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Born Feb. 15 in Manhattan Beach, Calif., Michael Easton is best known for his role of "Tanner" in the serial "Days of Our Lives," which lead to his selection as the only daytime performer recognized in People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" of 1992 issue. His other television credits include the mini-series "Dazzle" and the movie "Shadow of a Stranger."

Aside from acting, Easton likes to write poetry and screenplays. This form of self-expression comes alive in "Drift," a collection of thoughts written during a ten-month journey through New Mexico, Louisiana, New Orleans, Florida and New York. His screenplays include "Monty," which portrays the life of Montgomery Clift, and the now-in-development "Sadness of the Moon," the true life story of a teenage girl unjustly institutionalized and her one-year battle to get out.

Easton received a degree in English and History from UCLA. He is single and resides in Hollywood.


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