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Strange Dream
(Was: Blair and the Dextrose Fairy)

by Kathy P.

Disclaimer: Don't own them. I wish I did, but if wishes were fishes we would walk on the sea.

The first thing that Blair Sandburg noticed when he regained consciousness was the concerned look in his roommate, partner, and best friend Jim Ellison's blue eyes.

The second thing was the fact that he was lying in a strange bed in a sterile looking room. It could only be one place.

"Jim, why am I in the hospital?" Blair asked in confusion.

The look of concern on Jim's face started to shift toward anger. "You passed out at the loft Chief. One minute you were typing away at the computer then the next thing I knew you had passed out."

"Passed out?" Blair repeated in confusion. All he could remember was a strange dream that he had been having involving shadowy figures and a sureal white box.

"Yeah, passed out Sandburg," Jim said sternly. "Look, I know that you are a busy guy but that's no reason to neglect yourself. If I ever catch you not eating again your Blessed Protector is going to drop kick you off the balcony."

"Whoa man," Blair said as he raised his hands to stop Jim's tirade. The sharp pinch in his hand revealed the IV needle stuck in it. "I am not guilty here Jim, I have been eating. What is this all about? All I can remember is this really weird dream."

Just then a paramedic walked by the open curtain.

"Hey Jim, that guy was in my dream," Blair said pointing at the paramedic.

"It wasn't a dream Chief. He's one of the ambulance attendants that came to the loft after you passed out." Jim said with a chuckle as he leaned over and ruffled Blair's curly hair. "Do you remember anything that happened?"

"No I don't. What ambulance? Man, this is getting stranger all the time," Blair said perplexed. "Do you know why I passed out?"

An amused voice answered his question. "You passed out due to hypoglycaemia Mr. Sandburg. I'm glad to see you're awake now."

Blair turned to look at the new arrival. A tall, slender redhead with the name tag Dr. Webster on her lab coat stood in the doorway.

The woman strode over to his bed to check his IV bag. "Dextrose will fix you up every time," she quipped.

Turning to her patient she held out a hand and introduced herself. "My name is Dr. Webster," she said as she shook Blair's hand. "We treated you for low blood sugar. Your roommate said that you don't have a history of hypoglycaemia, is this true?"

"Uh huh," Blair said. "But my mom used to have spells similar to this when I was little."

"Hmm. You probably inherited it from her. It nothing to really worry about. You have to make sure you eat properly on a regular basis. I'll leave some information for you at the front desk that you can pick up when you are discharged. But now, let me check your vitals and then you should be able to leave shortly."

Blair sat still in his bed while his blood pressure and temperature were checked. A tube of blood was drawn and sent of for testing. The IV was removed when the blood test confirmed that his sugar was back up to a suitable level.

Jim slipped out of the room, drawing the curtain close behind him, while Blair changed into his clothes. When he was dressed he left the room and made it over to the front desk.

Jim was already reading the information that Dr. Webster had left behind.

Blair smiled to himself knowing the Sentinel was going to do everything in his power to make sure his Guide stayed healthy.

Maybe now he could get Jim to eat a little healthier as well.

Jim cocked his head at him as he approached with a big grin on his face.

"What's so funny chief?" Jim asked.

"Nothin'. Lets get out of here man."

The two friends turned to leave the emergency room. Blair hid another smile as Jim started to quote some facts about hypoglycemia from the pamphlet he was reading as they headed for the truck to go home.

The End.

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