VR.5 is a one-hour science fiction/drama series from acclaimed executive producer/writer/director John Sacret Young ('China Beach") and co-executive producer Thania St. John ("Life Goes On"). Sydney Bloom (Lori Singer) is the daughter of Dr. Joseph Bloom (David McCallum), a neurobiologist on the cutting-edge of virtual reality research and technology. Sydney is haunted by the loss of her father and twin sister in a car accident many years ago. The trauma of this loss was so great that her mother, Nora (Academy Award-winner Louise Fletcher), a psychologist, slips into a coma due to an accidental medication overdose. Her recovery is the key to unlocking Sydney's past. Socially ill-at-ease, Sydney spends her days as a telephone lineswoman for Tel-Cal and her nights as a hacker on a "home-brew" computer system she assembled herself. One night, Sydney inadvertently taps into an open phone line and connects it to her computer modem, bringing the person on the other end into her computer world beyond what we know as virtual reality, what she comes to call VR.5. Utilizing this newfound skill to address issues and solve individual problems that elude conventional solutions, Sydney begins forays into this dimension with a phone call, pulling herself and the person she calls into an environment limited only by the scope of her imagination. As Sydney explores and alters dreams, memories and thoughts, she is subconsciously able to affect real-world behavior.

By assessing VR.5 (VR.1 is basic technology, a form of which is used in video games), she has moved through and past the various levels of VR -- at each level, escalating in danger, she becomes closer to knowing and seeing everything. As she goes deeper, she is involuntarily recruited into the enigmatic world of "The Committee," a secret, yet powerful organization with a duplicitous agenda, who enlist her aid in completing difficult and often dangerous assignments, sometimes against her better judgment. Also starring in the series are Michael Easton ("Days of Our Lives") as Duncan, Sydney's childhood friend, a knowing, yet quirky, fun and humorous confidante, and Anthony Stewart Head (the charming neighbor in the Taster's Choice coffee commercials) as Oliver Sampson, Sydney's dashing and dangerous "committee" contact who becomes involved with Sydney in a relationship that takes a "La Femme Nikita" edge. VR.5 is a Samoset Production in association with Rysher Entertainment.


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