwriter:       She and John ran it pretty much hand-in-hand.  A large part of
the series progressed,
Vrwriter:       in terms of conspiracy, Bloom family, etc., came from her.
Zanda:  So, was the Blooms
K Vogele:       hmmmn. have you kept in touch with her?  what do either JSY or
think about Virtual Storm
K Vogele:       ?
Zanda:  A generational Committee family?
Zanda:  Sorry hit enter to soon before... :(
Vrwriter:       I haven't spoken to Thania since we wrapped.  And I'm told
John thinks Virtual storm is
Vrwriter:       amazing.
MKUSIC: Do you think the creative team would be able to come back for a
second season? Are they interested?
Epaff:  Amazing good, i hope...:)
Vrwriter:       Zanda, good question.  Lisa, you might lob that one at
K Vogele:       amazing as in "I can't believe they're still talking about it"
or amazing as in "hey, this
K Vogele:       is great!"
MKUSIC: Wl do!! 
Vrwriter:       Amazing as in both.  Which, you must admit, it is.
Vrwriter:       Second season.  Again depends on availability etc.
K Vogele:       how much do you think they jumped the gun in Reunion?  I mean,
I should think that it was
Epaff:  Everybody needs to care about something, and VR. 5 isn't a bad choice.
K Vogele:       all going to unravel fairly slowly, but with cancellation
they rushed all that out
K Vogele:       and now it's left the writers in quite a predicament!
K Vogele:       (well said, eric!)
MKUSIC: Here, here, Eric!
Vrwriter:       Agreed, Eric.  Reunion--that was a gamble, of course, but
predicaments are what
Zanda:  Hey, Dallas got away with it's all a dream. Why can't VR5 get away
with it's all VR?
Vrwriter:       writers live for.
K Vogele:       true, true...
Vrwriter:       And believe me, they gave it some thought about where they
might go
next.  Also remember
Zanda:  Right on Eric!
Vrwriter:       when Reunion was written, VR5 was getting killer ratings, so
cancellation was far from
Vrwriter:       anybody's mind.
Epaff:  Thank you, thank you.
MKUSIC: SO do what they had planned?  
K Vogele:       any idea how FOX chose which episodes not to air?
Vrwriter:       Go ask Landscapade .
K Vogele:       (incidentally, Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey" video came
on VH1
right now...)
Vrwriter:       Speculation, Kat.  With Sisters, I think they just wanted to
get to
the conspiracy stuff and
Vrwriter:       Oliver's arrival earlier.  Which is a shame, John wrote and
directed that episode and it was
Vrwriter:       really good.
K Vogele:       (I've always thought PG would like VR.5)_
Vrwriter:       Angel surprised me, I must say.  It set up the basement room,
other things, and
MKUSIC: Not fair!!  You know more than you're saying !!  
K Vogele:       surpriwsed you in that they cancelled it?
Vrwriter:       the house/family stuff.  So why they opted for Control Freak
Angel, I don't know.
Vrwriter:       And Parallel Lives was always a standalone, although it fits
in between Alex and Reunion
Zanda:  Peter Gabriel
K Vogele:       Peter Gabriel...he's big on internet stuff, too...hmmmn....
Vrwriter:       in a weird kind of way.  But it's not precisely on-conspiracy,
if you know what I mean.
Epaff:  Control Freak was pretty mainstream, relatively.
K Vogele:       ack, no comment about Control Freak
Zanda:  PG does kind of resemble Syd's keeper.
Vrwriter:       That one had a lot of changes to incorporate more of Oliver
and the
K Vogele:       YES!  what a great guest star role!
Epaff:  Any room for Joan Jett?
Vrwriter:       So now you've got Robert Vaughn, Patrick McNee, and Peter
K Vogele:       i guess that's true, vrw, but ... oh...never mind....
Vrwriter:       What, Kat?  About Control Freak or all three?
K Vogele:       And Joan Jett!  (I could see her being in VR somehow, but not
in real life...oh, how about a
K Vogele:       committee person?_
Zanda:  Hell, we'll cast all of the next season.
K Vogele:       vrw, about control freak...i really don['t know why, but I
that episode
Zanda:  I just rewatched the last episode, I love the maze that was the
Epaff:  I don't know why, but Control Freak reminded me of Quincy.
K Vogele:       yes!  very keul symbol...we need marketing of the committee
K Vogele:       quincy what?
Zanda:  The show Quincy?
Vrwriter:       CF was what we call very linear--very straight-ahead
Alex was pretty linear
MKUSIC: Kat, you are so young!  The show Quincy!
Zanda:  How?
K Vogele:       ummmm....i'll just atke your word that there was a show called
K Vogele:       
Zanda:  Are you saying Syd looks like Jack Klugman? :)
Vrwriter:       LOL!
K Vogele:       she makes a pretty good Watson, though....
Epaff:  No! No! Never say that about Syd!
K Vogele:       jack klugman or watson?
K Vogele:       (that was Syd, right?)
MKUSIC: Vrw, youhought Alex was linear?  I thought it sort of circled aorund
in a wnderfulort of way.
Vrwriter:       The episode as a whole did.  But parts of it were very
straight-ahead, esp. Act II when they
Epaff:  Alex was more linear than "A Rose for Emily."
Vrwriter:       go to the safe house.
Vrwriter:       Thanks, Eric .
Epaff:  sorry to step on your lines...
Vrwriter:       Step all you want, it made me laugh.
K Vogele:       :)
Vrwriter:       I like circles, it's the Faulkner influence...
Epaff:  I always thought of Faulkner as flat.
K Vogele:       the Snopes' triology was boring as hell, I'll say that much
Vrwriter:       And how many pages did it take for him to complete a single
sentence?  Circles within
K Vogele:       haven't read Sanctuary, though
Vrwriter:       circles within circles.
K Vogele:       his longest sentence was something like 1265 words...
MKUSIC: I think it ithe circles that requires the audience to  think and pay
attention.  It is engrossing.
Epaff:  I just get annoyed with coined words like "womanpinksmelling."
Vrwriter:       Fortunately, only his idea of time stuck with me.  I tend to
shorter like Hemingway.
Zanda:  Like a maze within a maze.
Vrwriter:       Then Eric you must just hate Joyce.
K Vogele:       how did he view time?
K Vogele:       (faulkner, i mean)
Epaff:  I don't hate him; I just don't read him much. I prefer Lewis Carrol,
MKUSIC: Or n Thomas.
Vrwriter:       Past present future are all linked, all we do influences and
is influenced by the actions of
Vrwriter:       others from our past and our present.
MKUSIC: That's Dylan Thomas
K Vogele:       did he write that poem about raging against the dying of the
Vrwriter:       I love Lewis Carroll.  Talk about coining words...
