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Coyote Boy

by Kathy P.

Summary: A small vignette of the guys during their down time.
Disclaimers: The boys aren't mine. Petfly owns them lock, stock and barrel.
Thanks to Tae for the wonderful beta job and for telling me the difference between hippy and hippie. LOL. Here's to my sister Beth as well, who graciously let me have the computer when this story idea struck.

"Hee hee hee."







"What Jim?"


"What the hell are you laughing about?"

"This episode of The Simpsons, man."


"What's so funny about it?"

"Come over here and see. Rafe let me borrow his collection of Simpson episodes and this one is really cracking me up."

Wandering over to the couch where his Guide was being reduced to a puddle of flannel, he sat beside the younger man.

"Watch this part, man." Blair said as he rewound the tape.

Jim watched as Homer wandered around a desert having all sorts of mystical hallucinations.

Blair sat forward and pointed at the television screen chuckling. "This part, man. This part kills me."

Jim blocked out Blair's laughter as Homer was confronted by a coyote on top of a stone temple and listened to the dialogue.

A wide grin crossed his face when the coyote started to counsel Homer.

"Hey Chief, he sounds like you."

"I know! This is too funny. Maybe I should get you to listen to this whenever

I need to counsel you on your senses."

Blair ducked Jim's mock punch as he rewound the tape to watch the scene again.

Both Sentinel and Guide laughed as the coyote spouted off his new-age statements about spiritual journeys, inner peace, soulmates and unspoken bonds.

"I can't believe he said he was Homer's guide," Blair chuckled. Turning a wicked look at Jim, his grinned even bigger. "I guess that means you're the Homer to my coyote."

He managed to duck the pillow that Jim lobbed at him. Returning the volley, they wrestled on the couch until Blair called uncle.

Still chuckling under his breath he pushed his long hair back in place and sat back to watch the rest of the show with Jim.

After a moment Jim said, "Hey Chief, can I call you coyote boy?"

"Sure, if I can tell everyone the reason you're so cranky all the time is that you ingested some insanity peppers," Blair replied with a big grin.

"No one will buy it, Sandburg. They all know the real reason is that I live with a neo-hippie witch doctor....coyote."

The partners broke down into laughter again.

"Hey, Jim. Do you think we are soulmates?"

Jim mock sighed as he leaned back into the cushions. "I guess so, Chief. I was hoping for a leggy redhead, but I guess a hyperactive, curly haired hippie will do in a pinch."

"You're my ideal of a perfect soulmate too, man. Just think of me as your guide on yourspiritual journey to reach a state of readiness and, with our unspoken bond, you may eventually find inner peace.

The two men looked across the couch at each other for a moment before collapsing into gales of laughter again.

"You're good, Sandburg. Very good."

Blair gave an elaborate bow. "It's a talent I have."

"How many tapes did Rafe lend you?"

"Four. Are you up to a Simpson's marathon tonight?"

"You make the popcorn, coyote boy, and I'll get the beers."


This time the younger man wasn't quick enough to dodge the pillow thrown at him.


The End.

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