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These stories were not written independently of each other, and should be read in order. Choose a Title below to view the description. Read that story or choose another.







  A Test

Jim attacks Blair for no apparent reason, then has no memory of the occurrence. In the face of this mystery, he must trust himself and his partner long enough to find the source of this unexplained loss of control, before it's too late.



Sandburg, Darryl and the wife of another officer are taken hostage by three men determined to win their cousin's release from prison. Since the case is personal, Ellison, Captain Banks, and Detective Mike Jenkins are removed from the negotiations. Jim is forced to rely on his still- uncertain Sentinel senses, and the resourcefulness of his captive partner.



A much-needed ski vacation suddenly meets with tragedy as an avalanche traps the inhabitants of a small ski lodge in the Cascade mountains, injuring several skiers and claiming one life. But the problems don't end when the snow comes to rest...it would seem the victim was murdered before the snow began to roll, and Sandburg may be the only witness.



When a professor is murdered, all evidence points to Sandburg as the killer. Banned from the investigation, he's forced to rely on Jim to clear his name, and save their friendship.



Lee Brackett returns, having escaped from Federal custody, to seek his revenge on Jim and Blair. Kidnapped, chained to Blair, and lost ... Jim must fight to control his Sentinel abilities in order to use them against a ruthless, and cunning adversary.



Jim accompanies Blair to a small research station in the San Juan Islands when his partner is asked by the University to retrieve the body of one of his students who was killed in a diving accident. What he finds when he arrives suggests the young woman was murdered.


  The Game

During a routine investigation, Jim is again confronted by his adversary - Lee Brackett. Only this time, the rogue agent is targeting Jim's friendship with Sandburg. Using the younger man as a decoy, Brackett hopes to insure Ellison's distraction, long enough to complete his own agenda.



Going undercover as a Safecracker has its advantages, when the suspects are drop-dead gorgeous. But when Jim's senses take control during the heists, causing him to zone-out at dangerous times, he's forced to rely completely on his new partner in crime - Blair Sandburg.



Fill-in scene to The Sentinel episode #105, Cypher. For a more detailed version of this episode's only missing link, I suggest Michalina Pilcher's Cypher-Missing Scene.



While investigating a suicide in a high-rise building, Jim finds evidence to suggest the millionaire victim was murdered. When he and Sandburg become trapped inside, they have to work against time, and unseen obstacles, to escape the snare they've stumbled into.



When Sandburg accidentally overhears Simon urging Jim to end the partnership, the uncertainty builds into something he can no longer hide. Sensing his partner's emotional stress, Jim arranges for them to take a weekend off - a weekend that forces both men to confront their fears.


  Shadow of a Doubt

Lee Brackett has been caught, and put on trial. When the stress of testifying puts a strain on Sandburg, Jim assures him nothing could possibly give this jury a reason not to convict. Only he can't stop Brackett from finding the one and only loophole that secures his temporary release. Knowing he's been targeted, Blair vanishes in order to protect Jim, putting them both in deadly jeopardy.



A "missing scene" to The Sentinel episode #212 Blind Man's Bluff. Blair recovers in the hospital after having nearly killed every cop in the precinct while overdosed on Golden.



A routine body-guard assignment becomes a nightmare when Sandburg is mistaken for the man they're protecting.



An unplanned trip to Mexico ends in a plane crash that leaves Ellison and Sandburg struggling through a tangled jungle. Triggered by the similarity of the situation, Jim is haunted by memories of his crash in Peru and the deaths of his team members.



Jim saves Blair from a sniper's bullet, but when that bullet kills a female officer instead, both men find themselves targets in the Precinct. Someone takes that vengeance to deadly heights.


  China White

Much to his embarrassment, Blair becomes victim of a robbery at the University when artifacts he is unpacking are stolen for the cocaine hidden inside them. During the investigation, Jim is dangerously exposed to the drug and loses all control of his Sentinel senses, and his mind.



Desperate for some relief from the hot summer sun, Jim and Blair luck upon the weekend use of an old yacht. While relaxing in the Straits, their boat is struck and sunk by the carelessness of another, leaving them both adrift, and swimming for their lives.


  Silent Thunder

Blair's life is falling apart. He's irritable, exhausted, angry ... and his partner couldn't care less. Taken to the edge by his anger, he sees his partnership with Jim come to an end. When the unexplained twist of emotions spills out to the other occupants of the building, Jim begins to suspect a reason for it all.


  The Hell Within

An unexpected trip to Delhi to accompany Sandburg provides an excuse for Jim to look up and old army friend. But when that friend turns out to be a double agent, both men get more than they bargained for.


  Forest in the Sky

When Jim falls unexpectedly ill, Blair is left doubting his ability to protect his friend and properly guide him in the use of his Sentinel senses. When his supposed allergic reaction turns out to be poisoning, they quickly find there's a murder to prevent.



Blair returns from a conference in Toronto just in time to help Jim with a mafia case--a case that becomes more complicated after Sandburg shoots his partner in the Station bullpen.


  A Fresh Perspective

A Short.  


  The Dancing

Fearing he's about to lose Sandburg to his first mentor, Jim impulsively catches a flight to Borneo to surprise his friend. What surprises them both are the things they've left unsaid.



A Short.


  Identity Crisis

A Short.

  New Fiction



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