Vrwriter:       'Twas brillig...
MKUSIC: DO Not Go Gently into That Good Night?  Is that the one you mean?
K Vogele:       ummm....yeah....shoulda paid attention that day in english,
Epaff:  Yeats' "The Second Coming" is a good circles within circles poem.
MKUSIC: Vrw, what is that from- brillig?
MKUSIC: Are we all English Majors here???????
Epaff:  It's a soap pad.
K Vogele:       journalism....
Vrwriter:       Through the Looking Glass.  It's the Jabberwocky.
K Vogele:       but with a strong interest in english!
MKUSIC: Thanks, Vrwriter.
Vrwriter:       "'Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gymble in the
Vrwriter:       That's "wabe" not wave.
MKUSIC: Got it!  Sounds sort of Middle English - like Chaucer!
K Vogele:       i could never make it through caroll...or kubla khan, for that
matter...i like anne sexton
Vrwriter:       Now you've hit one I don't much like.
K Vogele:       and t.s. elliot a lot, though
K Vogele:       vrw, chaucer or sexton?
K Vogele:       man, it's storming outside!
Vrwriter:       Chaucer.  I like Anne Sexton.
Epaff:  Yay Eliot! Skull beneath the skin! Rah!
MKUSIC: Love TS Eliot!!
Vrwriter:       Me, too.
K Vogele:       I tried to read wasteland when I was younger -- like, 13 or
14 -- but have much more
K Vogele:       appreciation for his stuff now
MKUSIC: Chaucer's a task but a rewarding one once you fihe Middle English!
K Vogele:       like love song and hollow men
Vrwriter:       I'm the same about Faulkner.  Didn't get it in high school,
but snapped to in college.
MKUSIC: Vrw, favrite Eliot poem or play?
K Vogele:       chaucer had too many inside jokes for me
Zanda:  A man said to the Universe,"Sir, I exsist!" "However,"replied the
Universe,"that has not
K Vogele:       stephen crane
Vrwriter:       Top of my head, The Wasteland, but it's hard to pick.
Epaff:  "fihe"=Middle English for "grok"?
Zanda:  created in me a sence of obligation!"
K Vogele:       what?
MKUSIC: I  thing for Prufrock myself!  Obvious but well done.
Epaff:  I wish the mermaids would sing to me...
MKUSIC: Eric, I don't know!!  FiheI could look it up!
Vrwriter:       I thing for Prufrock, too.
K Vogele:       i love the lines about the coffee spoons or something...
reminds me
of ASH...
Vrwriter:       I figured we'd get back to him, Kat .
MKUSIC: I knew it, Kat!!  
K Vogele:       frost is good, too
Epaff:  ASH as Prufrock! There's a miniseries!
K Vogele:       (am i THAT predictable?)
K Vogele:       
Epaff:  No, you're dependable.
MKUSIC: Aaaah!
Vrwriter:       As I told somebody the other day, a little obsession's good
for the
K Vogele:       ah, good...
Epaff:  obsesssion or sob session?
K Vogele:       ah, it's the summer, and I'm in between papers -- the high
school paper I obsessed about
K Vogele:       for the past four years is behind me, and the college paper is
ahead of me...
MKUSIC: I agree, Vrwriter!  Kat, waxing poetic on us?
Epaff:  What sort of paper obsesses you for four years?
K Vogele:       maybe i should funnel everything into the vr.5 newsletter, eh?
K Vogele:       i was ed-in-chief of my high school paper; we switched to a
magazine my senior year
Zanda:  That's an idea! :)
K Vogele:       i was much more organized; never lost any marbles....hehehe
MKUSIC: Hey, that's a question.  Anyonwant to submit writing to the
Vrwriter:       Kat, I started out on newspapers.  It's good training for a
whole lot of things.  Tiring..
Epaff:  Oh, newspaper. I was thinking term paper. Never mind. Sorry.
Vrwriter:       What kind of writing, Lisa?
Zanda:  Same here Eric :)
K Vogele:       I'm not sure I want newspapers for career... I much preferred
MKUSIC: It's ok, Eric.  I thought she said termpaper too.
MKUSIC: Vrw anything VR5 or VS related.  Fan fic, analysis, etc.
Epaff:  Thanks, Zanda!:)
Epaff:  and Lisa
Vrwriter:       Kat, my daughter just made the same choice.
MKUSIC: sn the deep planning stages  so I imagine they will need material.
Vrwriter:       I'll see if anybody I know wants to submit to the newsletter.
MKUSIC: Why, Vrwriter?  Thinking of writing for it????  
Zanda:  Any one come up w/ a logo for VRS yet?
Vrwriter:       Like what?  I think Donna and Linda and Kay have the corner on
MKUSIC: Well, yes.  But I'm sure everyone would love something from YOU!!!
Vrwriter:       Let's you and me e-mail about that, okay, Lisa?
MKUSIC: Ok, no problem!
K Vogele:       yes! yay!  fanfic from an actual writer of vr.5 would be
better than fanfic....
K Vogele:       :)
K Vogele:       
Epaff:  no question!
Vrwriter:       I don't think so.  A lot of what I've read so far is just
Can't wait for Kay's
K Vogele:       logo...have we?
Vrwriter:       next chapter...
Vrwriter:       I'm going to have to leave soon, and I won't be here next
week. Anybody got anything
Vrwriter:       else for right now?
K Vogele:       not at the moment...
Epaff:  Just good wishes.
Zanda:  Why won't you be here next week?
K Vogele:       we'll miss you next week!  (though I'll probably forget...)
Zanda:  :(
K Vogele:       ack!  then I won't be here for two sundays!
Vrwriter:       A little family obligated vacation.  I'm taking the notebook
 me and I might try to
MKUSIC: Wwll miss you Vrwriter!
Zanda:  No, K ..... Lisa forgets.
Vrwriter:       get h ere if I can figure it out.
Epaff:  OK, who'll remind Kat?
K Vogele:       :)  as long as I remember that it's Sunday, I'm fine...
K Vogele:       :)
MKUSIC: I writing it on the well in indelible black ink - I'll remind
MKUSIC: That's wall!!
Epaff:  Sunday?! Oh, hell, I'm late for church.
K Vogele:       huh?  I doubt you're in the eastern time zone...
Vrwriter:       I just remembered.  A quote from Oliver about look for the
flow. That's flaw.  It's his
Vrwriter:       accent that tripped up the interpreter...
K Vogele:       ahhh...thank you, vrw!
MKUSIC: Where is he from in England, London?
K Vogele:       it's a good quote, though...
Zanda:  He needs an interpreter?
Vrwriter:       Just north of London, I think.  But he lives there now.
