(Executive Producer of VR.5)

John Sacret Young created and was executive producer of "China Beach." He was awarded the Writer's Guild of America Award, his second, for the episode "Souvenirs," which he also directed. He won the Peabody Award for the "Vets" episode that he wrote and directed, which incorporated interviews with Vietnam veterans. Other accolades for his work on "China Beach" include five Emmy Award nominations, the Golden Globe, People's Choice and seven Viewers For Quality Television Awards. All told, the show was nominated for 29 Emmys and eight Writer's guild Awards, and won 14 Viewers For Quality Television Awards.

His additional credits include the screenplay for the Oscar-nominated "Testament," "Romero," starring Raul Julia, for which he also served as executive producer, and "A Rumor of War," a Vietnam-based mini-series that garnered his first Writer's Guild of America Award. He wrote the novel "The Weather Tomorrow" and is now finishing "The Black Rainbow," to be published in 1996.


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