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And The Winner Is....

by Kathy P.

Summary: Blair wants to be popular.
Disclaimer: Petfly owns them. I don't. Enough said.
Thanks to Tae for the Beta job. What a lady.

"Come on, come on."

In the kitchen putting the finishing touches on supper, Jim looked over at Blair. The younger man was sitting at his computer with his eyes closed and his fingers crossed.

Over the past several weeks, Jim had noticed that Blair had been spending a lot of time on his computer working on some mystery project. His Guide had promised to tell him what it was all about when he was finished with it.

"What's going on, Junior?"

Cracking an eye open, the younger man turned around to look at Jim. "Any minute now, man, and I'll know."

Rolling his eyes at the vague answer, Jim left the kitchen and moved up behind his Guide. "That clears up everything, Sandburg," he drawled.

"Huh?" Blair replied, his attention totally focused on the screen in front of him.

"Earth to Sandburg. Can you try to make a little more sense here?"

Reluctancy pulling his attention away from the computer, he turned to grin at his Sentinel. "Sorry, man, but the results should be in by now."

"Results? What results?"

"Well, you know how I've been spending a lot of time on the computer lately."

"It's been hard not to, Darwin. You've forgotten to make dinner twice this week."

Blair grimaced at that. "Ah, I'm sorry, Jim. I'll make dinner all next week, ok? I've just been so caught up in this project."

"Deal. Now, tell me what you've been up to."

With another grin, Blair turned to look at his computer again. "It's like this, man. A group of other TA's and I have a bet going on. We all had to make webpages for the courses we've been teaching for the University and it's sort of developed into a popularity contest. The pages were put up this morning, and John, you remember John from Computer Sciences right? Well, John put counters on all the pages and told us that he would e-mail a list of all the counter numbers tonight. I've been checking my e-mail, but so far I haven't seen them."

"God, breathe, Sandburg."

"I am breathing, man. Just excited, ya know?"

"I thought you weren't concerned about being popular, Chief?"

"Well, I'm not really. It's more like a friendly competition."

Lightly patting the younger man on the his head, Jim said, "Say no more, Chief. Competition I can understand. Why don't you check your e-mail again?"

Both men watched as the computer program loaded his e-mail. Blair started to bounce in his seat when a message popped up saying that two messages were being received.

Clicking on the first message, Blair held his breath as he scanned the list of numbers in the list.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Jim clapped the younger man on the shoulder when he saw that his guide had the greatest number of hits on his page. "Way to go, Chief."

"All right, man. I can't wait to rub this in tomorrow," the younger man chuckled as he clicked to look at the next message.

A big smile spread across Blair's face as he read the message. "Well, well. Looks like I am the most popular. Looks like a Melissa from the English Department would like to get together for coffee tomorrow."

"Do you know any Melissa's?"

"Nope. But I will tomorrow," Blair replied, rubbing his hands together as he wiggled his eyebrows and grinned in anticipation.

Shaking his head, Jim moved back into the kitchen to serve up dinner. "Only you, Sandburg. Only you could manage to turn some computer-geek competition into a way to meet girls.

The End.

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