Vrwriter:       The closed-caption interpreter is what I meant.
K Vogele:       his family is industry, isn't it?  what do they think of vr.5?
K Vogele:       oh, and did you ever talk with him about Rocky Horror?
Vrwriter:       His family is indeed industry, and I never talked to him about
that.  I'll see if I can get
Vrwriter:       an answer.  And we used to laugh about Rocky Horror.  Garters,
runs in stockings and
Zanda:  Were you able to find out how the soundtrack sales are doing?
MKUSIC: I guess we did have a few more things for you Vrwriter!  
Vrwriter:       wobbling about on high heels.  Very funny stuff.
Vrwriter:       Soundtrack.  Darn.  They never got back to me.  I'll write
myself a
note to check.
K Vogele:       how tall is he, without heels?
K Vogele:       
Vrwriter:       Tall enough 
K Vogele:       OK, no more questions by me...
Zanda:  He's enough period.  :) So is ME
MKUSIC: I'd guess about 6 to 6'2".
Vrwriter:       He's about 6 feet, I think.
Zanda:  6' : 6'2" in heels.
Vrwriter:       Somebody go throw cold water on Zanda .  I gotta go.  I'll
try to get back next week.
K Vogele:       bye vrw!
Vrwriter:       Bye.
MKUSIC: Bye vrwriter!  Thanks for coming!
MargyMP:        bye! and thanks!
Zanda:  Bye, VRW <<>>
K Vogele:       yeah!  thank you for coming!
Epaff:  bye!
Vrwriter:       You're welcome as always.  Bye.
OnlineHost:     Vrwriter has left the room.
Zanda:  It's hot w/o them the water feels good
Epaff:  The water is truth.
K Vogele:       :)
Zanda:  The truth is it's cold....  :)
MKUSIC: Does anyone else find themselves throwing out quotes and getting the
strangest looks???
Zanda:  All the time.
MargyMP:        :D -yes
Epaff:  Whom, I? Did we ever resolve when Syd said VR is "better than sex"?
Zanda:  Oh you mean from the show don't you :)
K Vogele:       All I know is that when I went shopping, I told my mother that
a cardigan reminded me of D
K Vogele:       and she was baffled
Zanda:  Yes, to that too then.
MKUSIC: No the sex thing is still being debated!!
K Vogele:       she seemed pretty sure that syd hadn't had sex...
K Vogele:       but then again, it *is* only a character...
Zanda:  Did Syd and Dunc ever do it?
K Vogele:       Zanda!
K Vogele:       that'd be like incest!
Zanda:  Well....
K Vogele:       I gotta go soon
MargyMP:        This was great re-living all my lit. classes! but must depart,
MKUSIC: Swhat is her basis for comparison???  Why must everyone insist on
virgin status?  Was it Vrw who thoug
Zanda:  What's the old saying about best.....
MKUSIC: t so?  h what I missed?
K Vogele             : bye margy
K Vogele             : hi noesis
Epaff                   : bye margy!
Noesis                 : greetings and salutations
Zanda                 : Hey N
Epaff                   : hi noesis
K Vogele             : n, you oughta join the mail list
MKUSIC               : Hi!!!
Noesis                 : where's vr writer this eve?
K Vogele             : just left
K Vogele             : we're wrapping up, kinda...
K Vogele             : or are we?
Noesis                 : anything new on the horizon?
K Vogele             : I gotta go, though...Lisa, can you shut down
everything? Close
                             the log, et cetera?
K Vogele             : I'll email you what I have of before you were here...
Zanda                 : Remember the first ep w/ D & S in VR, the shower
MKUSIC               : I got it Kat!
MKUSIC               : Noesis, I will send you stuff!!
K Vogele             : ko.  bye guys...keep on storming, and Save Our Syd!
Noesis                 : safe journey
Zanda                 : Type to you later Kat
MKUSIC               : Yes, Zanda?
Zanda                 : What did you think,. had S & D ever done it before?
Epaff                   : Guess I'll start clearing the hall too. Thanks for
the great time,
                             folks! Next week?
Zanda                 : I think D wants to.
Zanda                 : See ya E
MKUSIC               : Bye Eric!!
Epaff                   : 'bye all!
Zanda                 : Well, I guess it's time to go.
MKUSIC               : Yeah, bill is building!
Zanda                 : See ya next week
MKUSIC               : Bye!

* Vrwriter very kindly checked in from Montana while on vacation.
  The VR.5 soundtrack's doing very well in terms of sales, plus more info
  and discussion!
  23 July 1995
  Provided by Lisa Cunningham 

OnlineHost:     *** You are in "VR5 Chat". ***
OnlineHost:     MKUSIC has entered the room.
VR5 VStorm:     THERE you are!
OnlineHost:     MKUSIC has left the room.
OnlineHost:     MKUSIC has entered the room.
VR5 VStorm:     Weird... oh, hi!!!
VR5 VStorm:     ::)
VR5 VStorm:     Where is everybody?? I
VR5 VStorm:     've checked and nobody's online 'cept us
MKUSIC: Yeah!  Logging on!
VR5 VStorm       : ::)
VR5 VStorm       : Where is everybody?? I
VR5 VStorm       : 've checked and nobody's online 'cept us
MKUSIC               : Yeah!  Logging on!
MKUSIC               : Well, Kat said she'd try but wasn't sure.  Epaff I
haven't heard
MKUSIC               : Carmen said she was having storms in Maine
MKUSIC               : Vrwriter is on vacay
VR5 VStorm       : Check your mailbox, I just mailed ya the first bit //
MKUSIC               : Spose it could be just us!  
VR5 VStorm       : Then it would just be you--my time limit, remember
MKUSIC               : Carmen is a new AOL Stormer
VR5 VStorm       : Scary...
VR5 VStorm       : Hi Zanda!
Zanda                 : Hey, I made it!
VR5 VStorm       : Hi Eric!
Epaff                   : Hello?
VR5 VStorm       : And I was wondering where everyone was! ::D
MKUSIC               : Zanda!  Epaff!  Hiay!
Zanda                 : Hi Storm, E & M
MKUSIC               : Anyone else have trouble getting in?!?
Epaff                   : Well, we're here! Hi, Z et al.!
Zanda                 : I never knew Lori was People 50 Most Beatuiful....
Epaff                   : I was distracted for a sec by the hypnosis
fantasy room. Didn't
                             go in, though...
Zanda                 : No trouble
VR5 VStorm       : Don't think I wanna know... ::) // Yep that bit about
Lori, on the
                             Web site, but no picture
MKUSIC               : Hypnosis fantasy room?
MKUSIC               : Got mail VR5Vstorm!
Epaff                   : In the chat room list. There were 2 in it, and I
hated to intrude.
