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by Stargazer

Well, I'm waaay behind in my writing <g>. I've been "married" to my sewing machine for the last 2 + months! Well, now that it's on the fritz, I can do some short writing. So, here's my contribution to the Christmas Tree Decorating. Thanks to Otter for beta-ing and thanks to Celestial Cat for "challenging" us to write short stories of how we would decorate a room and tree for Christmas. Enjoy CTA listsibs and the rest of you.

Usual disclaimers apply: This is for fun only. No money is made off this. I wish the guys were mine but they're the property of Pet Fly and Paramount (pout). Guest appearances by listsibs of Cascade Times Asylum. Sorry I couldn't get everyone in there!

Stargazer heard her name called from outside the sewing room/arts and crafts room. She quickly picked up the wrappings from all of the decorations she had put on the tree. Knowing Jim's anal retentiveness, she made sure every single scrap of paper was picked up and that there was no stray tinsel on the floor. She gave the tree skirt (hand made of course) one final adjustment before she stepped back to admire her work. The twinkling lights gave off a soft light on her enraptured face as she nodded at the sight before her.

There was a rattle of the door handle. The person on the other side of the door called her name as he tried the door handle again.

"Stargazer, I know you're in there! Open the door before I have to break it down! You've been gone far too long! Stargazer! On the count of three Magnum and I are going to break the door down! One.....two...."

Stargazer hurried to the door, unlocked it, and flung it open as Jim reached "three" and was gathering himself to force the door open.

"Oh, hi there, guys! You found me, huh?" she asked innocently with a mischievous smile.

Magnum rolled his eyes. "Stargazer! We knew exactly where you were since you told us! Come on, girl. You should be done by now!"

She nodded her head and continued to smile. She stepped back and invited the two men in to see her handiwork.

They gasped in surprise to find all of her hard work from the past two months.

"You…you did all this?" asked Jim. "How come I never heard you sewing at all hours of the night?"

Magnum winked at Stargazer who winked back. "White noise generator," she mumbled. Jim stiffened and flexed his jaw muscles. "But it was only set to mask the noise of the sewing machine noise only! Nothing else." He relaxed at that. He hated to have the white noise generator on since he always liked to check the Asylum every night to make sure everyone was tucked into bed with their buddies.

"Now that you've seen everything, go call the rest of the Inmates to come and get their presents!" ordered Stargazer. Jim and Magnum did as they were bid. The seamstress turned off all the lights in the room, except for a small one by the door, which didn't cast any light into the rest of the room.

A few minutes later, Lil' Ballerina, leading the hordelings and followed by the adults, came into the room. Murmurings were heard questioning why it was so dark in the room. After everyone had squeezed into the room, Stargazer flicked some switches and everyone gasped in surprise. The tree was done in all pastel pinks and blues ribbons with gold and silver edging and tiny white lights shining off the various ornaments. The fireplace lit up with a cheery gas-powered fire. Delicious scented candles were quickly lit by a flick of Wnne's fingers and emitted their cinnamon-based scents. The soft glow of the candles added to the ambiance. As the inmates wandered around the room, they were astounded by all the quilted Christmas trees scattered around the room. Name tags were pinned to each with the colorful bows sparkling in the candlelight.

"Be careful when you pick them up. They're heavy!" warned Stargazer with a smile.

Jim and Magnum found theirs next to where Stargazer was standing. They each lifted off their quilted Christmas trees to find a bottle of their favorite wine/liquor/liqueur/non-alcoholic beverage. The hordelings were thrilled with their non-alcoholic beverages and were heard to be planning their own little mini-celebration for the New Year!

Next everyone gathered around the Christmas tree and found their ornaments with their names on them. Within the glass globes were holographic pictures of the Inmates and their buddies and/or hordelings. The pictures changed as they watched them. Moist eyes were seen throughout the room as they watched their pictures changing.

"Oh, Bonnie Star! They're beautiful," exclaimed Celestial Cat as she hugged her fellow inmate.

Stargazer directed everyone's attention to the glowing star on top. It too, had changing pictures on it. The pictures were of Inmates' friends and relatives who had passed away during the year. Angie shed a tear as a beautiful drawing of her grandmother came into view. Little Paige had a picture with all of her Christmas cards lying around her hospital bed, and there were pictures of Risa and LucyRafeBabe grinning like mad as they watched their favorite show on TV. The photograph of Hazel's uncle brought a tear to her eye.

There wasn't a dry eye in the room as they realized that the star was very special to everyone.

"Whenever did you make all this?" queried AnneCat, also giving Stargazer a hug.

"Oh, while everyone else was having a great time with the snowball fights, skating, writing, etc!" replied the seamstress with a secretive smile. "But there's more!"

"More?" asked an incredulous Iris.

"What else can you possibly have done?" asked an equally puzzled TAE.

The two Titans towered over everyone, except most of the men.

"Wait and see," grinned Stargazer. Otter and Wolfshy wiggled excitedly at the thought of more presents. Impala and Spotted Ponies danced and made their hooves click on the floor. This was the best year for them yet!

Izzy walked up to Stargazer, tossed her blonde tresses and threw back her shoulders to show off her ample cleavage. She shook a finger at Stargazer and proclaimed, "St. Bonnie, now you know what I've told you about over extending your energy! You don't want to become really really sick, now do you?"

Stargazer hung her head for a moment. "Yeah, I know, Izzy. I hear you. But, but I had to get all this done! I'll take a break from sewing and just do some writing from now on, okay?"

Izzy gave her friend a quick hug and nodded her acceptance. "I'll hold you to that! Magnum and Jim, you're witnesses. Or I'll have you in court for dereliction of duty!"

"And I won't defend you either!" exclaimed Dawn, the lawyer-in-training, with a smile.

Magnum leaned over to Jim and whispered, "Little do they know how many other projects Stargazer has waiting in the wings!"

Allison Witty bounced up and said, "I know! Izzy, we'll steal her sewing machine and hide it, then she can't sew any more!"

"I'll distract her so you can steal it!" said Graywulf. "I need my writing partner back!"

"There's always hand sewing," retorted Stargazer.

Toni Rae and Ronnee came up to Stargazer and the rest of the group and gave their fellow inmate the evil eyes.

"You WILL take a break from sewing and join in the rest of the games or else!"

Stargazer narrowed her eyes and questioned slowly, "Or else what?"

Cyndi Edwards giggled and replied, "Wnne will put a spell on your sewing machine not to work!"

Emerald Angelic Munchkin and Carolina did high fives at the suggestion.

Stargazer turned to Jim and Magnum. "Okay, guys. Hand out the other stuff, please." Jim and Magnum went to the tree and started pulling out more packages, which they handed to the other inmates.

The rustling and ripping of paper was heard as inmates and hordelings alike ooo'd and awww'd at the jackets inside. Everyone held them up to show their friends. Each one had Polar Fleece (TM) jackets with their animal spirit guides on them.

"Stargazer," called Blair, "You have, like, gone *way* overboard here!"

The woman shook her head. "Oh no I didn't. I just like making things for my friends! I hope you enjoy them and that they keep you warm during the cold months of the winter!"

Everyone chorused their thank yous and took turns hugging Stargazer. Then everyone settled down for the wait of the New Year to ring in. Wnne magically brought out millennium keepsake glasses for everyone and they enjoyed their respective beverages as they watched the fire crackle and pop. Snacks appeared and soft music played on the hidden speakers as the Inmates counted down to the year 2000.


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