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Stranger to the Rain

by Juliet Benson

(Written: 11-15-99)

Summary: Missing Scenes from S2P2
I don't own them. Be glad.
S2, S2P2
Yes, first in the "Close to Eden" series

Blair expelled a long breath of air as he watched Jim storm down the beach.

He sank down to the cold sand, staring at the waves as they rolled in, skittered up the damp sand, then slid away. He should be scared of the water. He had every right to be scared. But he wasn’t; he felt curiously calmed by the sound of the ocean. He curled his legs under him and closed his eyes, starting to breath slow and deep. He searched for his mind for an appropriate mantra, but only came up with words to a lullaby Naomi used to sing to him:

*Go to sleep, say your prayers
Rest your head upon my shoulder
Slumber deep and breathe your cares away.
If I die before I wake,
May I look upon the angels,
Standing by, come to take me home.
Don’t you cry, my darling,
You are home.
You and I, together make a home.*

He mouthed the words, breathing the clean, salty air in through his nose.

A noise just behind him startled him. His heart leapt and sped instantly.

‘It’s Alex, she’s come back to kill me again. She’s going to kill me and then get Jim…’ ran through an endless loop in his mind as he jerked around and frantically backed away, wild-eyed.

"It’s me, Chief," came Jim’s subdued voice.

"J-jim," Blair stuttered, placing one sand-coated hand on his chest.

"Oh, man, you almost gave me a heart attack."

"That’s not funny, Sandburg," Jim snapped, still standing, hands in his pockets. Blair frowned. "I, um, didn’t mean it to be," he replied slowly, his heart still pounding, but slowing down. Jim’s gaze travelled away from him, and out to the waves.

"Do you want to talk now?" At first, he thought Jim hadn’t heard him.

"No," he finally replied, softly. "Let’s head back, Chief, Simon and Megan will be up pretty soon." Blair stood up, brushed the sand off of him, and followed Jim up the beach. They were both silent on the walk back.


Blair shivered, feeling the rain running down his face and, believe it or not, enjoying it. After all, it wasn’t like he was a stranger to the rain.

This was really weird; he should be trying to get as far away as he could from water. Instead, he was oddly drawn to it. ‘There’s probably something in that,’ he thought wearily. ‘Maybe I’m attracted to death, or something equally morbid.’ Or maybe he just wanted that closeness with Jim again.

Their spirits had *merged*, you can’t get any more complete than that. But now…

They were at the airport, in between flights. Their flight was delayed and it was pouring buckets. Simon had made some disgusted remark about the weather, and, as if on cue, all eyes riveted on him. As though they expected him to freak out. A smile tugged at his mouth. He hadn’t freaked out, but made some vague comment about using the bathroom and wound up out here.

He needed space. After all that time in the jungle- "*Welcome to the jungle*"- he suddenly felt claustrophobic. Funny, first Jim, now him. He was too tired to even begin with *that* one.

He turned and started back toward the entrance. They were going to be worried about him, if he was gone too long. At least, he hoped they would be. He looked down at his wet figure. Oh, man, he was going to scare them all if he waltzed up like this. Bathroom.

"Chief!" Too late. Wincing, Blair turned around to face Jim, Megan and Simon, who were rapidly approaching. As soon as they were close enough to get a good look at him all of their faces went white. Shit.

"What happened, Sandy?" Megan asked, placing a hand on his damp shoulder.

"I, um, needed some air," replied Blair weakly.

"In this weather?" Jim exploded. Blair flinched.

"Jim…" Simon tried to calm him down.

"What the hell were you doing?" This time it was Blair who blanched, feeling sick to his stomach. "*What the hell did you do?*" Apparently Jim was having the same memory, for his face went blank as well. They just stared at each other, breathing hard for a moment. The loudspeakers suddenly blared out their flight and Jim winced, one hand going up to his head. Blair was at his side instantly.

"It’s okay, Jim, dial it down," he whispered, laying one hand on Jim’s upper arm. ‘What was he listening to?’ Blair thought while coaxing Jim’s eyes open. ‘My heartbeat? My breathing?’ Jim dropped his hand from his head to rest it over Sandburg’s, his eyes never leaving Blair’s. After a moment, he stepped back.

"Let’s go," was all he said. Blair nodded and fell in step next to him, both missing the look Simon and Megan exchanged.


The End

to be continued in Dance Before the Lightening

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