VR5 VStorm       : Hello!
Epaff                   : Hello!
Rivrofdrms          : hello everyone..
MKUSIC               : LOL!
Zanda                 : Ok, that was suppose to be Beautiful, I can't help
it I'm still half
MKUSIC               : Hey Carmen!
K Vogele             : 'ello
Zanda                 : Hey R & K
VR5 VStorm       : Hi Kat!
Epaff                   : Hi K!
Rivrofdrms          : hi lisa
K Vogele             : :D
MKUSIC               : Hi Kat!
K Vogele             : I made it!
VR5 VStorm       : Did ya get message board update, Kat?
Rivrofdrms          : So whats up? what are we chating about tonite?
K Vogele             : Have we found a subject yet?
VR5 VStorm       : VRW!!!
Rivrofdrms          : ive got one
K Vogele             : Havne't checked my mail yet
MKUSIC               : How's everybody doing?
Epaff                   : Good! And without a wake-up call:)
K Vogele             : VRW!  How are you?  THought u were on vacation!
Epaff                   : Hi VRW!
MKUSIC               : No.Wat do we t talk about?
Zanda                 : Huge Picture in People, she wearing a pink dress.
Vrwriter             : Hi. I am.  Out in the wilds of Nowhere Montana, so I
can't stay
                             too long
K Vogele             : (oliver, lisa -- oliver, of course!)
MKUSIC               : VRwriter!!!!  
Epaff                   : What issue? When?
Zanda                 : Hey VRW
Vrwriter             : Hi, Lisa.
K Vogele             : You're taking time off your vacation to talk to us?
K Vogele             : Gawrsh, you're keul
K Vogele             : :)
Zanda                 : 50 Most Beautiful People
Epaff                   : *Way* keul.
Vrwriter             : Sure, my nephews are watching and giggling at this
                             on-line thing, Education.
K Vogele             : Syd in a pink dress?
MKUSIC               :   Anything for education!
K Vogele             : I guess she wore one in Simon's Choice, though
Rivrofdrms          : VrW... do you write for the show?
Vrwriter             : I wrote one of the episodes.
Vrwriter             : And everybody here knows it was Alex.  
Rivrofdrms          : interested in gettin another story?
Zanda                 : Hey, just make sure they watch out for the
hypnotism room.
                             Eric almost went in....
Zanda                 : there
VR5 VStorm       : Hi nephews! ::)
Epaff                   : I wonder how late they're open...
Vrwriter             : For VR5 or some other series?  Yes to either...
K Vogele             : hi nephews!
Rivrofdrms          : anything for the X-files?
Vrwriter             : The boys say hi 
K Vogele             : oh, hey, vrw -- you've been lurking:  cats or non?
Zanda                 : Yes, Hey kids related to VRW!!! :()
Vrwriter             : I wish, Rivrofdrms.
Epaff                   : Hooray for the younger generation!
K Vogele             : hip hip...
Vrwriter             : I have one cat and one dog at the moment.  I've had
as many as
                             eight cats at once,
K Vogele             : hooray!
Rivrofdrms          : Love that show Way to much..
K Vogele             : 8!  Wow, you've even got lisa beat
Epaff                   : Well done, all.
Vrwriter             : but I'm just down to my Egyptian princess
reincarnate (or at
                             least she thinks so).
MKUSIC               : 8 cats?!?!   I have 5 now?
VR5 VStorm       : Uh...I have fishies... ::)
Vrwriter             : The eight included 5 kittens, who went to good homes.
Epaff                   : I feel inadequate, having only one cat.
Zanda                 : I have dogs 23 grown, 15 pups
Rivrofdrms          : So anyone interested in my story line .... id give
you a little idea.
                             I have fish, cats,
MKUSIC               : VRwriter, got the Film Comment!  Great article!
Rivrofdrms          : kids and a hubby..
Vrwriter             : Sounds like Riv fits right in, huh?
K Vogele             : :)
MKUSIC               : Fish AND cats?  Ooooh!  Dangerous!
Epaff                   : We can raise her as one of our own.
MKUSIC               : Tell us the storyline!
Rivrofdrms          : i have an iguana named igloo...
Zanda                 : I use to have 16 cats a few years ago
Vrwriter             : Wasn't that FC article terrific, Lisa? Hope
everybody gets hold
                             of it.
MKUSIC               : Live on a framZanda????
K Vogele             : god.  one loyal stuffed animal is all i can handle
Zanda                 : Sort of.
VR5 VStorm       : <-----hoping there's a web site??
MKUSIC               : I posted quotes to the mailing list.
Vrwriter             : Riv, are you a writer?
Epaff                   : Why would Z live on an air filter?
Vrwriter             : :-)
K Vogele             : 
Rivrofdrms          : Story line... VR5, regaining lost memory for adults
that suffer
                             now from PTSD etc..
MKUSIC               : That was farm, Eric!!  
Zanda                 : Because it's the only way to get clean air around
here  :)
Rivrofdrms          : finding the core of all memories so that they no
longer have to
                             suffer with flashbacks.
Vrwriter             : That's kind of what Facing the Fire was about in its
                             incarnation, Riv.  Nice idea.
K Vogele             : Hi greg
VR5 VStorm       : Hi Greg!
Zanda                 : Hey, Greg
GREG2GO            : hi:)
VR5 VStorm       : Did you read my e-mail?
Vrwriter             : Hi Greg.
GREG2GO            : i loved VR5 i want to cry now that it is gone:(
GREG2GO            : i have not read the mail yet
MKUSIC               : Hi Greg
Rivrofdrms          : Would you like me to write it up...
K Vogele             : oh, hey, vrw:  can you get ahold of any ASH
                             footage/pictures/soundtrack doing FrankNFurter?
VR5 VStorm       : Later, then. ::)
MKUSIC               : Yes, Rivrofdrms!  Write it!
Vrwriter             : I know somebody's on the list has a contact in
London, and I
                             know there's a sound
Vrwriter             : track from the West End show, I've seen it (Anthony
in Dr. F.
                             getup, very funny), so I'll
MKUSIC               : 
Rivrofdrms          :  ok ill work on it tomorrow
K Vogele             : no picts?  :(
Vrwriter             : check around and whoever has that contact might
insist on
                             the CD's existence and push
Vrwriter             : a little harder.
GREG2GO            : do you think they will resolve the ending???
Rivrofdrms          : will have it done hopefully bye next meeting.
MKUSIC               : The guy in London hnks he only recored Transvestite.
K Vogele             : of VR5?  Hey, man, it's coming back....we'll see it
the next
Zanda                 : Ok, I have a question for everyone??????????
