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Please note:  The copyright on The Sentinel and all it's characters is owned by Pet Fly Productions and Paramount.


by Kathy P.


"Oh, man."


"Why do I do this to myself?!"

The Sentinel of the Great City sat on the couch, listening more to the complaints coming from his roommate and partner’s room, than the game he was desperately trying to watch on TV.


 "Gotta have one more..."

That's it, Jim thought as he stood up.  He was going to have to save the guide from himself.

Moving over to the younger man's bedroom, he pushed his way in without even knocking.  His roommate looked at him from the bed where he was sitting propped up reading a book.  A book that happened to be upside down.

"Hand them over, Sandburg."

"Urp!! Jim! What are you talking about?" Blair replied innocently, and uselessly as the Sentinel pinned him with a hard look.

"Give it up, Chief.  I can smell them behind you're back.  Now, hand them over and you won't get hurt."

With a few muttered complaints, Blair reached behind his pillow and pulled out several yellow boxes.  "Now, Jim, don't do anything you're going to regret."

Taking the boxes from the younger man, Jim put them under his arm and turned to leave.  "Don't worry Blair, I won’t do anything that you wouldn't do."

With a wink the older man left the room, shutting the door to his suspicion roommate.

Moving back into the living room, Jim sat back down on the couch with his confiscated merchandise.

With a viscous grin for the confections that were staring up at him the Sentinel tore into the box. Stuffing his mouth full, he ignored the wailing cry from his friend's room.

"Jim. You better not be eating my Peeps!! JIMMM!!"

The End

Happy Easter everyone!!!

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