Stargate SG-1

 This page is a little out of date. I hope to be updating it soon.

The Stargate.

A device that enables a race called the Gou'auld to travel from one world to another. On each they are revered as gods, until a special team is formed and sent through an abandoned gate found not far from Giza...

That was only the beginning for Stargate SG-1, but the end for Ra.

Now multiple teams of explorers go through the Stargate, exploring worlds and battling the Gou'auld. The show focuses on the original team though, SG-1.

The Official Stargate SG1 site offers you a behind the scenes look at the show, bios of the actors and crew. Eventually they hope to have a chat up and running so that you can talk with other fans of the show - and possibly even the actors and crew!

Showtime's Stargate-SG1 site has some interesting information on it - it gives detailed information in the form of "eyes only " reports. You can look at the bios available, the artwork behind the scenes, and get more information from their database.


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