Vrwriter             : Lisa, I'll check with my person here who has the CD
and see
                             what she says.
K Vogele             : do you know, vrw, if anyone else we'd recognize was
in that
                             Rocky Horror cast?
Epaff                   : It's coming back? Really?
MKUSIC               : Thanks.
K Vogele             : well, we're working on it
GREG2GO            : where will it be coming back to ??
GREG2GO            : fox?
K Vogele             : getting it to come back, i mean
MKUSIC               : Thanks, Kat!
Vrwriter             : I didn't recognize anybody, Kat.  I'll ask.
K Vogele             : (just being optimistic)
VR5 VStorm       : We're gonna bring it back!! Virtual Storm is real!
VR5 VStorm       : ::)
Zanda                 : Of all the chacters on the show which one would you
like to
K Vogele             : STorm on!
Epaff                   : I see. So they are still getting my letters.
K Vogele             : Sydney
K Vogele             : (or maybe Alex, but only 5 years ago)
K Vogele             : :)
MKUSIC               : Syd!!!  Or Duncan.
VR5 VStorm       : New discussion thread, Z? ::D
Vrwriter             : :-)
VR5 VStorm       : I don't think I know any of the characters well enough...
Epaff                   : OS or Dunc, whoever ends up with Sydney. I'm more
                             the Morgan type, though.
Vrwriter             : And yes, Eric, people are still getting your letters.
Epaff                   : Thanks for the reassurance!
Zanda                 : I would want to be anywomqn who has every slept
with Dunc.
MKUSIC               : Who are you writing, Eric?
K Vogele             : I think we all ought to bombard Rysher and JSY on
the same
                             day...you know...
Rivrofdrms          : sydney,,, i have this addiction to computers.. i
would love to
                             actually do VR....
K Vogele             : so the mail doesn't just trickle in, it floods in!
Epaff                   : The fox and Rysher folks.
K Vogele             : fox...
K Vogele             : no comment
MKUSIC               : Cool!  Me too.
Rivrofdrms          : i need addresses to thes people..
GREG2GO            : does anyone here work for the show??
VR5 VStorm       : After you read this chat log, WRITE A LETTER!!!!! ::D
MKUSIC               : Well, Zanda, Dunc fan???
K Vogele             : OK!
K Vogele             : vrw works for the show
Vrwriter             : Correction--I used to work for the show.
MKUSIC               : Rivrofdrms, I can send you addresses!!
K Vogele             : oh, nonsense.  it's coming back and you'll work for
it then.
                             everyone loved alex too much
Epaff                   : And will again we hope!
Rivrofdrms          : yes but other execs... maybe theyd snatch up my story
                             and run with it
VR5 VStorm       : Will work for the show again in the future...
K Vogele             : to not bring you back!
Zanda                 : Ok, I would also like to be anywoman that has ever
slept w/OS
GREG2GO            : can you tell me what will happen when the show comes
Vrwriter             : That's nice, ya'll.  And I promise not to steal
anyone's storyline
VR5 VStorm       : PARTY!
GREG2GO            : i want to know what happens to Sydney
K Vogele             : party, definitely!
MKUSIC               : We ALL do, Greg!
K Vogele             : i want to know what happens to syd and
oliver...getting out of
                             vr.7 seems so insignificant
Vrwriter             : Greg, that would have to be worked out between all the
K Vogele             : next to getting together with OS
Epaff                   : Party at Zanda's?
K Vogele             : but i'm just a hopeless romantic
Vrwriter             : Kat, you are incorrigible.
GREG2GO            : do you have a little teeny weeny clue??
MKUSIC               : Where is Zanda's?
VR5 VStorm       : Oops! Looks like Kat got kicked out
GREG2GO            : you guys watch lois and clark?
GREG2GO            : it is on right now
VR5 VStorm       : Nice online profile, Greg. ::)
Zanda                 : Ok, but only if Dunc shows. :)
Rivrofdrms          : maybe we should name her Alleykat?LOL
Vrwriter             : I watch L&C.
GREG2GO            : i love L&C:)
GREG2GO            : cant wait till it comes back next season
Zanda                 : And don't investigate if you hear banter in the barn.
Rivrofdrms          : L and C?
Vrwriter             : I like it, too.  They've worked hard to get it
really going well.
K Vogele             : Damn.  There is now a room called VR5 Dhat
K Vogele             : (the comp bombed out on me.)
VR5 VStorm       : And Kat is back!!!
Epaff                   : Banter or bantams?
K Vogele             : like what?
MKUSIC               : Lois and Clark.
VR5 VStorm       : No, Kat, if  the room is empty it disappears!
K Vogele             : ah.  yes.  it's so funny to see terri hatcher doing
her bimbo act
                             in Soapdish
Rivrofdrms          : Nah.. watching Seaquest
GREG2GO            : Lois and clark, x files. and vr5 were my fav shows
K Vogele             : (ah.  good to know, michele!)
MKUSIC               : Not a big L&C fan - watched 1st season only.
K Vogele             : ( i just saw _9 Months_.  i'm in a british mood
tonight.  forgive
                             me if i say ah, eh, and
Vrwriter             : For the ASH fans, there are a couple of nice photos
of Oliver at
Vrwriter             : franknw/photos.
K Vogele             : anything else british tonight)
Zanda                 : Banter/bantams - doesn't matter just don't come
Epaff                   : I have yet to see L&C. What makes it worth watching?
VR5 VStorm       : Reference to Nathan again??!!! ::D ;)
MKUSIC               : Vrwriter, did you get the other picture you needed?
Rivrofdrms          : Xfiles.. ER.. VR5 my favs
Vrwriter             : Stanley's working on it, Lisa.  Thanks.
MKUSIC               : Good.   
Rivrofdrms          : im an EMT
GREG2GO            : watch Friends??
K Vogele             : I watched L&C for the sexual tension between lois
and clark
GREG2GO            : i love that show cracks me up:)
GREG2GO            : yeah they have cool sexual tension
K Vogele             : same reason i watch a lot of shows
Rivrofdrms          : sure do.. that and Home improvement
Epaff                   : Tension is good...
GREG2GO            : love the banter they have
GREG2GO            : like Moonlighting
Vrwriter             : Riv, no wonder you like ER.  I used to work in ERs
once upon a
                             time, and I like it too.
Zanda                 : VRW did you find out about the soundtrack sales???
K Vogele             : then i quit watching after last season when lois
told clark
                             they'd never get together
K Vogele             : the nanny is good for sexual tension
K Vogele             : mindless but funny
Vrwriter             : Zanda, they're doing quite well, enough to warrant
                             investigating a second CD.  I don't
Rivrofdrms          : Silk stockings is sexual tension.. So is Xfiles.
Vrwriter             : have the exact figures yet, but they sounded very
                             upbeat about it.
Epaff                   : I'd watch the Nanny more except for Fran's voice.
K Vogele             : XF....god, chris carter hates to think of it as tension
VR5 VStorm       : YES!!!
K Vogele             : that's what i keep reading
VR5 VStorm       : (about CD ::)
MKUSIC               : Great news on CD!!!!!!!!!!!
GREG2GO            : really scully and mulder must not like sex at all
Zanda                 : COOL!!!!! Another Soundtrack!!!!!
K Vogele             : eh, fran drescher's cool.  i hope when i'm 37 i look
like that
K Vogele             : greg!
Rivrofdrms          : What does he think it is.. Didnt sidney take duncan
into VR5 for
                             that sexual tension thing
K Vogele             : i thought for a long time mulder and scully'd be
good together
Rivrofdrms          : in one episode
Epaff                   : Will the new CD have the MOrgan death music? Or
does anyone
MKUSIC               : Do Fox and Rysher know about the soundtrack?  , Rysher
                             hknow right??
K Vogele             : but next to oliver and syd...mulder and scully look
like siblings
MKUSIC               : That's Rysher has to know, right?
Vrwriter             : I've passed along the Morgan death music question
and haven't
                             heard back.  I'll keep
Vrwriter             : checking.
K Vogele             : ack!  i love that song!  the one where it sounds
like they're
                             singing in latin while he's
K Vogele             : getting stabbed?
Epaff                   : Thanks!
Vrwriter             : Rysher certainly knows about the CD.
Epaff                   : I watch the Morgan death scene over and over just
for the
K Vogele             : whoa.  i just caught up to the CD banter.
K Vogele             : a second CD?
K Vogele             : how well?  don't they think this *shows* that
Nielson ratings
Vrwriter             : Yes, Kat.  And soon,they hope.
K Vogele             : :D
K Vogele             : (is there any bigger smile than that?)
Vrwriter             : Rysher's actually the ones still trying for
syndication, so
                             they're more or less on the
Vrwriter             : Storm's side.
GREG2GO            : is there a vr5 cd??
MKUSIC               : I think someone in the FAQ tells what that piece is
- Morgan's
                             death music
Zanda                 : What about JOC not coming back for Sliders, any hope
                             might replace it?
K Vogele             : who's against syndication, then?
Vrwriter             : Yes, Greg.  Music by John Frizzell.  Anyone got the
MKUSIC               : Yes, Greg ad it's great
VR5 VStorm       : It's in your e-mail, Greg
Zanda                 : VR5 Soundtrack is availible .
Epaff                   : I haven't read the latest FAQ; all I remember is
                             about M. Butterfly.
GREG2GO            : where can you get it??
Zanda                 : It's put out by Rysher
Epaff                   : I got the CD at Tower Records.
GREG2GO            : any record store??
VR5 VStorm       : Any store should have it--shop around for lowest price ::)
K Vogele             : i got mine at camelot!
Zanda                 : Any music store should have it now....
MKUSIC               : I think that is what I was rerring to Eric
K Vogele             : (but paid 18 or 19 bucks for it)
Zanda                 : That is if there not sold out :)
K Vogele             : so who's against syndication?
K Vogele             : if rysher is for it?
MKUSIC               : Sheesh!  I paid $7
Zanda                 : I got mine for $14
Epaff                   : OK, I'll keep checking. And don't shop around;
buy one
                             everywhere you go!
VR5 VStorm       : Not fair, Lisa! You have connections ;)
K Vogele             : CHRIST!  Lisa, you're doing all my cd shopping from
Vrwriter             : Nobody, Kat.  It's all a matter of economics and
                             Very objective stuff.
K Vogele             : oh, yeah -- that's true.
K Vogele             : (about lisa's having connections)
K Vogele             : so, vrw, should we be writing to their bank?  the
                             anyone else?
MKUSIC               : No Prob, Kat - can do!  It's our business!
Epaff                   : As always, we face The Attack of the Quantifiers.
K Vogele             : :)
Rivrofdrms          : sliders isnt coming back is it.. that was like really
weird.. its
                             worse than baywatch
Vrwriter             : Sliders is in limbo, but I wouldn't bet against it's
Vrwriter             : In some incarnation, anyway.
Zanda                 : W/O JOC, how could it?
Rivrofdrms          : thank god for that. more room for VR5...
K Vogele             : JOC may be gone but the brilliant physic student lives
Vrwriter             : Hey, Cheers survived when Shelly Long left, right?  
VR5 VStorm       : Now, now...we have Sliders fans here...
K Vogele             : just in another actor, of course
K Vogele             : gee...pauly shore would be good for the role, doncha
MKUSIC               : VRw, what's the scoop on Sam and the actressna new
                             Do you know?
K Vogele             : :D
K Vogele             : oh, hey, yeah!  tracy needham!
Zanda                 : Ok, but Cheers was a good show..
GREG2GO            : so what new kinds of ideas do you have vrwriter for other
                             shows of sciene fiction or for vr5?
K Vogele             : :)
MKUSIC               : Thanks Kat - blanked for a second!
Zanda                 : We're talking Sliders here :P
Vrwriter             : As a professional writer, Greg, I don't have ideas
unless they
                             pay me first .
K Vogele             : LOL
VR5 VStorm       : How about fan-fic? ::)
GREG2GO            : got you:) sounds good LOL
Epaff                   : :)
Zanda                 : :)
MKUSIC               : Great answer, Vrw!!  LOL and clapping!
Vrwriter             : As I said last week, I think Linda, Lisa, Kay et al
are doing a
                             terrific job.  I'd like to
Vrwriter             : see more, see what people are thinking.  It's a
fascinating show
                             and leaves itself
K Vogele             : Lisa?  Did I miss your fanfic?
Vrwriter             : open for all kinds of interesting ways to go.  For
my money,
                             Shock Therapy was a
Vrwriter             : terrific solution to the VR7 problem.
MKUSIC               : Read Shock Therapy BTW - excellent stuff!
Epaff                   : I agree!
MKUSIC               : Um, Kat, no.  Perhaps Vrw is referring to my
                             synopsis/treatment for a movie.
K Vogele             : very true!
Rivrofdrms          : Where do i find this fanfic?
VR5 VStorm       : What do you think, everyone? Should I upload it here?
K Vogele             : hmmmn...think i missed that, too.  
email me
                             your movie treatment, lisa?
K Vogele             : upload what?
Vrwriter             : Riv, I don't have the FTP site address with me, but
I'm sure
                             somebody around here
Vrwriter             : does.
Epaff                   : I'd love a copy!
MKUSIC               : Will do, Kat - if I can find it   s, Michele!
VR5 VStorm       : The fan-fic archive
VR5 VStorm       : I plan to download it Tuesday, along with new FAQ
VR5 VStorm       : (Yes Jon I really do read them!!! ::)
Rivrofdrms          : send me all the info you have someone.. i want to
find it. Thank
K Vogele             : yes!  upload it here!
VR5 VStorm       : I'll send you my guide, Carmen
GREG2GO            : well i cant wait to buy the Vr5 cd this week:)
K Vogele             : it's good to write fanfic to
K Vogele             : i had something of an idea i've been playing with
Vrwriter             : I'm going to have to get off pretty quick here.  I hope
                             everybody finds the July-August
Vrwriter             : Film Comment.  That article should generate a lot of
VR5 VStorm       : Bye VRW! Thanks for coming!
K Vogele             : that i'm going to have to write, soon
Epaff                   : What's the idea, K? any hints?
K Vogele             : bye vrw!
Vrwriter             : Bye.  Next week?
K Vogele             : that was July or August Film Comment?  I thought
that was old!
Zanda                 : Where do I look for it?
VR5 VStorm       : YES!
GREG2GO            : bye vrwriter:) hope the show comes back:)
Rivrofdrms          : bye vrw..nice meeting you look forward to chatting
Epaff                   : Bye, VRW! Thanks for taking vacation time for us.
K Vogele             : oh...you know, typical committee stuff...and you
know me, it'll
                             be an oliver episode
Zanda                 : Bye, VRW & Nephews. :)
MKUSIC               : Bye Vrwriter!!
Vrwriter             : July-August is just now on the newsstands.  bye,
Riv.  Later.
                             The boys say bye, too.
K Vogele             : bye vrw! (and nephews!0
K Vogele             : ))
Rivrofdrms          : bye nephews
VR5 VStorm       : Well, I stayed too long this week! ::0
MKUSIC               : Guys, tthat Film Comment - it is wonderful!!!
VR5 VStorm       : Actually I think that's ::O
GREG2GO            : any other VR5 merchandise out??
K Vogele             : :o  I like that!  :O  (just now finding the
different smiley faces)
MKUSIC               : Not yet, Greg.  I'm working on it!  
K Vogele             : go Lisa!  
Rivrofdrms          : well all it was nice to meet all of you.. i just
heard another
                             rumble of thunder and i like
K Vogele             : I want a Commitee ring.  or maybe a pin>
K Vogele             : ?
Rivrofdrms          : my computer
K Vogele             : where are you, riv?
Rivrofdrms          : Maine... its been on again off again all day.. i hate
K Vogele             : went there once...to kittery and ogundquit.  and
visited a few
                             colleges.  i've heard winters
K Vogele             : are hell
GREG2GO            : a cool vr5 screen saver would be cool
Rivrofdrms          : i want a committee pin..
GREG2GO            : or vr5 books...that is if they dont keep the show on
K Vogele             : oh, yeah, screen saver!  think -- swirling commitee
symbols, the
                             occassional flash of oliver
K Vogele             : or syd...
K Vogele             : or duncan...
VR5 VStorm       : Books even while show is on will be cool! ::)
Epaff                   : Esp. Syd!
K Vogele             : heck, even a young dr. bloom would be nice
GREG2GO            : yeah that would be cool..or the way the screen looked
                             she went into vr
Epaff                   : Or Sam....
Rivrofdrms          : winters are hell.. and summers are wierd, fall is
tranquil and
                             spring is well wet...
GREG2GO            : and makes that cool sound
GREG2GO            : where is everyone at anyway?
GREG2GO            : i am in VA
K Vogele             : (was that him in his youth, on the screen when morgan
                             modemed her the file?)
K Vogele             : (dr. b)
K Vogele             : Cleveland
K Vogele             : OH
Zanda                 : Scrren saver of the Maze Syd was going through that
                             into committee sym
VR5 VStorm       : Near San Francisco
Rivrofdrms          : Nite to all...
K Vogele             : night, riv
VR5 VStorm       : Neat idea, Zanda
Epaff                   : Night, Riv!
GREG2GO            : i would like a vr5 hat to go with my xfiles one
K Vogele             : i like that idea, z!
VR5 VStorm       : Bye!
Zanda                 : Cincy, OH
K Vogele             : vr5 hat...yes!
K Vogele             : Zanda -- you're in Ohio?
MKUSIC               : Bye Carmen!
K Vogele             : Where is Cincy?
K Vogele             : bye carmen!Q
Zanda                 : Bye, Carmen
K Vogele             : (without the q)
VR5 VStorm       : The mailing list is down! Drat!
Zanda                 : Cincy = Cincinnati
K Vogele             : no!
MKUSIC               : Im in LA - sort of.
K Vogele             : hmmn.  4 hours away, isn't it?  hmmmn...
K Vogele             : :D
GREG2GO            : LA? thats cool i would love to visit CA sometime
MKUSIC               : Working on hats, rings, mugs, tshirts, etc.
K Vogele             : are you in oakland, lisa?  i think i found it on a map
Zanda                 : Yeah about 5 hours, I live close to Ind.
K Vogele             : (looking for my roomie's town)
VR5 VStorm       : Anywhere near Hollywood, Lisa? Will be there soon...
VR5 VStorm       : Missing David by a week, so no VR.5 party for me... ::(
K Vogele             : grrrr....party!  party!  party!
K Vogele             : sucks to be me on the west coast
K Vogele             : no, wait, east coast
MKUSIC               : No Oakland near SFO.  Im south.
K Vogele             : 
K Vogele             : that's my uncanny sense of direction kicking in
MKUSIC               : Yes, hour from Hollywood.
Epaff                   : Any coast in a storm....
Zanda                 : You want to be on the west coast Kat
VR5 VStorm       : That's kinda far...
K Vogele             : ok...bye greg
K Vogele             : maybe so, z!
MKUSIC               : An hour????  Not in LA traffic it's not!  
It's close!
VR5 VStorm       : ::) Well, I'll see what I kin do about it. I may not be
able to get
                             my tape from David..
VR5 VStorm       : this week. ::(
MKUSIC               : He's here on Friday!  Can't wait!!
K Vogele             : so you guys are having a party?
Epaff                   : A aprty? Anywhere near DC?
K Vogele             : 
VR5 VStorm       : I could always run away.... ::) 
K Vogele             : I thought that was today!
K Vogele             : the party, i mean
VR5 VStorm       : No he's in SF today!!!
VR5 VStorm       : Read my update when the list is working again
MKUSIC               : Well, he's cominv and we are watchng the tapes.  Is
that a
VR5 VStorm       : YES
K Vogele             : then are you going to see him, michele?
K Vogele             : yes, that's a party...
VR5 VStorm       : I'm trying to work it out, but it seems my grandparents
                             be going out this week
K Vogele             : :D
MKUSIC               : Michele, isn't he in SFO all week?
VR5 VStorm       : Til Friday
VR5 VStorm       : I called, he'd checked in but he wasn't there
MKUSIC               : How far away do you live?
MKUSIC               : From the city I mean?
VR5 VStorm       : Not far--parking's horrid though
VR5 VStorm       : And there's no way I can get there by myself, so...
MKUSIC               : Parking?????  In SFO???!!! Surely you jest!!
K Vogele             : isn't there a subway system or something?
Zanda                 : I have a mad idea......that I happen to get from a
K Vogele             : what does SFO stand for?  San Francisco what?
VR5 VStorm       : Bart, yeah
VR5 VStorm       : SFO--the airport
VR5 VStorm       : he's at Fisherman's Wharf
VR5 VStorm       : Bart--Bay Area Rapid Transit
VR5 VStorm       : (I think)
K Vogele             : ahhh.  got it.  have you seen "What's Up Doc?"  1971
movie.                             hilarious.
K Vogele             : (it's set in SF)
Zanda                 : Lets get the Home Phone #'s of everyone at Rysher
and call
                             them :P
K Vogele             : (oddly enough, set during a convention)
MKUSIC               : I love ta movie Kat!!
K Vogele             : Zanda!  love the idea!
MKUSIC               : 
K Vogele             : ack!  Isn't it the *best* movie?
K Vogele             : i'm not that big a streisand fan, tho
VR5 VStorm       : Haven't seen it..
K Vogele             : you *must* rent it, michele!
MKUSIC               : Everyone here see Convention Part 5??
K Vogele             : i'm trying to figure out how many hours i am from you
                             people by car....
K Vogele             : 48?  50?
VR5 VStorm       : Yes!! ::D LOL, John!!!!!
Epaff                   : No, what's Part 5?
K Vogele             : from cleveland to South Dakota it's 21 hours...
K Vogele             : part 5 is good!
VR5 VStorm       : And I'd be old enough to be an AOL host, too!!!
K Vogele             : (he finally got my name right!)
VR5 VStorm       : Convention
Zanda                 : A guy I work w/ actually did this to a famous
K Vogele             : ok...so who can we get?
K Vogele             : do we know how ms. st.john is liking the virtual storm?
Zanda                 : It takes about 5 days to drive across country....
MKUSIC               : The Convention is a fabrication of a future VR5 Con
from the
                             mind of John Dobbin
Epaff                   : Or 2 days, if you drive *really fast.*
VR5 VStorm       : ACK!!! I better go!! I'll upload everything Tuesday...
K Vogele             : :D  (that's me...speed demon!)
K Vogele             : ok!  bye, michele!
Epaff                   : I thought so, K!
Zanda                 : Bye VRS
K Vogele             : :)  I'm the *worst* driver.
Epaff                   : 'Bye, Michele!
VR5 VStorm       : *goodbye*
K Vogele             : why did my computer just say goodbye?
K Vogele             : *goodbye*
VR5 VStorm       : (for the AOL impaired, that's how you send a sound file in
Zanda                 : *goodbye*
K Vogele             : ooh!  hey!  i can do it too!
VR5 VStorm       : Alright already! I'm leaving!!!!
K Vogele             : {welcome
K Vogele             : maybe no..
VR5 VStorm       : *welcome*
MKUSIC               : Everytime  guys type goodbye my oputer talks to me!!
K Vogele             : *welcome*
VR5 VStorm       : *tada*
Zanda                 : *drop*
VR5 VStorm       : *quack*
VR5 VStorm       : (for Lisa?)
K Vogele             : {drop
K Vogele             : fudge.  OK.  no quack, no tada....gonna hafta get those
K Vogele             : got the drop, tho
K Vogele             : :)
VR5 VStorm       : Lisa did quack work? It's for Mac
MKUSIC               : For Lisa?  Huh?
Epaff                   : Meanwhile, Eric grows more confused...
MKUSIC               : No quack!!!  
K Vogele             : yick.  macs.  i'm an ibm girl, myself
VR5 VStorm       : tada should be in your windows directory, Kat
K Vogele             : hmmmn.  i'll hafta check.
Epaff                   : Yay IBM!
K Vogele             : whoo-hoo!
Zanda                 : Everytime someone's drolling in here we ought to do...
Zanda                 : *drop*
K Vogele             : love it!
VR5 VStorm       : I take it ya don't have a sound card, Eric?
VR5 VStorm       : *gotmail*
Epaff                   : Nope. But I'm thimking of buying a Dell that may
have one.
Zanda                 : *tada*
K Vogele             : ack.  i gotta go before it gets too late.  i hafta
find someone to
                             take my hours at work
VR5 VStorm       : Oh gosh! Bye!
K Vogele             : before it gets too late
K Vogele             : :)
K Vogele             : bye michele!
Zanda                 : tada just told me I had mail?
MKUSIC               : Bye Kat!!!
K Vogele             : no, gotmail just told you got mail!
K Vogele             : }S tada
Zanda                 : *tada*
K Vogele             : *tada*
K Vogele             : nope, nothing
MKUSIC               : Fun with AOL!!!  
Zanda                 : There we go, it works now
K Vogele             : aahhh...happiness, is.  i'll hafta move some of my
vr5 .wav files
                             into my aol directory
K Vogele             : can i use those, then?
K Vogele             : then everytime someone new came, we could say, Virtual
                             Reality is Real!
K Vogele             : 
K Vogele             : OK.  gotta go.  bye guys!
Epaff                   : Good plan!
Epaff                   : 'bye, K!
Zanda                 : Bye K
MKUSIC               : Bya again Kat
Zanda                 : Looks like it's just us 3.
Epaff                   : I really should be signing off too. Time for the
weekly phone call
                             to the parental units.
MKUSIC               : Yes'm.
Zanda                 : I'm going to go see about a murder
MKUSIC               : Parental Units?!?!  
Zanda                 : Catch you guys next week
MKUSIC               : Murder???  What don't I know about you???
MKUSIC               : Bye Zanda
Zanda                 : No, AOL murder  mystery going on now.
Epaff                   : Yes, I *do* have them.
MKUSIC               : Glad to hear it Eric!!  You'd be real strange
MKUSIC               : We all should toddle off I guess
Epaff                   : Otherwise? You mean I'm normal now?
MKUSIC               : Wellll....sort of.
MKUSIC               : Gotta go.
Epaff                   : Thank you. And, good night. I'll see you next
week, and e-mail
                             you sooner.
MKUSIC               : Thanks Eric!  See ya!

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